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I was just gonna say how Whitby has to be celebrated as the most tolerant place in Yorkshire.  Then up pops a divisive poll followed by harsh words from Bob and even the local RNLI are all having a pop. 

As Brexit continues to break backs on the back of Aunty Austerity some things bite.  Frankly tis all getting rather rip roaring (boring) other than it is almost a century on from the end of WWI (google it)

Europe must be laughing it's socks off.  

It seems a healthy time to look beyond the borders of Blighty:

"Google the term "millennials are…" and one of the first suggested searches is "millennials are lazy".

But the latest employment data suggests the opposite may actually be the case, with many struggling with exploitation and lack of opportunity .."



Ah, so ...


Oh, OK:


Erm ...


Not quite working is it.


"We are in the midst of a global transformation, the painful construction of a globalised market economy. It is a delicate moment, when growing inequalities and insecurities are threatening long-nurtured enlightenment values...

"As commentators and politicians are learning, the precariat is profoundly different, in experience and outlook, from the proletariat that long dominated their imagery. The outcome of globalisation, a technological revolution and reforms promoting “labour flexibility,” the precariat suffers from pervasive insecurity, which makes it a dangerous class..."





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Lamb Chops

"We're a bit of a fiddly looking shaped country, a bit like a half-eaten lamb chop," Darby tells Ms Ardern in the video.

"Perhaps people are just leaving us off, thinking we're a mistake?"

He adds that the conspiracy is "bigger than the moon landing and the Loch Ness combined".

Darby surmises that Australia wants to steal their tourists, England plans to get rid of the All Blacks rugby team and the French are jealous of the Kiwi wine industry.

New Zealand has been left off maps including at The Smithsonian Natural History Museum, Central Park Zoo, Starbucks and Ikea."





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Clock Watch

"The "Eta Aquariid" meteor shower can be seen between late April and May every year, and is expected to be at peak visibility over the bank holiday weekend.

Meteoroids from Halley's Comet strike the Earth's atmosphere at roughly 150,000 miles per hour (240,000kph) and burn up in the process.

They are named Eta Aquariid because they appear to emerge from the star constellation of Aquarius, which sits above the southern hemisphere."


"The more junk we have in space, the more difficult it will be ultimately to engage in space activities, because once something is in space it's there for a long time, and it's travelling at very fast speeds.

"So even if it's a really tiny object, its kinetic energy is such that if it collides with something it will destroy it."


"At 23:30 local time (15:00 GMT) on Friday the North Korea's clocks moved forward 30 minutes to midnight."

hmmm ...


"... muon tomography, is a geological equivalent of medical X-ray imaging, and an alternative to seismic surveys. Funded by Premier Oil, this technology is of interest in a number of areas including containment monitoring in carbon capture and storage sites, where we could lock away excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to help alleviate climate change.

The mine tunnels extend over 1000 kilometres underground, with 40 kilometres being dug every year. As Boulby is on the coast, some of those tunnels are under the sea. An early demonstrator for this project will involve a muon detector placed in one of those submarine tunnels, to show the technique is capable of tracking the tiny overburden changes due to the ebb and flow of the tides many hundreds of metres above."



Thats a lot of tomatoes...

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Cult Status

"Egyptian authorities have finished their quest to discover a secret chamber in the tomb of Tutankhamun - concluding that it does not exist.

Previously, officials said they were "90% sure" of a hidden room behind the wall of the boy king's famous 3,000-year-old tomb..."


"I just want to settle in, get organised, then deport my parents!"

"you're better than this"

"Sajid, on reflection I think the cartoon is too personal and in poor taste. I have deleted it. I am sorry," Lord Adonis wrote."



"The universe is an egg and the moon isn't real: notes from a Flat Earth conference.."

"He paused for a moment.

“That’s interesting”, he said, “I’ll have to think about that”.






The annoying bit ;-0




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Tour de Point


"After the near-miss he composed himself and took his place again because he "knew the riders were coming and I had a job to do".

He said: "But I do want it investigated, I don't want something like this to ever happen again and it to lead to someone getting killed."

A spokesperson for Welcome to Yorkshire - one of the organisers of the race - said it had "launched an immediate investigation to determine the facts of exactly what happened"...

