Glamp It Up

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"Despite cruises potentially being permitted from May, the situation around international travel is still uncertain, and so several companies have switched focus to local shores, championing their domestic departures."

"Transport services in these areas continue to decline and the report also highlights the difficulties people living in these ‘left behind’ communities face in accessing essential services."

"Royal Caribbean has announced that 999 rooms will be allocated to personnel from the emergency services, NHS, social care sector, and armed forces, with the firm’s Anthem of the Seas ship sailing from Southampton from 7 July 2021."

"To reconnect these places to opportunities and services, the report recommends that the government prioritises investment in "left behind" neighbourhoods."

"A prerequisite for the Hub is that hydrogen produced must be green hydrogen (notwithstanding scope to consider earlier use of grey hydrogen if helpful to the build-up to a fully operational Hub by 2025). In addition to this it is also important that the infrastructure is proven and reliable and capable of rapid roll out to maintain market confidence."

"At the moment it is running just one train in each direction between London and Paris."

"Mr Goodwill who has previously worked in the department for transport, says he has been in weekly discussions with the train company. He says the solution they are working on requires some input from Network Rail and his former department."

"Would London’s transport network be famous for its rabbit? People would walk around London looking for a white rabbit when catching a bus or train, while Oyster cards would probably be Carrot cards."

"Fortunately for those you worried about how a dog and a penguin can give birth to a rabbit, Wilfred was found in a field near his burrow and was adopted by Pip and Squeak, who were, in turn, looked after by Uncle Dick and Angeline, the housemaid of their family house on the edge of London."

Mind the gaps...


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"The two zip lines which would take thrill seekers down from the Whitby Pavilion car park to the lighthouse on the West Pier have been suggested by a company called Big Bang Promotions.

The Barnsley-based outfit has approached Scarborough Council about its plan to install two lines in time for the summer season.."

"Scots Guardsman (number 46115) is set to pull both the Dalesman and Pendle Dalesman excursions over the spectacular Settle-Carlisle line, regularly voted one of the greatest railway journeys in the world.

And crimson-painted Galatea (number 45699) will haul the Scarborough Spa Express through York to the East Coast seaside resort, where locals reckon you can get the best ice cream and fish ‘n’ chips in the whole of Britain."

"Croquet isn’t only played by ‘posh’ people."

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'Focus is our Friend'

""Following the Government’s Roadmap to Recovery we are pleased to announce services for the eagerly anticipated 2021 season will commence from Saturday 15 May 2021. Tickets are currently only available up to 20 June*, as the Government's Roadmap to Recovery progresses, tickets for later in the year will be released...""

"Cantona will turn hotel butler for the night and be on hand to diligently prepare the room and discuss tactics throughout the game.."

"According to Xinhua, China is "not looking to compete for leadership in space", but is committed to "unveiling the secrets of the universe and contributing to humanity's peaceful use of space"."


"The UEFA Champions League final between Manchester City FC and Chelsea FC will be held at the Estádio do Dragão in Porto on 29 May 2021"

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Riff Raff

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Bows & Arrows

""The kind of behaviour we've seen over the last few weeks is totally unacceptable, wherever it comes from.

"People are entitled to celebrate their culture and traditions, and over the course of the next few days many will do so in a positive, affirming and respectful way that seeks to accommodate their neighbours. That is the standard everyone should expect."

"It helps to build the life skills I've lost over time."

Archery ...

"You never have to look too far though for signs of that old Italian art of defending to be in evidence."

"Over the last four years the players have knocked down so many barriers, they've come through so many different challenges."

How much are golf balls these days?

Don't expect a refund.

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Rock Steady

"No-one stopped them at the exit, so they thought that they could go outside. They wanted just to have a bit of open air, to relax after a tough day of competition, after a tough lockdown period."

"It’s better we go through this and arrive at a better place, rather than continue to stay hidden. Everyone just needs to calm down, relax, live and let live."

Anyone got an Aaga?

"Eris, as it is now known, was more massive than Pluto and left astronomers with a dilemma: whether to add it and other larger bodies, to the list of planets or to strip Pluto of its 75-year status as the ninth planet."

Thru the Glass Darkly..

Oddly enuff...   I haven't touched a drop for the last nine nights.

Can't think, why....

Stay, Sober.

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Straight Talking

"The ship has now arrived at Felixstowe - months later than expected but with its fame - or infamy - assured.

As it turned the corner for the home straight, noise levels from those waiting dropped noticeably to almost a hush, only to be broken by children shouting "It's here!".

The crowds remain, but have now reduced by about half. All eyes were on it as it manoeuvred into berth seven to complete its long journey."

"It was stuck for nearly a week, causing one of the biggest traffic jams in shipping history."

"This article is the subject of a legal complaint from Champneys Henlow Limited.

Guests at a group of boutique glamping sites claim to have been misled after finding that their holiday sites were “more Chernobyl than Champneys”."


"Featuring the traditions of our health spa resorts; bootcamps, detox retreats, healthy meals and spa treatments - you’ll have the added chance to enjoy a glass of champagne during a mani-pedi, indulgent dining with all the trimmings and toast celebratory occasions with canapés and cocktails. Simply put, our spa hotels are naughty AND nice and you have permission to enjoy both."

The Ultimate Robed experience... ;-0

'Out of Print'

"... less than pleased at how happy and carefree everyone looked as they filed into the Gothic ruins of Whitby Abbey on Thursday evening. The grey clouds and drizzle of the afternoon even made way for blue skies and glorious sunshine."?