The Moor The Merrier?

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"A body which manages North York Moors National park is set to send the Government an unequivocal message that some types of fracking must not be granted the same planning leeway as home extensions.

Members of the North York Moors National Park Authority will meet next week to consider its formal response to a consultation announced in May by Business Secretary Greg Clark to help create “the world’s most environmentally robust onshore shale gas sector”.  Mr Clark said steps such as treating non-hydraulic fracturing shale gas exploration schemes as “permitted development”  could streamline the “disappointingly slow” planning process by enabling firms to bypass the need for permission from local planning authorities.

The consultation states any non-hydraulic fracturing – the process of fracturing rock at depth to release gas deposits without the use of fluid pressure – development permitted in this way would still be required to receive consents from the Environment Agency, Health and Safety Executive and the Oil and Gas Authority.

Petrochemicals giant Ineos, which earlier this year refused to rule out planning to frack under the North York Moors, has warned the Government delays in exploiting shale gas is causing Britain to become overly-dependent on imports from Russia and the Middle East.

However, environmentalists have claimed steps outlined in the Government’s consultation, which is due to close on October 25, were akin to “trampling over democracy”.  Meanwhile,  it has been reported at least 20 bankbench Conservative MPs  are willing “to destroy the government’s majority” if ministers seek to push the proposal through parliament.

An officer’s report to the national park authority suggests its response to the Government should be that “a balance needs to be struck between timely decision-making and the need for appropriate scrutiny of development proposals at a local level”.

It warns that the Government’s intention not to apply a new permitted development right in national parks “may not be maintained” and that such schemes outside the national park boundary could give rise to potential impacts within it.

The officer’s report also questions the rationale behind giving permitted development rights to non-hydraulic fracturing.

The document states:

“In terms of the potential for impacts on the environment and local amenity, there is no expectation that exploratory drilling for shale gas would give rise to lesser potential for impacts than exploratory drilling for other forms of hydrocarbons.”"


"Three anti-fracking activists are thought to have become the first environmental campaigners to be jailed for a protest in the UK since 1932.

Simon Roscoe Blevins, 26, and Richard Roberts, 36, were sentenced to 16 months in prison and Richard Loizou, 31, to 15 months on Wednesday after being convicted of causing a public nuisance by a jury at Preston crown court in August. Another defendant, Julian Brock, 47, was given a 12-month suspended sentence after pleading guilty to the same offence.

The four men were charged after taking part in a four-day direct action protest that blocked a convoy of trucks carrying drilling equipment from entering the Preston New Road fracking site near Blackpool.

A hearing at Preston crown court heard how the men would become the first environmental activists to receive jail sentences for a protest in the UK since the mass trespass on Kinder Scout in the Peak District in 1932, which marked the beginning of the right-to-roam movement..."

"The site near Preston New Road has been a focal point for protests since the government overturned a decision by Lancashire county council and gave the energy firm Cuadrilla consent to extract shale gas at two wells on the site in October 2016. More than 300 protesters have been arrested since Cuadrilla began constructing a fracking pad at the site in January 2017.  The company has said that fracking is likely to start in the next few weeks, confirming on Monday that 28 lorries had brought fracking equipment to the site...

"Kirsty Brimelow QC, the head of the international human rights team at Doughty St Chambers, representing Roberts on a pro-bono basis, told the judge it had been a peaceful and political protest. She said the right to freedom of speech went beyond “simply standing and shouting” and extended to non-violent direct action.

Brimelow said the fact that central government had overturned the local council to reject Cuadrilla’s fracking application demonstrated that “political process has been exhausted”.

She said the men were “principled people with genuine and deeply held beliefs”, adding: “It is relevant that there is a huge amount of scientific study that points to the damage of increasing climate emissions.” She pointed to intergovernmental climate panel findings that climate change would displace 75 million people by 2035 and lead to the extinction of one in four species by 2050.

Brimelow added that the judge should bear in mind that “there has been no environmental protester sentenced to jail since 1932”. Activists have been given jail sentences for breaking injunctions and contempt of court, but not for the act of protesting."

"Cuadrilla was awarded 18 new exploration licences, as part of the UK Government’s 14th Round for onshore oil and gas licences. These onshore oil and gas exploration licences, stretch across the Cleveland Basin in East Yorkshire and Gainsborough Trough in South Yorkshire. All the licences total approximately 1274km² in area."

Current activity in these new exploration licence areas is centred on desktop studies. This will give Cuadrilla a very detailed understanding on the geology deep underneath the licence areas, helping to assess where exploration sites can subsequently be located.

"The Bowland Licence ("PEDL 165") covers an area of approximately 1,064km in Lancashire, the United Kingdom. The Elswick Licence ("EXL 269") covers an area of 54.5km , which is fully surrounded by the Bowland Licence. Cuadrilla is the Operator of both licences.

