Hustings - Round I

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The first local Hustings between the Green Party, Conservatives, Labour, Lib Dems & UKIP parliamentary candidates are to be held in Scarborough tonight at Scarborough Westborough Methodist Church from 7.30pm to 9.30pm.
For the Greens - David Malone
For the Reds - Ian McInnes
For the Blues - Robert Goodwill
For the Yellows - TBA
For the Purples - Sam Cross
Billed as an "All Party Public Debate on "Fracking & TTIP"
The 'debate' is to be moderated by local action girl Jo Swift, founding member of the Scarborough Comet a social media & newspaper set to become a competitior to the SN. (facebook)
Excellent work so far Jo - best of luck with the Comet. On the political front - not a contender? :-)



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Robert Goodwill on Potash

Got chance to 'ambush' the MP Robert Goodwill on Potash:

Q: Has the Govt. considered financing the York Potash Project?

A:  No they don't need to. The Company is confident it can structure the finance. 

Q:  When was the last time you were in contact with York Potash?

A:  About ten days ago, Gareth Edmunds gives me an update every two weeks ... because I asked him to.

Q:  Has the Govt. considered intervening in the planning process?

A:  The decision is for the Park Authority to make. It will come after the General Election therefore politics won't come into it. It is the Parks decision.

Q:  Do you have any shares in York Potash?

A:  No. I do not have shares in York Potash.  If I was not an MP I may have bought some as I see it as a good long-term investment.   

Q:  Do you have any land in the area of interest or Mineral Rights with York Potash.

A:  No. I live forty miles away. 

Q:  Are you very sure you do not have any shares in York Potash or own land and Mineral Rights?

A: No I  do not. Thankfully... but that is because of people like you... (sting accepted)

Q:  What about Boulby?

A:  I was there a month ago... to dicuss the skills shortage ... that is why we need the UTC, it is important it is successful and it is supported by York Potash.  We need to have the right skills locally and train engineers especially in technology. Take for example the expansion of GCHQ at Irton Moor ...   

A full brief on the Hustings tomorrow but it was filmed by the Greens and will be going on YouTube.  Q's asked of Bob in the intermission.

Cheers to the MP for answering my Q's on Potash. ;-/

Meanwhile the Hustings was tweeted ;-)

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Quote of the Nite on TTIP

from Lab Councillor Subash Sharma: "I was born  and am from India....   I would much rather have had a Trade Agreement with India than 200 years of Imperialistic rule."

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Bingo on Anne McIntosh

Oh yeah, selective memory - I asked Bob if more women should be in politics refering to Anne McIntosh's de-selection.  "You would have to ask Thirsk & Malton about that ... though I can say that Anne has been de-selected more than three times - highly unusual" or words similar to that. 


lol - 'naive' - nope - just very selective M. wouldn't want bob filling his boots now would wee. not when theres so much at stake :-))