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Borough Elections

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SBC 18/05/2015

Todays SBC Meeting webcast ;-?

of note "5.5 : - the NYMNPA - Council appointments to the NPA will be delayed until the Council Meeting on 6th July 2015.   This will enable the existing Council appointees to the Authority, who have been involved with and received presentations over the term of office in relation to the York Potash planning application, to participate in the Authority's meeting of 30 June 2015 at which it will conclude its decision making in relation to the application."

This was tabled at the start of the meeting. It is not clear who made this decision, nor if any nominations were received.

@1.15.36 to 1.17

Update:  (allegedly) it was the Leader's decision not to accept nominations ... loyalty? Hmmm ... so presumably (guessing) they (PA Members) want to see it through ... fair dos. But a bit more info from the Leader (which one ... don't ask) would have been helpful...  pot kettle black ? ;-)