Self Drive Camping

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"As campsites within game reserves and national parks are usually not fenced, it is important for campers to take necessary precautionary measures to ensure their safety, and to abide by the information provided by wildlife officers.

The following basic camping rules should be strictly heeded:

  • Only camp in designated campsites.
  • Always sleep in your tent, roof tent or vehicle. Make sure your tent zips up well.
  • Don’t sleep with legs or arms protruding from the tent.
  • Use rubbish receptacles at the campsites; if there are none, carry away all rubbish until you get to the next town.
  • Cigarette butts should be well extinguished and placed in a rubbish bag, not thrown on the ground.
  • Make sure the campfire is well extinguished at the end of the evening, or after use, and cover it with sand.
  • Don’t sleep on bridges or animal paths, particularly those of elephants and hippos.
  • Bury all faecal matter and burn all toilet paper.
  • Don’t bathe or drink from still bodies of water; there is the danger of bilharzia.
  • In the Okavango, don’t swim in lagoons or streams; there is the danger of crocodiles and/or hippos.
  • Children must be constantly supervised. Never leave them alone in the campsite. Never allow children to nap on the ground or in the open.
  • Don’t stray far from the campsite, or walk in the bush, unless with a qualified guide.

Driving is on the left side of the road. The national speed limit on tarred roads is 120 km/h and 60 km/h in towns and villages. Watch out for wildlife and domestic animals on the roads. In the National parks always stay on the established tracks in order to avoid the ugly scars left by off-road driving. Stay below the 40km/h speed limit for the safety of wildlife and yourselves.

The general rule of thumb for camping in Botswana is – take only memories,leave only footprints."

Oh Dear ...

Apparently it's triangular.

"A report to a meeting of the park authority next week states although there are “some uncertainties in both proposals that warrant further exploration with the proponents”, officers’ overall view was that both proposals could be supported on the basis that they unlock the opportunity of a devolution deal for York and North Yorkshire.

When asked to detail its uncertainties, the park authority said they related to working practices."

Best not mention Sunderland.

That Digger Hotel looks quite nice...

"The two parks have a lot in common, such as tourism and seeking to enhance the landscapes, and I’m sure the two working together in a unitary county would be to our advantage.”

Big Ears.

Bats n Swans, eh? Wots not to like...

"If I were to put “British”, though, it would feel like the end of an era."


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Away from the River ...

"The situation differs from country to country. In Botswana, for example, it has been argued that there are so many elephants that the ecosystem cannot naturally support them. But, on a continent-wide scale, the giant mammals are in decline.

Dr Ben Okita, who co-chairs the IUCN elephant specialist group, called the latest assessment an "alarm bell"."

"“We have identified that at the moment we seem to have an issue within the areas of respect towards other members and conduct on those lines.

“So we will be asking him to focus on that in his first session of the training.”

Mrs Dixon said that she hoped councillors would also support the Compassion in Politics group coming to speak to the authority about its message of “more compassion in politics” and how not to resort to “unpleasant and vicious attacks” when confronted with a differing view."


"It seems a little chaotic down there at the moment but they seem to have it all under control."

I don't do Hope.... I do safe landings... ;-)

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Quieter Areas

"The North York Moors National Park have updated their website to guide people to visit less used areas over the Easter weekend."

It's about time it rained...


"Democracy has always been important in Botswana and in all villages there is a meeting place where the villagers meet to discuss matters of importance. Known as a Kgotla this is a tribal court and no decisions are made until everyone has had a chance to have their say."

Foiled again ... ;-)


"I Keep six honest serving-men:
    (They taught me all I knew)
Their names are What and Where and When
    And How and Why and Who.
I send them over land and sea,
    I send them east and west;
But after they have worked for me,
    I give them all a rest.

I let them rest from nine till five.
    For I am busy then,
As well as breakfast, lunch, and tea,
    For they are hungry men:
But different folk have different views:
    I know a person small--
She keeps ten million serving-men,
    Who get no rest at all!
She sends 'em abroad on her own affairs,
    From the second she opens her eyes--
One million Hows, two million Wheres,
    And seven million Whys!"


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Hasta La Vista

"“It knocked pictures off our walls … I’m all up for silliness and whatnot, but that was extreme.”


