"Little Black Book"

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An application has been made by Michael Walker of Little Black Book (Scarborough) Ltd to open a Lap Dancing venue aka Sexual Entertainment Venue at Waterhouse Lane, Scarborough above the Chic Bar.  The application will be decided by Scarborough Borough Council  on 19th August  2014.   Details of the application are : http://democracy.scarborough.gov.uk/documents/s59427/14243%20Report%2020...

Within that application report to the licensing committee it is acknowledged that there are no known Sexual Entertainment Venues within the Borough.  It also defines a sexual entertainment venue as "any premises at which relevant entertainment is provided before a live audience for the financial gain for the organiser or entertainer ....any live performance or live display of nudity .... it must be reasonably assumed to be provided solely or principally for the purpose of sexually stimulating any member of the audience ... an audience can consist of just one person"

Also the report states that Members are advised that a premises is not obliged to apply for an SEV licence if they wish to engage with 'relevant entertainment' on no more than 11 occasions within a 12 month period. ie these activites would remain unregulated.

There is the usual list of summary objections etc and oddly falls into the 'Developing Safer and Stronger Communities' Corporate priority.

Given that the application is only for a Friday and Saturday night 9.00 pm to 3.30 pm in the nightlife economy part of town it would seem silly not to grant this licence.

No doubt there will be some interesting commentators and objections forthcoming within the local media once this hits the local press, and will arouse some further interest...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xMWrKhLJq4  :-)

personally the venue would have been a great place for a town central  boxing martial arts club aimed at rogue teenage girls to keep fit and build confidence, but oh well theres no commercial value in that, time will tell, one step at a time.  


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'Little Black Book' tweets from Town Hall from the SN

Meeting about to get underway to decide whether a new lapdancing club can open in Scarborough. Around 50 members of the public present ...  two days set aside for the meeting if it is needed

Twelve people wish to speak against the application at CHIC bar ... 'Little Black Book' will have lap dancing, table dancing, strip tease and topless bar staff.

The applicant has said it will not hand out flyers in the town and will have a blank entrance

A lot of objectors referring to a 1984 policy from the council that no sex licenses should be granted... Council legal team says council is no longer allowed a policy that judges applications before they are submitted ... The 1984 policy seems to be a sticking point as council cannot give exact date in the last 30 years when it was removed from policy.

Church groups very angry that policy no longer in force ... the 1984 policy is 'unlawful' in 2014, the council's legal team states.

There could be both male and female performers says the applicant when questioned under the Gender Equalities Act.

The hearing proper is finally underway. Applicant now laying out its case ... Client has ran a topless dancing bar in 2008 in Hartlepool. License was renewed without objection ... Applicant also ran the former Privilege club in Scarborough ... The club will be open from 9pm to 3.30am Friday and Saturday. A 'modest' application says the applicant.

The applicant is challenging a condition that dancers cannot drink at work ... He thinks it will encourage pre-loading at home and not allow him to regulate what they are drinking.

Applicant's legal team calls an objection stating that the bar is 'basically a brothel' as 'the most obscene form of bigotry'.

Lots of objections saying it will increase crime, applicant leaning heavily on the fact the police have not objected.  

Applicant also objecting to description of Waterhouse Lane as residential area ... Applicant states people will not be put off coming to the area to buy their E-cigarettes. Even objectors raise a smile at that remark

'Lap dancing clubs are here to stay and the law allows for them' says applicant's lawyer Clive Harvard.

Applicant Mike Walker says town has had 2 lapdancing bars since the 1984 council decision and they operated without problems.

Cllr Amanda Robinson is concerned about queues forming when at capacity ... Mr Walker says that people queue for CHIC already so they can manage queues.

Objector Maude Smith ask why it can't be located at Eastfield Business Park 'where it can't harm anyone' ... Mr Walker says it would not be practical.

Patricia Lynn, from Filey, says it is 'prostitution' and complains that people against have not been provided legal representation... She adds it puts public at disadvantage that the applicant has a lawyer with him... Says town centre could become a 'ghetto' if more clubs are allowed.

Heather Barker says she against "this nude dancing thing".

Ruth Dale from Churches Together says she can't see how it differs from a brothel.

That claim is rejected by Mr Harvard

Ms Dale says 'what happens when sexually titillated men leave and go looking for women?' concerned it will lead to assaults and rapes ... Mr Harvard says this view has 'no basis in fact' and once again states no police objection to land.

Arguments against proposed lap dancing club still on going.

