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"I see the usual suspects have been doing their best to hype up old news and managed to suck a few new people into this Keystone Cop outfit. The reality is RGS is nothing but a conman. You Muppets are either too stupid or too greedy to see what’s going on here. The Ukrainian operation has been shipping timber to the Turks for three years now and despite paying lip service to working towards FSC accreditation the reality is they’ve done nothing about it because they don’t need to. I don’t know if the Turkish MDF manufacturer is aware of what’s going on or whether Spinks just ships them material with forged FSC paperwork. However it’s done, none FSC material leaves the Ukraine and then is magically transformed into MDF panels in Turkey which carry the FSC logo! The pelleting technology is a farse. I’ve nothing against the Irish but these chaps have been messing about with this for about 15 years and still haven’t made a commercial success of it. What’s the betting the long awaited news on this front is just as feeble as February’s announcement i.e. they’ve identified some more potential customers. The Canadian ‘deal’ is just as ridiculous. A couple of cowboys in the Ukraine teamed up with Big Chief Sitting Bull to try to strip the Metis people of 55% of their birth-rights. Spinks intimated back in February that he thought the investigation into this affair was pretty much finished. Here we are a couple of months later and it’s still ongoing. There’s definitely a Rabbit off somewhere. Be careful what you wish for. It’s looking increasingly likely that when news finally breaks on this front it won’t be good. All in all this is just a house of cards waiting to cave in on itself."

PMSL...  paddle faster I hear banjos... 'removed' .... more to come  ...

Anyhow: AEG ?   Active Energy Group :

The Metis Settlements - Back Ground reading :

The Metis - bedtime reading :

Ok, nice cuppa tea  - wot are they arguing about? - Trees - a n other 'snippet' or irrational augment ...

"My point was that it’s a non-starter of a legal argument as trees are as much below ground as they are above, at least until you fell them"

For those of us who are less knowledgeable about these matters than your good self, could you perhaps tell us which particular species of trees are "as much below ground as they are above" so that we can check all this out for ourselves?   Perhaps you could post a link to a scientific website which specialises in arboriculture, or nature in general, which describes these trees and, maybe, carries a few illustrations or photographs?

I must confess to being flabbergasted that I've reached the age of fifty five years old without ever realising that trees are "as much below ground as above" and am a little puzzled because every tree which I've ever seen which has been blown over in storms, etc has certainly been much more above ground than below (both before and after being blown over) and any tree (sapling) which I've planted in the garden has certainly appeared to be mainly above ground.
I would love to see one of the other sort so please, point me in the right direction. "


7 Mar '15
This is more to do with oil gas and mineral rights but it gives insight into how things are done. I cant find much on forestry, but any reference to it gives control to the metis and the MSGC as trees grow on the surface, except for the roots of course but i think they can be left in the ground.…/viewFile/21948/16375

RALMHO - wiser heads? ya ok ...



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Biomass - The Irish to Siemens Connection

"The EU 2050 Energy Roadmap is broadly based on the premise that biomass fuel will be critical to decarbonisation, and states that decarbonisation will require a large quantity of biomass for heat, electricity and transport.

As a result, demand for biomass fuels has grown exponentially in recent years, a trend that seems certain to continue.

More than half of the generating units at the Drax power plant in North Yorkshire, the largest power plant in western Europe, which currently produces 7-8% of the UK's total electricity requirements, are being converted to burn biomass fuel, a move that will require millions of tonnes of 'feedstock' each year.

Active Energy Group has established operations in forestry-rich areas of eastern and central Europe, including Ukraine and the Balkan states, and has secured long-term supply contracts with forestry owners and operators to provide it with large volumes of raw timber feedstock.

This raw timber – primarily cut logs and waste – or fire-damaged wood – is delivered to the company's processing facilities, where it is converted into woodchip and associated products.

Northern Ireland's biggest biomass plant is due to open at Londonderry Port in 2015.

Planned by Evermore Renewable Energy, it aims power 25,000 homes and boost carbon neutral generation by 10% from a 10-acre site."

Clare Weir, 21/05/14


2015: and back to Siemens.

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Pellets not Pelts, Plant

 "The plant will generate enough electricity to supply 600,000 homes, as well as power for companies in the surrounding area - and is set to “play a major part in the country’s energy security going forward” according to MGT.

The 299 megawatt (MWe) plant will be fuelled by wood pellets and chips from certified forestry sources in the US and Europe, with regular sustainability audits.

It will have a significantly smaller carbon footprint than fossil fuel alternatives.

Anna Turley, Labour MP for Redcar said: “It is great to see this energy project is progressing closer to the construction stage and the investment and jobs which that will unlock.

“We have a highly skilled and highly motivated workforce on Teesside and I welcome MGT Power’s commitment to maximising the employment and supply chain opportunities available for local people and companies.”

Abengoa, a Spanish power and environmental technologies group and Toshiba, the leading Japanese industrial company, expects first commissioning and power production by early 2019.

Ben Elsworth, CEO of MGT Power, said: “After an exhaustive selection process, we are very pleased to be taking this step with Abengoa-Toshiba, and we have every confidence that they will deliver a construction project that will be successful both for us as owners and for the local region."

Empty vessels n all that  ....

Hmmmm ... is there a tunnel under the M62?

Nope, not yet ...  its by rail :-)

"The wood pellets – to be shipped to Liverpool from North America – are a by-product of the commercial forestry and saw-milling industry and will provide the Selby-based power station with a sustainable and affordable low carbon fuel source.

