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"“This is a hugely important project for the North East of England and it’s great to see so much involvement from the local community, this is going to be such a boost for the local economy,” he said.

“The scale of the project is extraordinary. There are not many projects in Europe bigger than this. It’s not just the scale of the project which is important but the thought that’s gone into it, too. All the elements of engineering are coming together for this statement project.”

A spokesperson for Sirius Minerals said: “We’re proud of the innovative, low-impact sustainable design of our project, as well as the jobs and economic benefits that it is bringing to the area.”"


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"No one can predict when or where a rock fall will happen, nor how big the debris will be."

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"... just think how incredibly, incredibly lucky Sirius is to have found polyhalite under the North Yorkshire Moors rather than in the middle of nowhere in North Dakota or northern West Australia?
Not only are there people looking for jobs - there are skilled workers - it takes years to become a skilled welder or fitter - Sirius can just retrain them in weeks - and they are going to be permanent employees because they don't have to uproot there families and move hundreds of miles to get the job.
Then there's the cultural thing -like shift working-and redundant office/shop workers are not used to hours of physical work (looking round my allotment site is proof of that) And that's just English cultural differences - you are setting up in some third world spot - no electricity - no water - no prob - dig a well, hire a generator - right, until some local who doesn't understand English and has never seen mains electricity goes and electrocutes themselves (yes - it's happened to me )
Then there's the managers/specialists would they prefer to bring there families to a scenic bit of Yorkshire or have to fly down to Perth every couple of weeks just to see the kids?
In the seventies I was involved with projects in third world locations - I would have loved to ship a TBM from Germany and find a guy with heavy moving gear two miles up river in Redcar. Want 3000 tons of steel construction? - there's a firm just 30 minutes away can do that for you - amazing!! Finance? - London is the world leader and only four hours away.
Make no mistake this project is going ahead as smoothly as it is because of where it is and because of the people...."

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It is Lockwood Beck that makes this a 50mpta pa ... give a TBM or two ;-)    Oooh I feel a bit of Madge coming on ...

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