"It felt like it was in slow motion and it was sheer luck the car missed," he said.

Mr Sullivan said he had watched a video of his near-miss and worried about the driver of the car.

The Luxembourg-based Astana team said it was "deeply sorry" and has telephoned Mr Sullivan.

its cos he's from Yorkshire innit.

Tour de Horrendous?  Far too much fun in the sun  ... anyone would think they had it all planned ... just to annoy Whitby.





Whitby the Luxembourg of Yorkshire?




Hi Ho Hi Ho ...




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Hawaii Five Oh

"From high up you really get a sense of the scale of these vast lava flows. They've simply carved through the land, some of them merging, some of them moving at 300 meters per hour.

On the ground, this volatility is creating new problems by the hour. Lava is advancing on a geothermal power plant next to the evacuated area of Leilani Estates.

Efforts have been made to use cold water to reduce the risk of lava mixing with the chemicals inside it, but there is concern that soon there might be another dangerous gas to contend with, and possibly more evacuations.

At a pop up community centre next to a national guard road block, locals gather to exchange information, pick up supplies and get a hot meal..."

"Sirius Minerals’ production: ‘From Woodsmith to the World’ has run since February and has now entered its final month, finishing on May 30.

It has been hailed a success by the museum, which has reported increased footfall of 36 per cent during the three-month exhibition compared to the same period in 2017.

Visitors have had the opportunity to learn about the geological and mining history of the local area, as well as information about the design, construction and operation of the mine.

The exhibition also explains how the company’s fertilizer product will help farmers around the world increase crop yields to feed a growing global population.

“There has been a significant amount of interest generated in the area by our project,” says Matt Parsons, External Affairs General Manager for Sirius.

“We want to give people the opportunity to find out about how we are developing the mine and the benefits that it will bring to the local community. It is important that local businesses and communities benefit, so we’re delighted to have played a part in the increased footfall at the museum.”

Oh, OK:






Thou must not scratch ...


Best not mention Sandwich ;-)

Ohm Ohm Ohm

The Troglodytes

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The Houchen Watch



Good Question?

“over 100 expressions of interest from global companies”

Hmmm ...

"...more banquets at the Riverside and little else"


"Did you all know the Gazette is going out of business within a week or two. Not sure about on line"




"What do you mean " If he fought for us to be part of Yorkshire again" since when did we ever cease to be in Yorkshire?"

Pigs in Blankets?

"They give us all two fingers...and then use the same two fingers to count their money from the vast salaries and expenses we give them."




Mind, it would cost more to build a house in Tees Valley than buy one ...

Ah, so ;-0

"Good morning from Thailand! Just arrived at the British Embassy in Bangkok for meetings with the three banks who own the former SSI site. We need the land to start development so I’m hoping for a positive set of discussions."

Break a leg ...


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Sirius & Construction Village

"The company behind the Woodsmith mine near Whitby is holding a local jobs fair.

Sirius Minerals has joined forces with the borough council and Scarborough Construction Skills Village to offer regular job information 

The events are open to anyone who is interested in gaining employment in the construction phase of Sirius Minerals’ polyhalite project, and are a chance to find out more about the types of roles that will be on offer. 

Representatives from Sirius and its contractors will be on hand to provide information about the jobs that will be coming up and how to apply for them.

They will be joined by staff from the Scarborough Construction Skills Village who can offer bespoke training or skills support and advice.

The first North Yorkshire information session will take place on Wednesday 6 June from 4.00pm – 7.00pm at Whitby Pavilion Complex. 

Councillor Derek Bastiman from Scarborough Borough Council, said:

“Sirius is already employing local people, engaging businesses from the area and making a difference to the local economy.

We are delighted to be working together with them to promote the thousands of good quality jobs that will be available to the residents of the Borough.” ..."



Baldrick, I have an ... 

Don't Ask.


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Pravda & Mowgli

"Elon Musk, the billionaire who has ambitions to colonize Mars and whose companies make electric vehicles and rockets, spent part of his Wednesday criticizing an already beleaguered and much-maligned group of humans on Earth..."

"Problem is journos are under constant pressure to get max clicks & earn advertising dollars or get fired. Tricky situation, as Tesla doesn’t advertise, but fossil fuel companies & gas/diesel car companies are among world’s biggest advertisers.




