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The most exciting thing to happen in Skardiborgibados this week?

Jablers Day.

"The village next door has more amenities..."


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A Nutcracker Suite

" The regular weekly and daily market is now held in the market hall, opened in 1853, in St. Helen's Square, between Dumple Street and Cross Street. Cross Street was called Cargate until the erection in 1670 of a market cross (removed in 1802), in St. Helen's Square.  An apple market was held in King Street until 1880 a cattle market once held in Queen Street is now held near Wrea Lane; there was a meat market in St. Helen's Square and afterwards in the old shambles where the new ones stand. There was a cloth market at the south end of Queen Street, blanket sales in Newborough Street, a pig market, now removed to the abattoirs, in St. Thomas Street; an open corn market is still held. The corn cross stood in 1631 at the junction of St. Thomas Street with Newborough.  Part of an old market cross called the Butter Cross is still to be seen between Cook's Row and West Sandgate. The 'Rede Cross' faced it.  The day on which the fair began was the latest date for the payment of gabelage, and this must be the reason why it was called Jablers Day. The fair attracted foreign merchants, especially Flemings. Booths and tents were pitched in Merchants' Row, and the fair opened with a procession of the governing body."

“I’m looking for the sign,” said the civil servant..."

Paranoid, Moi?

".... to some, the M25 is regarded as a “Hadrian’s Wall” to defend the civilised Londoners from the barbaric Northerners."

Keep Smiling.

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A Ballot Box

"Later this year, you will be able to vote in elections that will help to shape the way council services in the borough and the rest of North Yorkshire are run in a new era of local government.

The vote on Thursday 5 May will elect 90 councillors who will represent 89 divisions across the county for the final year of North Yorkshire County Council and then the first four years of a new North Yorkshire Council, which will be created on 1 April 2023.

The new council will replace us, the county council and the six other district and borough councils in North Yorkshire to deliver all local services to you. Newly elected councillors will shape what public services will look like ahead of North Yorkshire Council's first day.

The new division boundaries can be viewed on interactive maps, alongside our current borough wards.

Prospective election candidates and their agents are invited to a countywide online live event on Thursday 17 February, 5pm to 6pm. Prospective candidates do not need to book a place at the event."

Ah, So...

I can stand in two places at once?

Grrr ...

Purely for pragmatic purposes.

Clear as Mud.

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Pandora's Box

"When it comes to a very modern mixture of reactionary politics and disregard for democratic norms, there is a continuum that ends with Putin and also takes in such figures as Donald Trump and Hungary’s Viktor Orbán; and Johnson is definitely on there somewhere. Even if he’s an opportunist rather than an ethno-nationalist, that’s still some indictment."

Propaganda.... ;-

"“A great many of the passengers were miners, having considerable sums of gold about them, the product of years of toil. But the love of gold was forgotten in the anxiety and terror of the moment and many a man unbuckled his gold-stuffed belt and flung his hard-earned treasure upon the deck, some hoping to lighten their weight, and thus more easily keep themselves afloat, while others threw it away in despair, thinking there was no use for it in the watery grave they were going to.”"

It's still there 'unemptied' minus the Label...

That's becos we live in a 'nice' neighbourhood...

Instructions? Moi?

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Mild Green, Fairy Liquid

"Right now, on board the International Space Station (ISS), there are four American astronauts, two Russians and one German. They are living 400 kilometers above the Earth..."

“If the US blocks cooperation with us, who will save the ISS from an uncontrolled exit of its orbit or from crashing onto the US or Europe?” asked Dimitri Rogozin, director of Roscosmos, the Russian space agency."

"Labour said a seat comprising all the communities with an industrial tradition in that part of the county was "the most logical proposal".

But Copeland councillor Chris Whiteside, who chairs the north west branch of the Conservative party, said a Westmorland and Copeland seat stretching from Sellafield to Kirkby Lonsdale would be "enormous"."

"The Russian response, from the head of Roscosmos – a journalist, philosopher, expert in war theory, former ambassador to NATO and ex-vicepresident of the country – was incendiary. “There is also the option that a 500-ton structure could fall on India and China..."

"The communications links within this seat are terrible and it includes areas which have nothing in common."

Still choking on me cornflakes...

"The conflict in Ukraine is leading to higher costs of goods from fertilizer to oil, and peace is the best option to avoid price spikes."

Mind, some of the sh*t  the Media is spouting ....

I thinks I have Fleas.


"The Government is looking into new rules that would see the driveways of new build homes limited on what materials they can use on their surfaces."