These licences target what the British Geological Survey refers to as the “Bowland Shale” which spans right across the UK from Liverpool in the West to York in the East. This Bowland Shale presents what we see as attractive attributes for ultimate commercialisation as follows:

Over 1,000m thickness of shales and associated lithologies identified within the region;

  • Bowland shale can and has been fractured;

  • The shale strata are located several thousand feet below the level of aquifers; 

  • Close to pipeline infrastructure: UK’s extensive pipeline network has potential to facilitate cost efficient distribution of gas produced from the Bowland shale; and

  • Potential for export of excess gas.

Cuadrilla currently has eight sites within these licences, of which one is currently operational."

AJ Lucas 47% owners of Cuadrilla can be found at:

Emirates House, Lvl 22, 167 Eagle Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

& Lvl 6, 1 Elizabeth Plaza, Sidney NSW 2060 tel (07) 9490 4000

Once more to the bridge?



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Neone Conomics

"There be more bicycles, but there are also more planes. It doesn’t matter how many good things we do: preventing climate breakdown means ceasing to do bad things. Given that economic growth, in nations that are already rich enough to meet the needs of all, requires an increase in pointless cconsumption it is hard to see how it can ever be decoupled from the assault on the living planet..."


"The government has spent two years and £40,000 of taxpayers’ money trying to hide how little the Northern Powerhouse minister visited the north of England in his role, in what one prominent northern figure called “a blatant disregard for the principles of democratic accountability”.

"A 505-page report released by Neoen this month ahead of an initial public offering suggested the battery cost around $90 million, at the current exchange rate... 

"It actually costs taxpayers' money. There's a cost of $4-5 million a year to have the battery in place... the battery was on track to "make revenues of about $25-26 million in its first year".

"We don't know what the profit margin of that is but we can probably estimate it's a fair profit margin," he said."


"Neoen remains in control of the remaining 30 per cent of the battery's output as well the majority of the battery's 129 megawatt-hour storage.

Neoen can use it to make money by charging the battery when power prices are low, then provide to the electricity market when wholesale prices are high."

"The worst denial is not the claim that this existential crisis isn’t happening. It is the failure to talk about it at all. Not talking about our greatest predicament, even as it starts to bite, requires a constant and determined effort. Taken as a whole (of course there are exceptions), the media are a threat to humanity. They claim to speak on our behalf, but they either speak against us or do not speak at all."


"Let’s be embarrassing. Let’s break the silence, however uncomfortable it makes us and others feel. Let’s talk about the great unmentionables: not just climate breakdown, but also growth and consumerism. Let’s create the political space in which well-intentioned parties can act. Let us talk a better world into being."

"It is of course disappointing that the minister charged with the Northern Powerhouse spent so little time in the area getting to understand what’s important to the people, communities and businesses of the north.

“But the attempts to thwart access to information about the work of the Northern Powerhouse minister show a blatant disregard for the principles of democratic accountability.

“The government need to use this as an opportunity to build a much more robust system of transparency and accountability, so that voters in the north can have confidence that the government are really serious and committed to supporting northern leaders to build a better future for the north.”


"Bats do not like draughts, and prefer well insulated boxes where temperature and humidity remain constant. They also need a rough textured wood to cling to. The wood should not be treated because bats are very sensitive to chemicals. A ‘bat ladder’ or other landing area that leads to an entry slit wide enough to admit bats, but narrow enough to keep out predators is also essential, usually 15 – 20 mm. Once up, a bat box cannot be opened legally without a licence. For more information on bats and the law call the Bat Helpline (0345 1300 228)...

Bats need time to find and explore new homes, and it may be several months or even years before boxes have residents – be patient!"

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28 Hours A Day

"..Time and carbon budgets are running out. By mid-century, a shift to the lower goal would require a supercharged roll-back of emissions sources that have built up over the past 250 years.

The IPCC maps out four pathways to achieve 1.5C, with different combinations of land use and technological change. Reforestation is essential to all of them as are shifts to electric transport systems and greater adoption of carbon capture technology..."


"Over a three-week period, there were only 18 minutes when all 33 tribe members were asleep simultaneously. The scientists behind the work concluded that fitful sleep could be an ancient survival mechanism designed to guard against nocturnal threats.

The main difference appeared to be that tribe members were unburdened by paranoia and anxiety about sleep problems, which area common cause of concern in western countries."

"... the little black bat is thought to sleep for 19 hours each day"

'The only known function of sheep is to cure sheepiness'


The Walking Dead, moi?

I'll be baaaarch.


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A Green Light

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Quash the 'Excessive'

"Three protesters jailed for blocking access to a fracking site have had their sentences quashed ...

Sir Ian Burnett, the lord chief justice, said: “We have concluded that an immediate custodial sentence in the case of these defendants was manifestly excessive.