"STDC will buy the site, meaning talks with potential investors can begin in earnest.

The agreement will “significantly” speed up the regeneration efforts at the massive site, getting spades in the ground sooner than was previously thought.

The corporation had previously announced it was starting a Compulsory Purchase Order process as a “plan B” to take back control.

But a priority had always been to secure a deal rather than use CPO, to speed up the process."



"“I look forward to seeing the detail of what has been agreed with the Thai banks and trust that any costs will be covered by the Government, rather than being borne by local people.”"

Ah, so ... The Borne Legacy ;-0


Last time I looked India were signing contracts with the Ruskies.

Please correct me if I am wrong ;-)


A Proper Cat.

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A Grizzly 'Guest'


"...the 400 billion tons of potash deposits in Thailand are among the world's largest. Potash deposits are usually found in the Northeast provinces such as Chaiyaphum, Udon Thani, Khon Kaen, Sakon Nakhon, and Nakhon Ratchasima. Moreover, these deposits are of high quality. For instance, the sylvite potash commonly found in Udon Thani is one of the best types for manufacturing potassium fertilizers. In addition, potash in Thailand can be found only 150-300 meters under the ground surface, making the mining cost much lower than many places in the world where potash mines are more than 1,000 meters underground. Despite its high potential, potash mining in Thailand is largely halted by strong public resistance."

In the words of Bingo "they don't need our help"








"State wildlife experts said they have been unable to pinpoint its species.

After inspecting the creature, they said they doubt it's a wolf as its teeth were too short, front paws abnormally small and claws too large."

Bizarre theories have circulated online that it could be a werewolf, a young grizzly bear or a relative of Bigfoot."


Old Beans :

"On November 19, 1969, Bean and Apollo 12 commander Charles “Pete” Conrad landed on the Ocean of Storms.

During two moonwalks Bean helped deploy several surface experiments and installed the first nuclear-powered generator station on the moon..."


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Ground Control & Virgo





"The Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co Ltd has delivered a 20,000-TEU ultra-large container ship (ULCS), the company said.

The ship, named the Cosco Shipping Virgo, is 399.8 meters long and 58.6 meters wide. It has a maximum capacity of 200,000 metric tons. It measures 73 meters from hull bottom to top.

The ship was delivered to China COSCO Shipping Corporation Ltd and will be used for shipping lanes between the Middle East and Europe.

It is the third new ship the Shanghai shipbuilder has delivered in May after finishing two 400,000-ton very large ore carriers (VLOC), the company said.

There are 79 container ships above 19,000 TEU worldwide, and 50 more are still under construction. China State Shipbuilding Corporation Ltd, Waigaoqiao's parent company, has 17 orders, about a third of the global total.

Earlier this year, Waigaoqiao delivered the Cosco Shipping Taurus, also a 20,000-TEU container ship, to COSCO Shipping."


Ah, so ...




Flaming Google :


"I'm really impatient to learn about this saturday's fire cause.
It's not the first time that a major fire destroyed an area in a German theme park, and elsewhere.
It's not just the inflamable material used that constitutes a problem. We could say, lack of compartmentalisation and poor electrical engineering (apart from human interference) is weighing in a lot.
As a designer, I'm always keen to learn from disasters. The theory of fire prevention sometimes is insufficient."

Good Question.

Found it.


"Jora Vision specializes in Theme Park Design & Master Planning with experience in working for some of the biggest entertainment brands in the world. For us, theme parks, with their unique ability to immerse guests into worlds of escapism and fun, are the pinnacle of entertainment design. We take fun seriously ..."


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Supercharged Free Sports


"He hit out at decision-makers over the winning bidder, German firm Siemens Mobility, which will now have to build a new factory in East Yorkshire in order to build the trains.

Mr Wilson said: "I will be meeting with Hitachi to discuss this further and I will be writing to Sadiq Khan about the awarding of this to a company that doesn't even have a factory built yet.

"I want to know why it's gone to a company that hasn't even built a factory yet when we've got two train builders in the country which employ 3,000 people together.

"There is a skilled workforce and a state-of-the-art factory that is open and ready for business here."

Hitachi and Derby train-maker Bombardier submitted their joint-venture bid for the scheme in September 2016.

