'Bingo' - The Musical

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One eye on the 'prize'?   Bums on Seats ... Eyes Down & Luck In ... as the wheels of the Tour de Yorkshire keep spinnning, give or take a few sore bums, one of Scarborough seafront's most 'cultural' activities has come to an end.

Prize Bingo.  

One is not amused.  Where once there were ten prize bingo arenas long Scarborough's Seafront, recently reduced by the local amusement & arcade fraternity to six, now there are none.  


Snap The Dragon

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The Prime Minister has called for a snap General Election for Thursday 8th June :



Whilst JC may welcome the snap decision to change rules and to be voted on by Parliament tomorrow, perhaps enshrining his place at the top table for a further seven years as 'opposition' leader ...


Coastal Area Parish Forum

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The Coastal Area Parish Forum held 04/04/2017 at Loftus Town Hall hosted by the NYMNPA had four Key ingredients. 

i   Boulby Potash Mine - Update

ii  Runswick Bay Coastal Protection Scheme

Iii NYC Landscape Partnership Scheme

iv Verbal updates on - Fracking, Cindertrack & BT Telephone Kiosks Removal


Down Under & Queensland

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" The idea of a shortage in Australia — the largest gas exporter in the world — is an “absurdity”, according to energy analyst Bruce Robertson of the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis. “We are swimming in gas, the idea that we cannot provide for our own population is just a total failure of our energy policy,” Mr Robertson told news.com.au. ... "


The Space Race

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Stardate 240217 SXX launches 'Woodsmith'.  Significance unknown.   As the Third Rock mainstream media appears to be grinding to a halt, time to sling a hook at ex-terrestrial launches :

The Sands 'Hotel'

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Ship to shore, Scarborough is booming ... with the South Cliff Spa Stabilisation works underway,  the Futurist slipping quietly south along with the North Bay Cinema works grinding to a halt ...  a surge of good fortune is hitting these salty shores.

Slippery as it maybe, Claytown is getting to grips with its natural heritage with yet another load to be nailed to No Rocks, aka the Sands.    

Today, "The Leader is recommended to:



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