'This will make some women unsafe' ... 'Just one rape or sexual assault is too many' ... Those comments were made by Paul Abell, representing Street Angels.

After a little break we are back to hear from Graham Parkins from the Rainbow Centre, he is objecting to the proposal ...He says it will impact on families living nearby ...'These premises exit onto a public thoroughfare (Waterhouse lane)' ...'It will make it a no go area for families late at night'

'This would destroy the central core of the heart of the town and CEOS and MDs who come to the area, they are going to go somewhere else' ...Mr Parkins says businesses will not come to Scarborough if a lap dancing club opens here

Applicant Mr Walker says that lap dance adds for old venues come up if you google Scarborough ...Applicant's lawyer says the Rainbow Centre closes 7 hours before the club would open so I wonders what impact it would have on the charity

Graeme Parkins says that the people the centre serves live near to the proposed club ... Mr Parkins "people and businesses will go to Harrogate instead," to which Mr Harvard responds "Harrogate has two lapdancing clubs"

Now debating how many families live within 1/4 mile of CHIC ...

Next objector saying that even though the club will not have any signage it will still intimidate shoppers

As an aside Karma Bar has now been called 'Korma Bar' four times by four different people on both sides of the argument. A new nickname?

We are now hearing from Ruth Dale, secretary of Churches Together ... Ms Dale saying six churches wanted to organise petition and given more time they would have got 2,000 signatures ... 'This would be a huge backwards step' ... 'Parents won't want children coming to or working in town if there is a lapdancing club' Ruth Dale, Churches Together

'We know people watching cage fighting at the spa come into town after looking for a fight, it will be same with titilated people'

Patricia Lynn, Filey, "it's not wrong legally, but morally it's not right" ... "People come here as it is not smutty like Blackpool"

Evidence now concluded, summing up will now begin. Everyone is given a chance to speak again

Ruth Dale says she missed a funeral to attend and make the feelings of people known to the council

Graeme Parkins says "for all this assurances... I just don't buy it one little bit. If you really love scarborough please dismiss"

Applicant now summing up, likely that a decision will be made tomorrow, 5pm is today's cut off time unless committee reaches quick decision

Applicant still summing up. Says no objections were received until a story in this paper on July 17. First objection received 5 days later ...Says this shows nobody noticed the sign in Waterhouse lane 'despite it being apparently a busy thoroughfare'

"Sexual entertainment whether you like it or not is part of the nighttime economy," Clive Harvard

Council will make decision tonight but it will not be announced until 10am tomorrow

Tweeted from Scarborough News: https://twitter.com/TheScarboroNews









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Why didn't the former Priv* Club work ...

and why pursue this venture now? Perhaps it had something to do with the 'Club' accross the road aka the local 'Cattle Market' having its License revoked:




Here we go:  "The hearing, which will be held at Scarborough Magistrates’ Court, is scheduled to take place between September 8 and September 11"


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Little Black Back - the wrong number?

The SN reports the decision has been for a REFUSAL - rejecting the moral arguments it was refused on the lay out, the applicant has 21 days to appeal.


The Agenda: http://democracy.scarborough.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=115&MId=592...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkPxgUshpec&index=11&list=RDkIDWgqDBNXA  - lol - one step closer  ;-)



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SNooze 'Trial by Media'


Paul Smith "I see she has some fan boys out there giving thumbs down or reporting posts at least 2 posts got removed today...

"Having a mental illness is very common but that doesnt make them sell themselves or commit fraud or any other crimes for that matter...


Whiffy... In Bed with the Ed?

Paul Smith "Give it a rest you now claiming in your story your the victim its the taxpayer that is the victim and your son having to put up with a mother like you. Only have to look at FB comments on SEN to see that some people say about you and how nasty you are these are people who claim they know you. Many of us have mental illness and yes your right it is bad in Scarborough but doesn't make many of us break the law by claiming money or laying on your back for dirty old men."

IMO Only "Look at her Facebook page to see what kind of person she is. A photo of her son with naked pictures of herself on the wall in the background."

So what?  TT & Ed Asquith - Easy Targets or Scarboro's very own  'Taliban'.


Wonders what they paid for their follow up ;-)

Easy Targets or perhaps they have a common Agenda? 


Tick Tock.


Sniggers ;-// https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-FUcrQhTBY


Below the belt? Or mebbe am just sick to death of the 'patriarchs' dictorial on the behaviour of the 'fairer sex' ...