In a statement from Transport for London, it claims the Siemens Mobility factory would employ up to 700 people plus up to an additional 250 people during the construction phase of the factory.

As a result, around 1,700 indirect jobs would be created throughout the UK supply chain.

But Mr Wilson is unhappy that the move will see the more than 1,000 skilled workers at Hitachi - and the estimated 6,000 in the supply chain - miss out on a significant opportunity..."




“With a number of stores in the region, we are sure this newest store will be a huge success with our shoppers and we would like to wish the team the best of luck.”


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Hissing Sid


tis not as funny as  Portillo hanging from the Toronto Tower ...




"He said ministers had announced "a preferred position", but "have not yet adopted a position" on fracking from a legal standpoint.

And he insisted the decision-making process would not end until environmental impact studies are finished in October.

In his written judgement, Lord Penfold backed the Scottish government's position that there is not currently a legally enforceable ban on fracking.

The judge said: "Whilst acknowledging that there have been a number of ministerial statements to the effect that there is an effective ban, the lord advocate, on behalf of the Scottish ministers, made it clear to the court that such statements were mistaken and did not accurately reflect the legal position.

"The stance of the Scottish government before the court is that there is no legally enforceable prohibition.

"I consider that the government's legal position is soundly based and that there is indeed no prohibition against fracking in force at the present time."

Lord Penfold added that the present position was "an emerging and unfinalised planning policy", and that there was therefore "no basis on which the court should interfere"."





Ah, so ...




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Bingo & The Mount


"12:07pm 22nd June 2018

Scarborough MP Robert Goodwill has been having his say on the situation at Oliver's Mount.

It's after the council said last week it was looking for a new partner to run motorbike racing at the circuit.

Two events have been cancelled this year, due to governing body the Auto Cycling Union having concerns about safety at the track.

This morning we heard from the boss of the Auto 66 Club, Peter Hillaby, who says safety measures have been met.

But the council says that's not true.

Robert Goodwill MP, who's President of the Club, said:

"The ACU seem to have been moving the targets a little bit and I think it's been very frustrating for the Auto 66 Club.

But I do hope that, whoever run s the races there and hopefully it can be the Auto 66 Club, can get the investment needed to put in the safety measures - because if you take your family to watch the racing at Oliver's Mount, you need to be sure that the very best safety measures are in place."

Selective engineering ;-)





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Bingo at the Flicks

"We've long been short of s decent mulitplex cinema. There are cinemas in Scarborough but a lot of people I speak to will go as far as York to visit the cinema. 

So it's great that's going ahead and it's looking like work could start in the autumn and we could have the cinema there at some point in 2019. 

That will be a great resource."

And he also believes it makes sense to reduce the number of screens from the original seven:

"Well I think that reflects the economics of running a cinema in a place such as Scarborough. 

There are a lot of days in the winter where it might be more difficult to fill all those screens.

But I am pleased now that they're looking at local restaurateurs, rather than national franchises coming in."



"But, as with the North bay cinema, Chief Executive of developers Benchmark Leisure Roland Duce, says they've had to adjust their original plans:

"The original brief was to be a whole story higher than it is. We have had to now reduce the number of stories by one and increase the footprint a little bit in order to not lose any bedrooms. 

But the result is that it sits a lot better in terms of the waterpark on one side and the very attractive pub beside it. "

And Roland believes that B&B and smaller hotel owners shouldn't worry:

"The reality, undoubtedly I think, is that the sort of people who go to a Premier Inn are not the sort of people who go to a small hotel or a Bed and Breakfast.

There are some people who wouldn't dream of going to a Premier Inn, they would only go to a Bed and Breakfast.

So the reverse is true and I'm quite confident that there's room for everybody."


Wot like Flamingoland at the Sands ...




"Would it be too much to ask that senior members of the Cabinet behave like grown-ups, discuss serious issues in a serious way, and avoid running to the papers with childish threats or swearing at foreign dignitaries?"

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Marsh Lane

Ineos Judicial Review :



We are the bored...




Ooops that was far too exciting ;-0


Newdigate's second tremor in a week..

"This is the first-ever detection of complex organics coming from an extraterrestrial water world," Mr Postberg said.

“Complex organic molecules do not necessarily provide a habitable environment, but on the other hand they are a necessary precursor for life..."

