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Scarborough's Lifeboat needs a new 'house'.   Currently equipped with a Mersey ALB (all weather life boat) that is nearing its 25 year life span this is to be replaced with a new boat Shannon Class All Weather Life Boat (ALB).  However the new Shannon Class will not fit into the exisiting Life Boat house together wth the Inshore Life Boat (ILB).  The RNLI need both boats to provide a level of service for the East Coast.   The new Shannon class ALB will be delivered to Scarborough in 2015 with a top speed of 25 knots, 50% higher than the Mersey.

The RNLI currently operate, on behalf of the Council, a lifeguard service, at the heart of Scarborough's South Bay, so along with recreational activities, other than wave dodging, surfing, fishing, getting stuck up cliffs and visitors getting caught by incoming tides, along with little kids dragged out to sea in dingys, the RNLI also supports the commercial shipping lanes and fishing fleets together with Whitby, Filey and Bridlington lifeboats along the Yorkshire Coast. The current ALB takes about 15 minutes to launch and the ILB about 5 minutes depending on the Life Boat crews access, tide and weather conditions.  The Lifeboat does launch in the most severe of weather conditions but is often aided by the RAF Yellow Sea King Search and Rescue teams from RAF Leaconfield that still operates two Sea Kings, though the continuity of this in doubt due to the privatisation of this search and rescue service:

Either way the Lifeboat and RNLI at Scarborough play a vital role in supporting and reassuring those at sea.

So, whats new?  The planning application for the new life boat House has been submitted, as well as accommodating the new Shannon Class ALB and the crucial Lifeguard service, there is to be an extended slip way for faster launching, an 'explorer space' with shop and ancilliary facilities all included, the new design has met with some critical comments via the local press:

At first glance it does look like a mismatch design and questions over its weathering have been asked. Apparently those green bits are copper. 

Here is the planning application:

The final decision is expected to be made by Council on 12th June 2014. 

By then, all being well, Qalypso shall be getting a live dv link over the lifeboat development to cover its demolition and rebuild over the next twelve months  :-)



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RNLI - demolition date

Am seeking confirmation that the demolition date for the Life Boat house has been pencilled in for 17th November.   The live web cam currently focused on the corner of the life boat house will be adjusted to take in this 'event' once the seasonal traders have retreated.  I am hoping to have a statement from the new local RNLI's 'leader' about the preliminary plans for demolition process very shortly.  Questions I have include salvagable items, fundraising, drawing a line under the past and any  plans for the future etc etc.  Along with the old  St Thomas's Hospital building  along Foreshore Road the Life Boat House is  understood to be one of the more structural secure and solid buildings in the area. (built for purpose).  The huge wooden doors and some plaques and other fitments should hopefully be re-used or salvaged or whatever.  Anyhow the Webcam seems to be working (tho we dont quite know how) and I appreciate your patience as this 'story' develops.

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Business Editor For the Day?

Yorkshire post is offerring some erm rather interesting 'lots' on auction to raise some funds for lifeboat equipment ....

"And what makes these prize lots extra special is the fact that every penny handed over by bidders will support the campaign to secure the funds for specialist launch equipment needed for Scarborough RNLI’s new Shannon class lifeboat.

So far, £142,555 has been raised towards the £200,000 cost of the equipment, called a Supacat, and The Yorkshire Post is urging readers to seize the opportunity to spread some festive cheer and show their support."

Lot No 8: - amazingly still at one bid at £ 49.99 ... now if I could just exchange some buttons ...

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Area51 - De-cloaking ..

The scaffolding around the new RNLI lifeboat house is now being taken down ...

wot mysteries lie beneath :-)))

Eeek. Erm ... Croke. Creak....

Mind...  could be to allow centrifugal pivotal apse  access.

Wishful thinking. Yawn.

Ah, so ... Hobbits ;-)