“In our judgment the appropriate sentence was a community order with a significant requirement of unpaid work. But these appellants have been in custody now for two weeks, the equivalent of a six-week prison sentence. As a result, and only for that reason, we’ve concluded that the only appropriate sentence is a conditional discharge.”

WTF is an 'appellant'?

Oh.   Shoes. 

Shoo Shoo ...

"a substance used to treat something, especially fabric or stone, so as to make it impervious to water."

Well, there ya go ;-0


There used to be a knicker factory in Scardiborg ... can't think why.

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Black Cat At Large

"The iconic Sagrada Familia basilica in Barcelona has agreed to pay €36m (£31m) to authorities after going without a building permit for more than 130 years.

Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi's famous building has been under construction for 136 years - but with no official oversight or permit from either the local council or regional government.

The cathedral is also not listed in the property registry and since 1995 has only been marked as an empty plot belonging to the diocese of Barcelona, according to Spanish newspaper El Pais.

In 2015, the construction board and Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau began negotiating to regulate the building and licence payments.

Over the next decade, the basilica's money will fund improvements to public transport and access to the monument, as well as assisting the local neighbourhood.

By next year, its status should become regularised, the mayor said.

"Today, the Sagrada Familia and [Barcelona city council] signed an agreement to begin the procedures to obtain the works licence of the Antoni Gaudi project," the basilica's Twitter account posted.

El Pais report that the lack of oversight has seen some building anomalies, including where eight columns were found to have been built up to 50cm across the pavement in 2007.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site is due to be completed in 2026, a hundred years after the death of its architect.

It attracts 4.5 million annual visitors - an average of 12,000 people a day."

Aye, thats funni.

Odd Bods

Mind, even the Beebs gone all Tarot ;')

"Some locals on Facebook saw a funny side to the news, joking it could be part of filming for a sequel to the Marvel movie Black Panther and sharing clips from the film."

Resistance is ?


"Cats, based on TS Eliot's Old Possum's Book Of Practical Cats, is one of the longest-running shows in West End and Broadway history, premiering at the New London Theatre in 1981.

Dame Judi, 83, was set to play Grizabella in the original West End production, but had to withdraw from the show after snapping her Achilles tendon.

It played at that London venue, now known as the Gillian Lynne Theatre, for 21 years and almost 9,000 performances.

The musical score, composed by Lloyd Webber, includes the song Memory, which has been recorded by more than 150 artists including Barbra Streisand and Barry Manilow."

The Naughty.


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Fracking @ Cuadrilla Suspended

"Fracking has been suspended at a site in Lancashire after the British Geological Survey (BGS) recorded an earthquake of 0.8 magnitude.

Drilling for shale gas at Preston New Road in Little Plumpton was given the green light on 15 October, despite strong opposition.

Energy firm Cuadrilla said it would halt fracking operations for 18 hours.

A spokesman said the "tiny movements" could not be felt "much less cause any harm or damage".

The seismic activity was detected by the BGS at about 12:36 BST and is classed as a "red" event on the traffic light monitoring system regulated by the Oil and Gas Authority.

Any tremor measuring 0.5 or above means fracking must be temporarily stopped while tests are carried out.

A spokesman for Cuadrilla said: "It is reassuring that the monitoring and traffic light system is working as it should.

"All the relevant regulators were informed without delay and we have verified that the well integrity is intact.

"As per the hydraulic fracture plan in place at Preston New Road, work will now pause for at least 18 hours and is expected to recommence on Saturday morning."

Comment of the week :

"Come On Egan, Frack a little harder ..."

Oh, OK:

“Remember my friend, that knowledge is stronger than memory, and we should not trust the weaker”
Bram Stoker"

Ah, so ...

"Come on Egan, get your pumps fired up. Lets see it shoot past 0.5."

Oh Go on  then

About that Buffer Zone ..


Dark Dreams


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Fascinating facts about Cellos...

"... every time the planets' orbits line up favorably."

"The ludicrous trust placed in Musk or Jeff Bezos or even Bill Gates derives from the fact we don’t really know what to do with the planet’s billionaires, who are richer by several orders of magnitude than Gilded Age titans like Andrew Carnegie. The obvious answer would be to tax them, but our stunning failure to do so is forcing us to insist they’re just perfect for the role of saviours. It’s difficult to think of a worse casting decision, except maybe that Bond movie where Denise Richards plays a nuclear physicist."

"A cello has to be in an area where it is not going to be cracked and destroyed forever by pressure changes, and hence has to be in the cabin. The owners must surely have known this. A cello is not a toy. It is a work of art in itself, could be a priceless musical instrument. However much they paid for their tickets they should have paid the same for the cello. I don't know about the people but as a music performance graduate who loves the cello I know a cello could never be put in the hold."

"The full word is violoncello, but when speaking, people normally call it the “cello”. A person who plays the cello is called a “cellist”. The cello is a very popular instrument. It belongs to the string family."