Zzzzzz ...

Flying Bricks.

“'I’m amazed at how much we have learned from a short, intense observing campaign. I can hardly wait for the next interstellar object!"

Oumuamua, less than half a mile in length, now is farther away from our Sun than Jupiter and traveling away from the Sun at about 70,000 mph as it heads toward the outskirts of the solar system. In only another four years, it will pass Neptune’s orbit on its way back into interstellar space."


The shaken not stirred.

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Too Hot to Trot

"IT’s supposed to be watching for solar flares. But then the FBI swept in via helicopter and stormed the New Mexico solar observatory...


In the absence of any official explanation from the FBI, internet conspiracy theorists have been put into overdrive.

Has the observatory found alien spacecraft?

Is a killer asteroid (or solar flare) about to hit Earth, and they don’t want us to know?

Is this a secret government surveillance project?

Is the telescope being used as a secret laser weapon?

Has a secret substance broken loose?

Have the Russians hacked it?"

"But locals barred from re-entering their homes are nonplussed.

“It is very frustrating being out of our home. I will say that and I can’t wait until this is over,”

He hasn’t been told when he will be allowed to return.

“My feeling is it’s going to be something stupid and small and minuscule when it’s all said and done but we will see,”


Nanu Nanu ...

"DEADLY super typhoon Mangkhut is on a collision course with southern China’s vulnerable megacities after tearing through the Philippines.. "


“It’s important to note that the two individuals in the background are walking on concrete.."

"Mangkhut was “significantly stronger” than Hurricane Florence, which is simultaneously ripping the US state of North Carolina.

“(Mangkhut is) relatively rare (because it’s) at the top of the severe scale,” 

“It’s extremely dangerous as it’s a very large system with very strong winds and a potential storm surge over a large distance."

Death and destruction?

"Pope Francis tells Sicily’s mafia ..."

Not to be too Ironic.

Anyhoos ...

“The telescope did not see aliens. The footage will be made public in its unaltered form. Nothing is hidden or kept secret.”

Ah So ...





Bats ... they sleep on the ceiling too ;-)


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Make Your Mind Up 'Bob'

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The Peoples Seat:


The Ironic:

“The lights go red, they go into and sit down in the road, wait seven minutes,” he said. “If anybody needs to get past, we’ll let them through. Come off after seven minutes, take a break, let the angry drivers at the front go, then the light goes red and you go on again.

“This is about causing economic disruption by slowing things down, bringing things to a gridlock. This is an experiment, really. I think that’s the most important word.”


Hmmm ...


Kami Machadao (25)(Arizona) for president.

"It felt like we were imposing..."

How dare she be so nice.



Attenborough in the Peoples Seat?


Have a Nice Day.


Sleep Tight


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Bob on Brexit

"Scarborough and Whitby MP Robert Goodwill said both sides had made compromises and it was now “in the national interest” to back the deal as the alternatives of no deal or no Brexit “could be disastrous”, adding: “Trust in politicians is already low.

“If we don’t deliver Brexit then no one will ever trust us again.”"




"Not always in tune with her boss, she famously threw her expensive IBM golf ball typewriter out of the window"


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St Bernard ...

"The founder and chairman of pub chain Wetherspoon has called Theresa May’s Brexit deal “terrible” and said that the Government should have published full legal advice on the deal.

Tim Martin, who is in favour of leaving the European Union without a deal, said that given the Government’s campaign is based on its legal advice, there was no “sustainable argument” to keep it from the public."



"Experts say it is a “dangerous time” for elderly people, leading to persistent pressure on the NHS.

Every year, more people die in winter than in summer - due to colder temperatures, respiratory diseases and outbreaks of flu.

To measure the impact, the ONS compares the number of additional deaths between December and March to the rest of the year.

During the winter of 2016-17, the latest period figures are available, there were approximately 60 excess winter deaths in Scarborough.

This meant 14% more people died during winter in Scarborough, compared with the yearly average.

This was higher than in the previous year when there were 5% more deaths during winter.

According to the ONS, small population sizes can cause a significant amount of year-on-year variation at a local level."

Oh, that's terrible...


".. it has become apparent that there is an issue of fundamental incompatibility between the proposal and the established.."