"The six-tonne asteroid punched into Earth’s atmosphere at 37,000mph in June 2018 and broke apart above the central Kalahari game reserve, creating a fireball nearly as bright as the sun. Immediate searches of the presumed landing site found a small meteorite, which was named Motopi Pan..."

Oh, OK: - )


"Our portfolio of world-class competitive operations, development projects and undeveloped resources, provides many of the metals and minerals that enable a cleaner, greener, more sustainable world and that meet the fast growing consumer-driven demands of developed and maturing economies. With our people at the heart of our business, we use innovative practices and the latest technologies to mine, process, move and market our products to our customers - and to discover new resources - safely and sustainably.

As a responsible producer of diamonds (through De Beers), copper, platinum group metals, the steelmaking ingredients of iron ore and metallurgical coal, and nickel - with crop nutrients in development and thermal coal operations planned for divestment - we are committed to being carbon neutral across our operations by 2040."

A Liquid Lunch

So that's half the nation cheered up ;-0

F*ck knows why I have furry knees...


""To watch a movie is a luxury. You need to feed yourself first before you even think about watching a film. When times are hard to even eat, having even one family member sent to a labour camp can be devastating.""

Well I guess that's Artifical Intelligence for you...

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Some Anglo Movement

Anglo Woodsmith have updated their website on progress with some pictures.

"Member of the public asked for an update about the MTS shaft sinking.- MPo replied that this was set to start in June, although blasting could start some weeks later than this"

"Member of the public queried whether the geophysical survey plane was following the planned survey area and asked there were likely to be any changes to the area of interest because of the survey.-ES explained that the crew uses short flight paths to calibrate their instruments and confirmed that the area was being surveyed as planned.GE added that there would not be a change to the area of interest. "

"Member of the public asked what was happening with the first shaft sunk at Lockwood Beck, and also asked about the target distance for the TBM launched from Wilton.-MPo responded that the original shaft hadbeen backfilled with excavated material from the new shaft. He added that 27km was the target distance for the TBM."

That's a few feet short ...

"the North York Moors National Park Authority (NYMNPA) were currently dealing with phase 13 of the planning application"

Mebbe it stretched in the wash ...

More updates in the July half year results.... not sure which year.


""Please don't dig huge holes in the sand, sand is partial to collapse and the dry weight is around a ton per metre cubed.

"You wouldn't dig a hole in the garden and let your children climb in; please don't do it on a beach either.""

Where's Arnie gone ..

Ah, So :

Postcards ;-0

"The woolly mammoth has not walked the Earth for 4,000 years. Killed off at the end of the last ice age, it’s part of a group of extinct species that continue to inspire biologists, and one that US biotech startup Colossal – the self-proclaimed “de-extinction company” – has set its sights on reviving."

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Under The Radar

"Two vehicles were involved in a "low speed collision" deep below the surface. Owner Anglo American has confirmed nobody was injured - and a "full and thorough" investigation is under way."

Next Year, Rodders ...

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A Quorum Is Present

"Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Anglo American's 2022 Annual General Meeting."

"AN appeal with a bit of a bite has gone out from a much-loved historic attraction. Today (April 20), on the 110th anniversary of Dracula author, Bram Stoker’s death, staff at Whitby Abbey in North Yorkshire are asking the public to help them break the Guinness World Records™ title for the largest gathering of people dressed as vampires."

"I am also pleased to introduce our Chief Executive designate Duncan Wanblad - Duncan is sitting in the front row of the room and I will say a little more about him shortly. You can find the biographies for each director in our Notice of AGM and I trust that you agree with me in noting the high calibre and diverse nature of our Board members."

"Turning to our portfolio. Our assets are increasingly focused on the metals and minerals that will enable both the move to a lower carbon economy and meeting demand from a growing and more discerning consumer population. "

"This year marks the 125th anniversary of the first publication of Dracula, which was inspired by the dramatic ruins of Whitby’s 13th century gothic abbey and the record attempt will kick off a series of special events to celebrate."

"Anglo American has one of the industry's most compelling organic growth profiles, with considerable optionality. We are anticipating volume growth of around 35% over the coming decade - across the diversified mix of metals and minerals required for a transition to a cleaner, greener world."

