General 'Election' 2019

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"A UK Parliamentary General Election is to be held on Thursday 12th December 2019.A UK Parliamentary General Election is to be held on Thursday 12th December 2019. A UK Parliamentary General Election is to be held on Thursday 12th December 2019.

A briefing for candidates will be held, allowing all potential candidates to learn how the election process works and find out what they need to do to stand as a candidate in this election. The date of this briefing will be confirmed very soon.

Statement of Persons Nominated ...  Will be published by 5pm Thursday 14th November"

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The Far Away Tree

""Ms Hughes’ unusual outlook came to light as campaign group Hope Not Hate looked into Brexit Party candidates’ backgrounds.

They questioned her employment history but also quoted from social media postings and her book, released last year, Spirit of Prophecy.

In the book it reads “the E.T’s, some of them less than Apple Pie wholesome or Positive pumpkins, are already here working with our world Governments, but that’s all hush-hush for now”.

And in information about the author listed on Amazon, it said: “To this day J.J.Hughes believes in elves/fairies/mermaids/unicorns and all things Elemental and Other Worldly…She has had numerous prophetic premonitions – usually about death, which so far despite a few close shaves she has escaped. She came to believe in reincarnation in her mid-twenties when her old horse Red made a re-appearance, this time as a palomino called Hooray Henry.”

In one post on website The Soul Matrix from 2017 Ms Hughes said: “I have just come to truly realise that my purpose is to raise consciousness here on earth - I originated from Sirius.”

Ms Hughes has also faced questions from Leave activists in Batley and Spen, with Jonathan Scott - who said he ran Vote Leave campaigns in Dewsbury and Batley and Spen - questioning who Ms Hughes was on her official campaign Facebook page.

He said: “No one I have spoken to even at Brexit Party events have ever mentioned your name?”

But Ms Hughes said it was now less important that PPCs lived in their would-be constituencies. She said: “We live in a Global-Digital world now-geographical locations are less and less relevant.”"

“I am intensely proud to be a Yorkshire lass regardless and will do my utmost for my constituents.”

"It also urges Ministers to be far more specific about their plans to attract more funding from the pirate sector as concerns persist about the low-key approach being pursued by Theresa Villiers, Boris Johnson’s odd choice to be Environment Secretary.

More than 100 days into her post, she’s done very little to impress farmers – and she’s certainly done nothing to convince people living in coastal towns, areas with above-average levels of deprivation, that she’s on their side and understands the relevant issues.

As such, there is, perhaps, a strong case to be made for a dedicated Minister for the Coast to be appointed in the next government to ensure that the country’s once cherished resorts are not left all at sea by Defra’s current political indifference and inertia.

A failure by successive governments to put in place robust plans to combat erosion, and help protect resorts from rising sea levels as a consequence of climate change, makes it harder to attract the jobs and investment that towns like Scarborough, Bridlington, Whitby and Hornsea desperately need."

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Free Parking

"The candidates who have been nominated to stand for the Scarborough and Whitby Constituency in the forthcoming General Election on Thursday 12 December are:

  • Lee Derrick – Yorkshire Party: Speaking up for Yorkshire
  • Hugo Fearnley – Labour Party
  • Robert Goodwill – The Conservative Party
  • Robert Lockwood – Liberal Democrats

The full details of those standing can be found via the ‘General elections’ link at "

"As for the chief architect, I have already explained that she should shut her mouth," General Georgelin snapped, prompting gasps from those at the meeting, AFP news agency reported.

He later said that all involved ought to "move ahead in wisdom so that we can serenely make the best choice for Notre Dame, for Paris, for the world".

A final decision on the spire would be settled on in 2021, she added."

Never, Mind...


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'Hello from Earth'

"The party would nationalise part of BT to deliver the policy and introduce a tax on tech giants to help pay for it.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell told the BBC the "visionary" £20bn plan would "ensure that broadband reaches the whole of the country".

The Amused.

"But we've been broadcasting our existence since the 1930s, haven't we? Television transmissions from every city go into space every day, blanketing the whole sky as the Earth turns."