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Golden Globes

"This year’s Golden Globes nominations have raised one very confusing question — but there’s a method to the madness...

"Usually, that strategic triangulation means that light dramas and anything that even approaches a musical will make a beeline for the Comedy categories, where their added prestige and seriousness of purpose automatically dwarfs more broad, mainstream comedies. This year’s nominees for Best Motion Picture, Musical/Comedy run that particular gamut:

Crazy Rich Asians

The Favourite

Green Book

Mary Poppins Returns


English yachtswoman Susie Goodall



"English yachtswoman Susie Goodall will have to wait two days to be rescued having pulled out of the Golden Globe Race after losing her mast.

Goodall - the youngest competitor in the non-stop solo round-the-world race - was about 2,000 miles west of Cape Horn in the southern Pacific Ocean.

The Cornish sailor, 29, was in fourth place but sustained damage during a ferocious storm with 60-knot winds.

She tweeted she was "totally and utterly gutted".

Goodall's distress signal was first picked up by Falmouth Coastguards.

They alerted race control and the Chilean Maritime Search and Rescue authorities, who are responsible for that sector of the Pacific.

Race controllers have contacted her and said she was safe and secure on board, but she could not make up another set of rigging.

She told them she was injured when the boat rolled over end-to-end, knocking her out and giving her a "nasty head bang".

The nearest vessel has been alerted but is about two days away."




"The tough competition marks the 50th anniversary of the 1968-1969 Sunday Times-sponsored Golden Globe Race, in which Robin Knox-Johnston became the first person in the world to perform a single-handed non-stop circumnavigation of the globe.

Goodall has endured a sailor's nightmare, but has managed to retain her composure. In one of her messages to the organizers, she wrote: "In need of a good cuppa tea!"


"The support for Susie has been overwhelming, and we want to say thank you to everyone! All of your kind messages will keep her busy when she gets back online. It’s been 158 days since she used a phone, let’s hope she remembers how they work…

She managed to get a few hours sleep last night but is struggling to eat or drink. Because of the damage on deck, water is making its way into the boat. The bilge fills every hour, but she can easily pump it out.

She deployed her sea anchor to help keep the boat steady, but it’s not easy in choppy seas without a mast. A cargo ship from Hong Kong is en route, due to arrive in the night. They’ll wait for the morning light before attempting to evacuate her. We’ll post further details about the rescue when we know more.

— Susie’s family"

Thats taking Brexit to the extreme in my humbly 

YAwwwwn ...


Good Luck to Susie & her family and those nice Hong Kong people...





One for the Awesome list ..


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Parakeet One seen over Penzance

'Parrot Populations are Proliferating'

"It was a lovely sunny morning," he said. "I looked up and as soon as I saw it I thought, 'that's shiny'. It was in a clear blue sky and perfectly lit."

“Not since the second world war have our parks been so mature, so full of exotic plants and fruit-bearing trees, which make it that much easier for the birds to survive and breed.”

"you may have missed the playful digression about dinosaurs sounds (“A bone don’t tell you what a sound is,” one player quips).."

Fake moon landings and a flat Earth: why do athletes love conspiracy theories?

"The raucous squawking comes first. Then they are seen, banking and diving before they crash-land on trees."

“There’s world hunger going on, there are political things going on,” I'Wing told a gaggle of beat reporters “There are so many higher things on the totem pole of society that matter to human beings. But, hey, Furry says he doesn’t believe in the moon [landings]? It’s on TNN. And they say we’re just jocks, we’re just athletes. But it’s on your channel. We’re [thinkers] but you don’t want us to be that.”

Winging It...

"If Greeks had been told, not long ago, that their skies would become the preserve of ring-necked parakeets, the response would have been one of incredulity.

But that was before the parks and gardens of Athens, and other cities, became colonised by bright-green, red-beaked parrots. There are now so many of the birds that the Hellenic Ornithological Society is conducting a parrot count into the new year in the hope of learning the extent of this aerial invasion."

"It used to be that conspiracy theorists flew to a type. They wore tinfoil hats, babbled incoherently to themselves and, by and large, were little more than a nuisance to the onlookers with the curiosity or the compassion to engage them.

Shortly after he left Paraqueet airspace, Donald proudly shared a video of what he'd been up to during the visit.

