Charity or Charioteers

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Perhaps the notion of a 'Charity' or Charitable Trust sends shivers down your spine.   But probably not for the same reasons.  My argument against certain 'charities' is that they provide cover for the shortfall of social necessity.   Why should basic necessity be met or dependent on charity when the Govt. or local authorities hold office for the responsibility to provide basic needs, aka food, clothing, shelter and in the Northern Hemisphere - warmth?  Ergo by giving to certain Charities you are aiding and abetting a Govt. from shirking from their responsibilities to the people they serve.  So to me many charities are a form of voluntary taxation, but with the added value of 'feel good' to a priviliged few over meeting the needs of the many.  

After analysing the RNLI 'industry' - and lets face it, it is what it is - a powerful, yet emotive, resource grabbing industry - that many locals feel less compelled to contribute to thanks to 'urban myths' surrounding its lack of transparency and accountibility - you would think  the Charities Commission would have some clout.  Not so. 

The Charities Commission (of HM.Gov) "We register and regulate charities in England and Wales, to ensure that the public can support charities with confidence", is clearly in 'conflict' with its own interest ie to collect taxes and re-distribute wealth back to the citizens via public services and social benefits, according to the policies of the democratically elected Govt. of the time. 

My argument is not with HMRC but the fact that the Govt. is streaming more and more responsibility of 'social order' onto HMRC, whilst at the same time cutting their budgets, causing stress leading to lethargy to strike action, they just can't cope. How on earth does the Govt. expect them to fulfil their duties either diligently or earnestly?  Who needs 'loopholes' when the average HMRC employee is undervalued, underpaid, overworked and erm "not that bovvered", and who can blame them?  For all we know these very same people are facing homelessness, calling at foodbanks and seeking warmth from the cold front.  Indeed how can public services be sustainable unless taxes are collected to support and finance them?   Its a vicious circle.

HM.GOV "We have 4 offices in Liverpool, London, Newport and Taunton, and employ 323 people.

"Within England and Wales, we’re responsible for:

Compare that to the number of Charities in the UK: as at 30/09/14 there were 164,097 charities with a total registered annual income of £64billion (yep billion). see here:

Hardly seems an even playing field does it?

Poverty is not often a choice and is certainly not a crime, yet it is the poor that are being punished.   At a time of 'austerity' this Govt. has imposed budget cuts to all its departments, inc HMRC, and the catastrophic cuts to local authority spending  resulting in many front line services lacking the resources to be 'fit for purpose'.  The simultaneous increase in 'funding' available via Charitiable organisations, many with their own narrow agendas, surely needs to be questioned. 

To add to the 'mix' the Govt. have today announced plans for Social Investment into Social Action " would ensure that social action in the UK became "part of the way of life that lasts from youth right through to old age".  He said: "It's an integrated effort to make sure that volunteering becomes very much part of what a young person starts off doing from the age of 10 and continues right through to older age. It's part of what I’d call a bigger, stronger society."

The rest of that article is pretty scarey too .... and certainly made me shiver : "Uniformed Youth Groups""Volunteer Police Cadets"

So mebbe when someone shouts out for 'help' and the only resource or open door is a local independent charity, ask why and then take a deep long look at the much bigger picture.

or if you prefer:









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The SN 'Blue Top' Damns the Comet

"Staff at a Scarborough business say they haven’t been paid for months.

Investors in The Scarborough Comet, a paper launched by businesswoman Jo Swift, want to know what’s happening with their cash.

The paper hasn’t been published for months and its office is closed.

Disgruntled ex-employees contacted The Scarborough News claiming they are still waiting for wages, months after it was announced work would stop on the paper in order for it to be “rebranded”.

“We were basically told a few days before pay day that we wouldn’t be getting paid for that month that we had worked,” said one worker, who requested not to be named.

“We were told that we would be paid within the month from us leaving, which then turned into July and is now going to be December – apparently.

“It is technically still an active business so I can’t even claim back money from the Government until the business goes into liquidation.”

Before its office closed, a “crowd-funding” campaign was set up to try to pull in thousands of pounds from any individual, group or company to help pay for a digital apprentice.

Crowd-funding relies on donations in exchange for perks, which in this case included a free subscription and hoodie clothing.

Donors are said to have included McCain, who gave £1,000. The firm declined to comment.

But several firms have spoke of their concerns.

Some traders said attempts to try to contact Mrs Swift on Facebook have resulted in them being blocked.

Others say they feel let down over the lack of communication from The Comet over what’s happening with the cash.

The Scarborough News made several attempts to contact Jo Swift, who is understood to be away in Burma, through Facebook. However, she blocked our reporter.

North Yorkshire County Council advise any employees who are owed money to contact the Citizens Advice Bureau."

McCains declined to comment .... did they?

@ Jo & The Comet -  Gal - we know you'll be back & give the SNoooze a wake up call :-)) ATB X

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Bright n Breezy

Or a dim view :-)

"Charities that administer millions of pounds of public funds will be subject to Freedom of Information laws in wake of Kids Company collapse, under plans being developed by ministers.

Ministers want to extend FOI powers to the charity sector to allow members of the public to keep track of the way government grants are being spent.

At present charities are exempted from FOI laws despite receiving tens of millions of pounds in grants from the Government."