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A Simple Life

"The last Northrop Grumman Cygnus cargo vessel that arrived at the ISS on 21 February was the first to boast a capacity to “reboost” the outpost without Russian help.

On Friday, SpaceX boss Elon Musk tweeted his company’s logo in response to Rogozin’s rhetorical question about who would save the ISS from an uncontrolled de-orbit.

But Lueders stressed that such plans were a contingency measure only. “It would be very difficult for us to be operating on our own – ISS is an international partnership that was created … with joint dependencies,” she said.  “As a team, we are looking at where we may have operational flexibilities, but … it would be a sad day for international operations if we can’t continue to peacefully operate in space.”"

"The council has not made public a detailed breakdown of exactly how the money would be spent but local media reports suggest it would cover wall-mounted displays and person-tracking cameras in meeting rooms."

"The episode encapsulates the question hanging over all English councils right now. Live streaming arguably improves public engagement in local democracy - but can it carry on and, if so, at what cost?"

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Solar Sensitivities

"In what some scientists termed “the bleakest warning yet”, the summary report from the global authority on climate science says droughts, floods, heatwaves and other extreme weather are accelerating and wreaking increasing damage..."

"We have seen the increase in climate-fuelled extreme events, and the damage that is left behind – lives lost and livelihoods ruined. The question at this point is not whether we can altogether avoid the crisis – it is whether we can avoid the worst consequences.”"

"People were out at the shops, and an element of cautious optimism was evident among the business owners at cafes and retail stores."

"It’s time for ministers to wake up to the pain already being felt in places they are unlikely to ever visit, and to the suffering of people they may never see; for no government can justify the further deprivation being imposed on millions of its citizens."

"“This is a crisis that requires a collective response – ensuring access to clean water, nutrition and safe spaces for children” – otherwise they will die or face needless suffering “with life-long cognitive or physical damage”, said Mr. Fall."

Sleep Tight.

AKA there's more to life than Putin joining the EU via wotsisname. ..

"Other terms include sensation seekers, adventurers, or thrill seekers.  They’re the type of people who enjoy things like skydiving, extreme sports, or potentially dangerous lines of work, such as firefighting or emergency rescue."

That Adrenaline Junkie.

Anyone for Bingo? Am sure he was born in a field ...

Not quite sure which one....

Always reads the Label.

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'Nuts to Snack On'

"Weeks were ten days long and there were more months than we are used to today."

"Plug in the dish - or terminal as it's officially called - and it will automatically connect itself to the nearest Starlink satellite in the sky, of which there are more than 2,000.

The satellite then communicates with the nearest ground station, or gateway, which supplies the internet."

"What we have less need of is performances on the home front. Chaps, with the best will in the world, this one really isn’t about you."

A Sliver of Cold...

Oh go do one then...

"The tension is palpable. Oh it’s palpable."


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A Kind of Hush

"In an unprecedented display of cosmic littering, a wayward rocket body will crash into the far side of the moon on Friday marking the first time that a piece of space junk has accidentally struck the lunar surface...  it highlights how space junk now extends beyond Earth, where the US already tracks more than 27,000 pieces of orbital debris.

“Things have hit the moon in the past, but those were primarily deliberate impacts, or we tried to land and crashed on the surface,” Reddy said. “This is an impact of a rocket body that is unintentional.”"

"The launch date of Artemis 1 is currently unclear; NASA officials have said they're aiming for liftoff in May, but no date will be officially targeted until the wet dress rehearsal is complete and the results are analyzed."

Little Bear.

Golden Glory

"“It has been suggested to officers through the representations that the building is a Second World War air raid shelter and one of the only ones that is remaining in the town that is an above-ground shelter."

"The plan was approved by the committee subject to various conditions including requirements around lightening strategy and tree protection."

"Yes, even its splits have splits."

To Become less Dark?

"Chris Bourne, the head of projects at North Yorkshire Council said he hopes that visitors will have a better experience when they arrive in the town."


"“How do you maintain power over entities more powerful than you – for ever?” he asked. “If you don’t have an answer, then stop doing the research. It’s as simple as that."

Just ignore them.

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'Scarborough on Thames'

"North of Tyne mayor Jamie Driscoll called the decision "arbitrary and capricious".

The move has been linked to Mr Driscoll's onstage appearance with film director and expelled Labour member Ken Loach in Newcastle in March."

"The Grammy winner was known for a number of hit songs, including On Broadway, Make Your Own Kind of Music, Walking in the Rain and Uptown."

Scarborough on Sea.