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No introductions were necessary at the Anglo Woodsmith Liaison Group Forum meeting at Hawsker with Anglo’s Technical Review of Woodsmith ongoing, the ground crew appearing to have been on an extended tea break, due to little surface activity.  However below the surface mining is ongoing at all sites across the project.

At Wilton there are no surface changes and the concrete processing site for lining the MTS is working as fast as the conveyor can deliver the segments required for the TBM.


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"The ancient Greeks had two different words for the concept of time — “chronos” and “kairos”. The word “chronos” (you probably recognize this one as the root for the English words “chronological” and “chronicle”) refers to measured, ticking, quantitative time. Chronos is the forward propelling time that we measure with clocks, on watches, and by the evolutionary phases of the moon. But time does not end there..."


'Crashes, Quips and Confusion'

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“You tell your boss you’re late for work because of a tomato spill on the highway. Do they believe you?”

“What’s happening in these cases is that both agricultural commodities and oil are essentially traded on world markets, which for better or worse allows a lot of flexibility.”

“Places that are accustomed to crazy heat, like Spain, well, they have a lifestyle that accommodates that — they have a siesta, they have canvas awnings over the walkways so people can have shade while they walk around, they have restaurants that are designed to let people eat in breezy spots.”

Half A Sixpence

"At their meeting, councillors will be asked to approve the sale of the land to enable the redevelopment plans to progress to the next stage. Through his business – Qdos Entertainment – Mr Thomas wants to build a 100-bedroom hotel, including several suites, both with and without sea views.  On the ground floor there would be a bar, restaurant and meeting space.


Basic Instincts

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“It was a home where people lived, and they thought they heard some odd rumbling, snoring-like noises but ignored it because it simply didn’t make sense … and the neighbors said they were imagining it because they didn’t hear anything,” the Bear League said. .."


"The creation of one council for North Yorkshire wont mean one big office.

A Few Cranks

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"This is truly pioneering work: we believe we are the first county in England to deliver local government reorganisation and run a devolution deal at the same time.  On the local government front, North Yorkshire County Council and seven district and borough councils will merge to form a new single unitary council, which will work closely with the City of York Council, from April 2023."


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