Imitation, Intimidation & Irritation

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It appears that offering an opinion leads to a few back lashes, whilst irritating to a few, words that fall out of foolish lips can often be misinterpreted, masked & mistaken.

Stolen words are the weapons of the deviant trolls, using your words to imitate a virtual existance.  Carbon copying or cut and pasting expressions creating a false image of the 'trolled'. 

Any mild intimation soon escalates into intimidation.


T'Interview Techniques

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Four key management positions have been posted by York Potash :

Given the prestigious nature of these highly sought after positions; developing and constructing the worlds largest producing potash mine right here in the wonderful weird world of Whitby and the rather quaint National Park overlooking procedures is it prudent to have some professional interview skills to hand?  Fiddlesticks. 


Scarborough Spa Slope Stabilisation Scheme

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Work is about to start on protecting the Jewel in Scarborough's crown, the Spa.   A project overview for the works was presented at Town Hall on 8th September.   The three keys working harmoniously include:  

(A Walters & J Dewsbury) Planning & Landscape Architect - RPS, P Ellis, Geotechnical - Coffey, G Dewe, Construction & Contracts - Balfour Beatty.  


August : A Riot Act

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Frenemies, Netizens & Conspirators, lend me your ears ...

Brexit be Brutus, tis awful, should the fall in interest becomes absolute.   Bah, bugs... Humming. "On Thursday, the Bank cut interest rates from 0.5% to 0.25% - a record low and the first cut since 2009. Asked if there was a real prospect of another cut in rates this year, Mr Broadbent replied: "Absolutely."


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