"Mark will step down as chief executive at the conclusion of this meeting, after nine years at the helm. He is a truly inspiring and authentic leader who has led his executive team with distinction through some extremely challenging times to transform Anglo American's performance and prospects. His legacy in the areas of safety, the power of engagement, business remodelling, and his determination to create a very different and sustainable future for mining, enabled through technology, deserve particular recognition. "

"Looking back over my long career in this incredible industry, it is clear that mining has never been more essential to the future of our planet and society so that we can deliver a low-carbon world, feed ourselves and lift living standards for all. At the same time, the demands on, and expectations of, the industry to act responsibly have never been higher. That responsibility includes supporting a 'Just Transition', helping to create environmentally and socially sustainable jobs that are consistent with addressing the most pressing issue of climate change and broader environmental objectives related to water and other issues."

"Our Sustainable Mining Plan focuses on our three pillars of Healthy Environment, Thriving Communities, and Trusted Corporate Leader. Our environmental commitments include reaching carbon neutrality across our operations by 2040, and we have added our ambition to reduce our Scope 3 emissions by 50% in the same timeframe. "

Thirdly, many of you have heard me say "people are the business". People are central to everything we do, and workforce engagement is a priority for every leader at Anglo American. We are striving to create safe, inclusive, and diverse workplaces that encourage high performance and innovative thinking, and where each individual is motivated to give of their best.   At Anglo American, we have a distinct Organisation Model which has made our work safer and more productive, enabling continuous improvement through connection and synchronisation of work. It is our people who deliver our performance every day and who are our best ambassadors, engaging with each other and our range of stakeholders, and supporting our ambitions.

"I am pleased to report, too, that we are making good progress in addressing what has long been a challenge in what has long been a male-dominated industry - gender diversity. We continue to make advances against our gender representation goal of 33% female representation by 2023 at all management levels. At year-end, the proportion of women at that level had reached 31%, a 15% improvement in just one year.

"It has been a great privilege to lead this great company and our people over the past nine years. I am grateful to have had the unwavering support of Stuart and the Board for what I and your management team have been seeking to accomplish. I also wish to thank the Board for their guidance, the executive team for their tenacity and friendship, every one of our employees for their sheer resilience, and our shareholders, along with all other stakeholders for their spirit of engagement."

"Together, we have transformed Anglo American's competitive position and led the way towards a very different future for mining - a safer, smarter, more sustainable future that delivers enduring value for all our stakeholders. By delivering on our promises, we have established the credibility and capabilities that are the foundation for Anglo American's next phase of growth. I can think of no better leader than Duncan Wanblad to pick up the baton and pursue the many opportunities that lie ahead for our business."

"And now, it's time for me to say farewell. It's been quite a ride."

And may all your Shorts be long ones.

"In this book, the ruins stand visible in the moonlight as a black dog – Dracula in another form – comes ashore in a cove below."

The Daily Planet

"The way many of us process politics is irreparably changed, and frankly every single user on there, myself included, needs to go outside."

"“We have seen that Slapps destroy careers and lives. Today is the first step in creating serious obstacles to those hoping to use Slapps to censor journalists and to hide the truth.”"

"Anglo is seeking to extend the life of the mine by expanding the current open pit within the Los Bronces' operating site and replace future lower-grade ore by accessing higher-grade ore from a new underground section of the mine.  The SEA has confirmed that LBIP satisfies all relevant environmental regulation but bases its adverse recommendation on an alleged lack of information during the evaluation process to fully remove any doubts about a potential risk to public health,” Anglo said in a statement."

Just checking me Dairy ...

"The next Liaison Group Forum meeting will be on Monday May 23 at 1pm, at Sneaton Village Hall."

"Anglo American has sourced the supply of 100% renewable electricity for its operations in Australia from 2025, agreeing terms for a 10-year partnership with Stanwell Corporation, the Queensland Government-owned provider of electricity and energy solutions. The deal will effectively remove all Scope 2 emissions from Anglo American's steelmaking coal business in Australia from 2025, supporting Anglo American's progress towards carbon neutral operations by 2040."