"“It offended upper-class people because they were the ones behaving badly in the book. It wasn’t about poor working people,”"


"Rebecca Long-Bailey, Emily Thornberry, Sir Keir Starmer, Lisa Nandy and Jess Phillips will all make their pitch to the party faithful.

The hustings is the first in a series of events across the country before the next leader is elected on 4 April."

The World is not Enuff ? pah.

A Digital Detox

"Think of a double bass rasping "duh-nuh, duh-nuh" as Jaws approaches, or the screeching violins of Psycho as terror strikes.

There's something visceral about their sound, which can make your hair stand on end during a horrifying film sequence.

In Joker, the cello conveys the inner turmoil of Joaquin Phoenix's character Arthur Fleck, as he contorts into a murderous clown."

"Eating pickled vegetables and using talcum powder are classed in the same category."

"Notices convening the Court Meeting and the General Meeting, to be held at Honourable Artillery Company, Armoury House, City Road, London, EC1Y 2BQ, on 3 March 2020, are set out in the Scheme Document. The Court Meeting is scheduled to commence at 11.00 a.m. and the General Meeting is scheduled to commence at 11.15 a.m. (or as soon thereafter as the Court Meeting is concluded or adjourned)."

I'll be Bach.


Storage & Disposal

"The start-up is building a mega-constellation in the sky to deliver broadband internet to all corners of the globe...

OneWeb CEO Adrian Steckel says his start-up has nothing to fear from these "100lb gorillas".

"I think they're going to do great; we're going to do great," he told BBC News.

"There's room for three or four of us. The world is a big place and the appetite for data is insatiable. This won't be a game of 'winner takes all'."


"All this raises an interesting question: why isn’t it creepy for you to know when the next bus is due, but it is creepy for the bus company to know that you’re waiting for a bus?

It all comes down to whether you are a sensor – or a thing to be sensed. In the “internet of things,” we’re promised technology that will allow us to project our will on to our surroundings, changing our lighting or unlocking our doors or adjusting our thermostats from anywhere in the world. But anyone who’s used these technologies for more than a few minutes quickly starts to suspect that they are also a thing, just another thing to be sensed and acted upon from a distance, generally by unaccountable algorithms seeking to corral us into altering our conduct to maximise returns to their manufacturers’ shareholders..."

"While we’re imagining a city that is instrumented to measure things but not people, try imagining a mobile device that gathers data about its user, but doesn’t ever share that data with anyone, ever. Its backups are encrypted to a passphrase that only the user knows, and it jealously guards the data about its use from the vendors who supply its apps. This device knows everywhere you go, it knows what you buy, it knows whom you talk to and how long and maybe even what about. In other words, it is extremely similar to the device you’re carrying around right now – with the vital difference that it keeps what it learns about you private."

"Cory Doctorow is an activist, science fiction author and co-editor of the blog Boing Boing. He is also a special advisor to the Electronic Frontier Foundation."

An Air Net.

"Kind of astonishing that 70s space tech that is 11.5 billion miles away from home is still talking to us. The Voyager 2 ran into trouble in late January and became unresponsive."


"Of course, we all know what's really going to happen to at least one of these probes. It's going to be picked up by a highly-evolved machine race and turned into the heart of a vast killer plasma cloud that will return to our solar system and try to destroy Earth."


A Moors Special

"So why not start a series of individually petty fights with the journalists tasked with covering every move of the UK's politics for the four-and-a-half year term of this government?"

"So much moor to explore…

The North York Moors is a special place and so we are looking for a special person to lead our Authority and champion our National Park for current and future generations.

National Parks and protected landscapes have never been more important for our country. They protect fragile habitats and species; provide wonderful landscapes for recreation, as well as being places where people live and work, and where cultural heritage is significant.

Passionate about the role of National Parks, our Chief Executive will need to be able to build great relationships with everyone who has an interest in our work and have a strong understanding of the interactions between farming, forestry and cultural and natural assets.

Whilst the primary focus of the role will be local, you will also be confident engaging nationally, whether that is in front of the media discussing major local planning issues or responding to the dynamic policy environment influencing the way we use our natural resources.

You’ll need to be an inspirational leader, both of the people who work for the Authority, but also in engaging people in support of the National Park.

Commercially astute, you will also need to be confident managing complex budgets and be creative and innovative as you secure maximum value from our limited resources.

If you understand why the North York Moors is such a special place, and want to help us make sure that it is used and cared for in ways that will maintain it for future generations, we want to hear from you.

To find out more, please contact Julie Myers on 07595 779915, Emma Dove on 0113 205 6108 or Michael Dobson on 020 7426 3968 at our recruitment partners GatenbySanderson for an informal discussion.

If you are interested, we would love to hear from you"


AKA ... not missed much...