Sea Fest 2014 - Sirens

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Scarborough Seafest sets sail Friday 25th to Sunday 27th July 2014, with a raft of activities for the whole family to enjoy!The Science of Reality

Scarborough's 16th Annual Seafest Maritime Festival at the West Pier on Scarborough’s stunning South Bay, will host 3 days of great food, drink and free live music, organised by Scarborough Borough Council in partnership with Welcome to Yorkshire and The Great Yorkshire Brewery. (funded by SBC and Yorkshire Forward with the 'brewery' extracting the p***?)

'Seafest' is an International Maritime Festival that focuses on Scarborough's maritime history. The three day festival takes place around Scarborough's Harbour, fishing pier and in community buildings and Public Houses of the old town.  (co-dependency? what rot, this part of town is always busy with visitors anyway when this takes place, its the first week-end of the school holidays, what about the kids, do they like pubs and drunks? What next lacing the ice-cream with neat rum!)

This will be Scarborough’s 16th Annual Maritime Festival, SeaFest 2014, with a host of fabulous events over 3 days. - (no it won't its just gonna be a great big beer tent and a town full of drunks!)

Richard Grainger backs out - (yeah why was that? cos the music is bloody awful, karaoke sea shanties on boombox , grate!)

"Hello:   Lisa Dixon and Tom Fox,

I have a Public question that I would like to be asked at the next Council meeting on Monday 12th May 2014; My question is.   

Would you ask Council to consider the benefits and costs regarding the 'Scarborough Seafest at West Pier' and discuss what it adds rather than detracts from the local economy?  Can you cancel it?

After last years (2013) miserable event I really do feel that this is a 'non-event' that adds nothing to the local economy. My reasons for this are:

1.  The timing of the Seafest Event - this has been moved to coincide with the first high peak season week-end of the year. ie the first week-end that the schools break up for Summer Holidays.  This is normally the busiest week of the year for seasonal traders on the seafront.   Surely 'festivals' and events should be timed to be outside of the 'peak' season to extend the  tourism/visitor Scarborough 'season' as part of making Scarborough an all year round visitor destination.

2.  The closure of West Pier Car park to hold this event is, IMO, detrimental to the traders of Foreshore Road.  Where are the visitors supposed to park on the normal busiest week-end of the year?  Apart from the  parking revenue that is lost, as a Foreshore Road 'trader' I lost money last year on this week-end,  and so did many others traders along the seafront.     

3.  Last year's Seafest consisted of a large beer tent, some food stalls, including Sainsbury's who were selling fruit! What has that got to do with anything 'Seafest'?

4.  The beer tent contradicts the by-laws about alcohol being consumed in a public open space.  The Pubs are finding times hard enough without beer tents popping up.

In short I am asking you to either

1. Cancel the event entirely - it is a failure.

2.  Put the event outside of the peak-season  - to 'extend' the visitor experience and also re assess the purpose of the event. 
3.  Monitor very closely this year's event,   with a cost/benefit analysis of   who exactly benefits from this event, if anybody, and ask local traders if it adds or detracts to the local economy.
Response from Tom Fox:  "I am content to receive this question at Cabinet should you wish. Can you let me know? Many thanks "



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The Good Old Days

A more succesful time for Seafest;

"Lifeboat coxswain Tommy Clarke will walk from the lighthouse to the Sub-Aqua Club wearing a heavy, old-fashioned diving suit. The suit will be demonstrated in the harbour on Sunday afternoon by fisherman and author Fred Normandale, mayor Billy Chatt and council leader Tom Fox." ;-)

Seafest. What Seafest. Cakes & Preserves Fest

Seafest is no longer a festival of the sea. It lost its way a number of years ago. It is now populated with stalls selling everything from cakes & preserves to leather belts. To my knowledge for the last couplle of years there has only been one stall exibiting any thing to do with the sea (The local marine heritage centre) The rest is a platform for a constant durge called songs of the sea and beer swilling, while the so-called towns dignitaries (Tom Fox. Fred Normandale) strut around while smirking & giving condescending nods to members of the general public.  The extra money that has been acquired for this avent should have been used for a revamp of the original Scarborough fair.