Drax’s gradual conversion to biomass, which generates carbon savings of around 86% compared to coal, is a key part of the UK’s efforts to meet its 2020 renewable targets whilst keeping energy costs down for businesses and consumers. The power station is the largest decarbonisation project in Europe and accounted for 12.3% of the UK’s renewable power last year.

All of the wood pellets arriving at the Port of Liverpool will be sent to Drax by rail, ensuring there is no impact on the local road network. Up to 10 train loads of pellets will travel to the power station every day in custom-made biomass rail wagons once the terminal is fully completed in 2016."

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AEG - Capt' Jinx

"RNS translation service:

"Our share price has fallen back of late so we'd like to put out an announcement to prop our share price up. 2015 results are going to be lousy and like 2014 below our expectations. For some of the last year we were operating at a loss.

We would like to announce a contract with an existing client for xxx tonnes per year. We'd also like to say that we are looking to invest in soft wood production that we said we were going to be doing in 2015 but that didn't happen because we needed further funds.

Finally I know we haven't updated on Canada for some time! We hope we will have some news at some point in the future. Maybe Q1, maybe not, it depends upon things out of our control.

Revenue is vanity and they've continually missed targets in the last two years. What about mentioning profit margins and giving us some proper guidance. What's the cash position, what's the debt. What margin do we make per tonne, what are our profit forecasts etc etc etc."

Oh, OK: "

18 January 2016

Active Energy Group Plc
("Active Energy Group" or the "Group" or the "Company" or "AEG")

AEG WoodFibre 2016 Supply Contracts
and New Softwood Production Facility Update

Active Energy Group Plc (AIM: AEG.L), the London Stock Exchange AIM-quoted international supplier of timberland management and development services, industrial wood fibre, and Biomass coal replacement fuels, is pleased to announce that its AEG WoodFibre division has secured two significant new supply contracts for 2016, and that it is investing in a new softwood production line to augment its recently-upgraded hardwood processing facilities.

New Hardwood and Softwood Wood Fibre Supply Contracts:

Under the two 2016 supply contracts, signed on 15 January 2016 with Yildiz Entegre, the leading MDF manufacturer in Turkey, AEG WoodFibre has agreed to deliver up to 300,000 metric tonnes of its proven hardwood wood fibre product, as well as up to another 200,000 metric tonnes of its new softwood wood fibre offering.  These significant contracts are expected to generate revenues of over US$50 million in FY 2016.

Additional off-take supply negotiations with other Turkish MDF manufacturers are ongoing, and the Group expects to announce further contract wins over the coming months.

New Softwood Wood Fibre Production Line:

MDF, the material of choice for carpentry, cabinet-making and other joinery applications, is produced from a combination of hardwood and softwood wood fibre.  To date, AEG WoodFibre has only provided the hardwood raw material required by its customers.

Following the difficult mid-year trading, which impacted on its overall 2015 performance and delayed the planned investment in new facilities, AEG WoodFibre has now returned to profitable operations and recorded an excellent performance in Q4:2015, for the first time delivering three bulk cargo loads in a single month at good margins.

In light of this, the Board has approved an investment of US$0.75 million to purchase the equipment to manufacture softwood wood fibre from Pine logs.  The new softwood production line, which is planned to be operational by Q2:2016, will substantially increase AEG WoodFibre's manufacturing capacity and broaden its market offering, making it the only supplier in the Black Sea region to supply both of the key raw materials for MDF manufacturing from a single facility.

Commenting on this excellent start to 2016, Richard Spinks, CEO of Active Energy Group Plc, said: "The success of AEG's operational and executive team over the past three years in transforming the Group's Ukrainian wood fibre business is confirmed by these significant new supply contracts."

"The entire MDF industry now recognises that AEG WoodFibre is a leading force in the European wood fibre supply market that can be relied upon to consistently deliver bulk volumes of high-quality feedstock; demonstrated by our clients' willingness to support the expansion of our manufacturing facilities to include softwood production."

"We are extremely proud of securing these new supply contracts with one of AEG WoodFibre's largest clients, which both confirms our increasingly strong market presence and our position as the largest supplier of processed wood products from Ukraine.  Credit is due to our COO Matteo Girlanda and his entire team for all their efforts."

"AEG WoodFibre's performance in Q4:2015 proved that we have now established the right structure across all our operations, which is enabling us to achieve both the volumes and the margins that we had planned.  Demand for wood fibre continues to exceed supply, and regional developments provide a strong indication that this will continue.  Expanding our wood fibre product range to include softwood is further evidence of our commitment to the long-term development of this vibrant and continually-expanding area of the Group's business."

"Allied to the increases in gross margins and the reduction in overheads across the business, and the progress in our AEG TimberLands and AEG CoalSwitch divisions - further news of which is expected to be announced in the near future - the Board of Active Energy Group is confident that 2016 will be the first profitable year for the company."

- ENDS -"

Is on a mission... miss one. Rum pa pa pum ;-/

Ah, yes ... Timber ... Trees ...


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AEG: Patents ... to 'Drop In'

AEG recruits Dan Shaw;

"the inventor of two US patents for metallurgical recycling technologies. He is a UK citizen, currently based in the US.

Working with the existing US- and UK-based business development team at AEG CoalSwitch, his role will include negotiating with international power generation utilities and raw material feedstock owners to further develop the commercial opportunities for the company's Biomass-derived coal replacement fuel technology... "

Hmmmm.... artful dodgers..

Ah, so ... diddles dabbles delays, Delaney.