But it didn't take long for eagle-eyed watchers to point out something it seemed Donald and his team might have missed.

"The results of his labours have left him in no doubt that the southern European nation has become a habitat of wild parakeets more normally associated with India, Asia, Latin America and Africa. Evidence has mounted of parrots competing for nesting holes with woodpeckers and bats."

"But in the current post-truth era, where crowdsourced information has replaced peer-reviewed research and confirmation bias stands in for intellectual curiosity, the truthers congregate online to double down on old conspiracy theories (like the Earth being flat) and breathe life into new ones (like Hillary Wingdon being a lizard person)."

"It remains a mystery as to how birds native to Africa and the Indian subcontinent first got to Greece.

Ornithologists say parrots are not “typical migrants” and as such incapable of having flown huge distances via traditional migratory routes. Instead, most believe the birds are escapees much in the same way that escaped parakeets were first spotted in Britain in the 19th century.

“Far from being an urban myth we think they probably first arrived in cages at the old Athens airport and then escaped from captivity,” said Roula Tigrou at the ornithological society. “The first sightings of parrots were around there.”

"Science can’t hold a candle to celebrity, and sports personalities seem keener than ever to stir the pot.

"Across Europe there are fears of the birds endangering native biodiversity. The European commission is considering placing parakeets on a list of invasive alien species.

"Dr James Davis, an associate professor of psychology at Benedictine University, chalks up these flights of fancy to the human propensity to make meaning. “An evolutionary advantage to humans is that we are able to make causal links between events,” he tells the Guardian. “Our brains are so adept at this that oftentimes we will make causal links that don’t exist.”

"In Israel, parrots with a liking for sunflower seeds have been blamed for damage to crops."

“If you live in a world where it is very plausible that there are all these conspiracies against you and your group,” says Davis, “then it’s less of a jump to be like, ‘well, the moon landing was a conspiracy.’”

“It sounds extreme but often the same arguments are used when people speak of the risk of parrots threatening our indigenous local fauna,” said Latsoudis. “Just as we hear that immigrants will take over our countries and homes, we hear that parrots will eclipse all other birds.”

Parakeets, he explained, had a particular penchant for eucalyptus trees in Greece. “Perhaps because they are evergreen, willowy and high they are ideal for camouflage,” he said.


“Parrots seem like to that.”

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The Zzzz Files

"WELLINGTON, New Zealand — They dumped chips on someone’s beach blanket. They reportedly stole a Christmas tree from a gas station. They were eventually issued deportation notices after the police were called to a disturbance at a Burger King.

An English family touring New Zealand — about 12 people, including children — was so unruly that social media posts documenting their bad behavior were picked up by national news outlets, which sent out alerts about the family’s location and latest reported antics, including refusing to pick up garbage left on the beach and throwing food on the floor at a cafe.

Maybe it was just a slow news week. But a professor who studies tourism trends said the family’s exploits captured New Zealanders’ anxieties about the ballooning number of visitors from overseas.

“People are viewing it as not necessarily a harbinger of things to come, but it shows our worry about what could happen,” said Simon Milne, a professor of tourism at Auckland University of Technology and the director of the New Zealand Tourism Research Institute...

"Bruce Smith, the mayor of Westland, a remote and sparsely populated area on the South Island that is increasingly popular with tourists, said such education initiatives were sorely needed.

“I don’t have any problem at all with locals throwing tourists in a lake when they leave their rubbish lying around or biff it out a window,” he said."




""I never really imagined rats having knees until he said that.""


"At one proposed fracking site at Kirby Misperton in North Yorkshire, the biggest impact of fracking was on levels of nitrogen oxides from unusual sources.

"The policing of the protests was a very significant source of pollution there, from vehicles and from protest camps," said Prof Alastair Lewis from the University of York who has been monitoring the air quality at the site.

"So it's slightly unusual, in that the activity of protesting itself became a large source of pollution."

"Professor Klaus Schwab, where they discussed the Government's plans for a wellbeing Budget and the forum's focus on Globalisation 4.0, a look at how digitally enabled services are reshaping globalisation."

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Red Panda 'Pardoned'

"British woman who spent 14 months of "hell" in an Egyptian prison for taking banned painkillers into the country is expected to return home on Monday after reportedly being given a presidential pardon.

