Bronte & The Bronze

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Pens, profiles & places, shy explorer tools of the Bronze Age, where once upon a time fantastic realities his stories and futures were made...  

The Bronte sisters too are acclaimed for capturing the spirit of an age, pens 'n' swords ...  "In a time when women were considered little more than social adornments and bearers of offspring  ... The options for the proper yet impoverished woman during the time were limited a governess or teacher, roles Charlotte Brontë considered forms of bondage..."

Cash is King ... Pin

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The importance of Money ... most accept, like it or not, we live in a Capitalist culture based on supply meets demand, to trade or not to trade. Banks do it, consumers do it, we all do it ....  earn, spend, borrow.  Vulgarities aside, from the Chancellor of the Exchequer to the homeless man on the street, we all get by doing what we can, in these 'austere' times, to live within our means or to dip, peddle, tinker, potter.   Borrowing seems straight forward  it is The Art of Lending that is a bit of a mystery.

Save the Futurist - Plan

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Save the Futurist Campaigners have submitted their 'Strategic Plan' to save the Futurist from demolition.    The Three R's ...

Retention, Restoration and Regeneration

The campaign led by Patricia David who has been passionately campaigning to restore the Futurist to its former glory since 2010, lobbyling leading Council members and tirelessly promoting the future viability of the Futurist Theatre as an iconic and historical theatre.  


Top 'Twonks' - Stashed & Slashed

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We don't have to look far to find Members of the Government's 'Twonks', 'Tories' or 'Nasti Party' who are all too willing to support Slasher Osborne and his version of Austerity measures that punish the most poor and vulnerable.

It might only be £30 per week ...


EU: TTIP - The Bonds

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Since 2014 lack of transparency over the TTIP negotiations has led to much doubt about what is included and what is not.  Labour MEP's have been actively involved in the negotiations attempting to ringfence certain aspects, ie the NHS, alongside ISDS (interstate dispute settlements).    

"as it currently stands, the NHS would not be fully secured in TTIP: while no trade deal can force the privatisation of any public services, loopholes could be used to prevent a future Labour government from renationalising services that have already been tendered out....

The Cinder Track

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Recycled: "From 1885 until its closure in 1965 the old railway line from Scarborough to Whitby took goods and passengers up and down the North Yorkshire coast. Now it's an off road route through the North York Moors National Park for walkers, horse riders and cyclists.

You might decide to make a slight detour and visit one of the quiet bays such as Crook Ness, Cloughton Wyke, Hayburn Wyke, Stoupe Beck Sands or Maw Wyke Hole, or make a circular walk of it by taking in part of the Cleveland Way.



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