August : A Riot Act

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Frenemies, Netizens & Conspirators, lend me your ears ...

Brexit be Brutus, tis awful, should the fall in interest becomes absolute.   Bah, bugs... Humming. "On Thursday, the Bank cut interest rates from 0.5% to 0.25% - a record low and the first cut since 2009. Asked if there was a real prospect of another cut in rates this year, Mr Broadbent replied: "Absolutely."

Beyond Brexit - Carnival or Carousel?

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Mark Carney's 'Beyond Brexit' ...   (with bolts on)

In short Carney's plan to cut interest rate and risk possible deflation is to stimulate the UK economy by .... devaluing the pound.


KM8 - 'The Truth Will Out'

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In the words of Third Energy's OD,  John Dewar 'The Truth Will Out' believed to be ascribed to Winston, "A lie will gallop halfway round the world before the truth has time to pull its breeches on'. 

Breeches, beeches, brooks n the final furlong. The Barbed:


Area 51 - Crane Attack

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Area 51 has been taken over by amusement type vehicles ... has Flaming Land taken up occupation on the West Pier as a preclude to the battle of the Futurist? As Crane &  Abel head out to see with a digger on board is fracking off shore the latest craze in Skardiborgibadaas?  

Strange clingon orange metal believed to be copper, has appeared around Area 51 hanger as the stoned masons continue to work undetected and unheeded.


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