Laura Plummer, 34, was sentenced to three years in prison on Boxing Day 2017 after she was found with Tramadol tablets in her suitcase, which she claimed were for her Egyptian partner's severe back pain.

She was granted a presidential pardon and moved to a police station on Sunday, it was reported. She was expected to return home to Hull on Monday.

"My two-week holiday in the sun turned into a nightmare. I'm so happy ... I mean, who goes on holiday for two weeks and then stays 14 months?" she told The Sun. "I'll never set foot in an airport again."

Ms Plummer said: “I tried to explain myself but nothing I said or did made any difference.

“It was just ridiculous. I wanted to help Omar and do a kind thing and I ended up in prison.

“At one stage I thought, ‘I must be dead and this is hell’."

Her ordeal began in October 2017 when she was arrested for drug smuggling at the Red Sea resort of Hurghada after authorities found 290 Tramadol tablets in her luggage...she was sentenced on December 26 2017 to three years in Cairo’s Qanatar prison."

“They love each other and their love has survived this awful ordeal.”


"A rare red panda has gone missing from Belfast Zoo.

Police in the Northern Ireland capital are trying to trace the animal and are warning members of the public not to go near it.

It went missing on Sunday and is "believed to be currently taking in the sights of beautiful Glengormley", officers said.

While they are not aggressive, red pandas can become defensive when cornered.

Police said: "Our curious friend has not yet learned the green cross code, so if motorists could also be vigilant!"

Two panda cubs were born at the zoo in June last year but only started to venture outside towards the end of 2018.

Red pandas are slightly larger than a domestic cat, with thick reddish-brown fur.

According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, the species is facing a very high risk of extinction.

It is believed there are between 10,000 and 20,000 left in existence."



Interesting :


"Mr Houchen told The Northern Echo: "I will not be gagged by Cleveland Police.

"The complaint they have made against me is completely unfounded. There is no legal basis for it whatsoever and I will not be bullied or harassed into silence. I think it is right that I should raise legitimate concerns of a very serious nature about Cleveland Police and their reaction is just another example of their modus operandi which is to bully, intimidate and try to harass people who challenge them."

BAck to the pit ...


Ooh a Home & Garden Centre ...


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Two Tribes


"Everybody needs good neighbours.

But any good relationship - even one established more than 100 years ago - needs to be nurtured.

In 1919, the first sitting of Dáil Éireann (Irish parliament) and plans for partition brought about a lasting change to the British-Irish relationship.

At the time, Ireland was still under British rule.

Plans for an Irish Republic and the subsequent signing of the Anglo-Irish Treaty in 1921 have set the enduring thread of British-Irish relations since.

But as the Republic of Ireland celebrates its parliament's centenary, experts have warned that British-Irish relations have been frayed by Brexit..."



Ah, so ...


".... At UKFast, a British data hosting business, workers get a paid day off on their birthdays, a week’s leave for getting married, plus something called UKFest, an annual festival with live bands, free food and drink that it describes as a “mini-Glastonbury”.

In Scotland, the BrewDog craft beer company offers people with a new dog a week’s leave to help settle it in.

Interestingly, it is not clear if they should bother. Exotic perks might spur headlines but Glassdoor research in 2016 showed just three core benefits matter most to workers: health insurance; retirement plans and time off.

A more recent study suggests the number one perk desired by most workers is even simpler: natural light and outdoor views.

I sincerely hope this is true. It means that all those people working outside in fierce conditions, on land or at sea with not a gym membership in sight, might be the real workplace winners after all."


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A Four Day Week


"Extinction Rebellion (XR for short) wants governments to declare a "climate and ecological emergency" and take immediate action to address climate change.

It describes itself as an international "non-violent civil disobedience activist movement".

Extinction Rebellion was launched in 2018 and organisers say it now has groups willing to take action in dozens of countries.

The group uses an hourglass inside a circle as its logo, to represent time running out for many species..."



"British F35 jets & American B2 stealth planes have been on joint training exercises around the UK since early September. I wish Beryl had got her camera out & spotted either of those."


"No No No, they are arranged in that pattern as a visual landing aid for aliens who WILL arrive in the near future. :-)"