NYMNPA - Polyhalite Projects

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The NYMNPA presented 09/04/18 to Scarborough Council Members as follows:

Woodsmith Mine Development & s106
•Overview of the mine development
•1 year into development
•Pre commencement roadworks undertaken
•Site preparation complete
•Temporary welfare facilities provided
•Men & Materials shaft construction underway
•Power generation plant under construction
•Work commencing on other sites eg Lockwood Beck and Teesport
Progress to date Woodsmith Sept 2017
What the underground shaft heads will look like once dug (pre fit-out & landscaping obviously)
underground shafts
Planning Ahead

The S106 Agreement:

Purpose To compensate & Mitigate for any harm caused by the development of Woodsmith Mine to the special qualities of The National park

•Landscape & Ecology
•Core Policy D
•Archaeological Contribution
•Geology Contribution
•Scarborough Employment Opportunities
•Bridleway at Doves Nest Farm
•Noise Mitigation
Projeccts must compensate or mitigate against impacts of the development
Projects must conform to the S106 agreement
Tree planting is for carbon sequestration and must be decidious trees
Projects must deliver against the agreed policies in the Management Plan
3rd party contributions must be paid in accordance with the S106
Schemes of expenditure eg grants must ensure compensation appropriate to the durations of the s106
Landscape & Ecology
Y1 £122,529
Y5 onwards £612,645
Activities include:
Landscape Character
Traditional boundaries
Woodland restoration,
Ponds and watercourses
Public Rights of Way,
Historic features
Dark night skies
Moorland habitat restoration
Core Policy D
Y1 £139,590
Y5 onwards £697,950
Woodland Creation for Carbon Sequestration
Approx 7000 hectares of new broadleaf woodland over the next 100 years
eg: Year 1:  Langdale End 5.1 ha - Chop Gate 5.5 ha - Danby 1.4 ha
Tourism Contributions
Welcome to Yorkshire £200k p/a for 10 years
NYMNPA (construction) £100k p/a for 10 years
NYMNPA (operation) £100k p/a for 90 years
Local Businesses Tourism £50k p/a for 10 years
Visit England £50k p/a for 10 years
Visit Britain £50k p/a for 10 years
SBC (Whitby) £50k p/a for 15 years
Tourism Signage £400k one off payment
Tourism Impact Review
10 year project to understand the impact of the mine development on Tourism Economy
Other Contributions
Archaeological Data Contribution (£22,500 x 5 years)
Geological Data contribution (£22,500 x 5 years)
Police (£150k one off payment)
SBC Employment (£40k x 5 years)
Bridleway at Doves Nest Farm
Noise Mitigation
Monitoring (£100k p/a to £50k p/a)

the Harbour WiP  (aka work awaits)

Somein to chew on : http://siriusminerals.com/latest-news/news-stories/new-construction-skil...

"Sirius Minerals has joined forces with training provider Construction Skills Village and Scarborough Job Centre Plus to support a series of bespoke training and employment programmes aimed at local people.

The scheme is open to people across the Borough of Scarborough and is set to equip school leavers, ex-military personnel and the unemployed with the skills needed to apply for construction operative roles with Sirius Minerals’ contractors, and opportunities in the wider construction industry. It is also open to individuals who would like to develop their existing skill set.

Individuals will work towards an industry recognised qualification in construction operations and will gain a CSCS card, as well as undertaking various practical construction and health and safety training.

Graham Ratcliffe, managing director at Construction Skills Village said: “Our intensive twelve-week general operative style courses will provide individuals with a range of industry skills that will be achieved through a blend of knowledge-based training, real site practical training and work experience, allowing participants to become more ‘job ready’.”

Partners in the scheme include a number of local providers, such as YH Training Services, Scarborough Jobmatch, North Yorkshire County Council, Guy, Bentley Groundworks and Kebbell Developments, as well as a number of schools.

Sirius Minerals’ £3bn polyhalite project is set to create approximately 2,000 direct and indirect jobs during its construction, as well as training to support 300 local people into roles in preparation for mining operations.

“The company’s workforce will grow significantly in the coming months and years”, said Katie Brigham, recruitment, training and development officer for Sirius Minerals.

“Our contractors require workers with a range of construction skills during the development phase of our project and, where possible, we are committed to recruiting people from the local area. It is our priority to generate an awareness of the careers that we will offer and to help boost the skills and aspirations of people in the area.”

PSS: "The next Liaison Group Forum will take place on Monday 23 April between 1.00 – 2.30pm at Bede Hall, Sneaton Castle Centre, Whitby, YO21 3QN."


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