Scarborough Harbour

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Where to start?  At some point SBC Council discovered there was no Strategic Plan for the Scarborough Harbour. 

July 5th 2017 - Overview & Scrutiny Board :

"To consider the content of the draft Strategic Business Plan for Scarborough Harbour (report reference 17/158), and provide feedback and part of the first phase of wider public consultation, prior to presenting the plan to Cabinet for a decision. The Economic Development Project Manager, Mr A Richards, presented his report in respect of a proposed strategic business plan for Scarborough harbour: the first of three proposed business plans, the other two being devised for Whitby and Filey in due course.  The Council’s current ports strategy had required updating to take account of changes to the roles of the various maritime sectors, port operations and the wider economy, the expansion of tourism in Scarborough, and the requirement to upgrade some elements of the port infrastructure.  The proposed business plan had set out the direction in which Scarborough Harbour would be guided, managed and developed over the coming years.  It took account of the port’s chief uses, including trawling, fish processing, retail, tourism, leisure boats and public parking. 

"The Overview and Scrutiny Board had been included in the consultation on the business plan, which would also include port users, other stakeholders, local businesses and the general public.  In addition to providing feedback and suggestions for the business plan, Mr Richards asked the Board to provide regular oversight on the consultation process and on the adoption and implementation of the plan.

Some potential opportunities and threats to the harbour’s economy were difficult to quantify at present do to some factors being unknown, including competition from other harbours, the economic effects of the UK leaving the European Union, potential levels of European grant funding, the renewables industry and the potential for business to accumulate through offshore wind generation, the port’s ageing infrastructure, the possible regeneration of the UK fishing industry, and an increase in popularity of leisure craft and other forms of commercial development along the harbour.  A significant element of the business plan was enabling the harbour to adapt and develop in the light of these opportunities and threats. It was suggested that a public exhibition could be held in order to assist future consultation on issues affecting the harbour, and on the numerous phases of the development. It would be necessary to agree timescales for the infrastructure works, in order to maintain harbour facilities and optimise funding.  After the results of the consultation had been analysed and incorporated into the business plan, Cabinet would consider a revised report and decide on the adoption and implementation of the plan.  The Board agreed to provide regular oversight during the process of the plan’s adoption and implementation, and to assist as necessary, employing a Task Group to develop ideas for the harbour to provide benchmarking and opinions from experts and stakeholders.  The Board commended Mr Richards for his excellent report and research." 

July 10 to August 18 2017 :  A public consultation exercise was carried out :  " Which audience or groups are being consulted? 

  • All harbour users
  • The RNLI
  • The Marine Management Organisation
  • Commercial, business community:
  • South Bay Traders Association
  • Potential developers and investors
  • Offshore service sector
Wider community:
  • Scarborough and District Civic Society
  • The Town Team and CLLD Local Action Group
  • Castle Ward Tenants and Residents Association
  • Scarborough Maritime Heritage Centre
  • The General Public
  • All Borough Councillors"

Presumably the communications team were not all on their jellies : "Finding of the survey will be posted here in October 2017."

Ah, so ... "The Councils previous ports strategy documents entitled Ports Strategy ‘charting a course for the future’ were adopted in 2008 and although some of the strategy is still relevant to this day, given the ever changing role of the maritime sectors, port operations and infrastructure requirements; and the changes to the wider economy, much of the document is now either implemented or outdated"

Interesting:  "Where possible electronic copies of the draft business plan will be sent directly to stakeholders. Hard copies of the business plan will also be located in the Town Hall and at the Scarborough Harbour Offices ... The consultation will be publicised via the use of social media and conventional  media including the local press" 

Oh, OK.  Pirates were not invited.

In September 2017, SBC Cabinet adopted a Strategic 'Draft' Plan for Scarborough Harbour with a view for developing future investment projects, investment and to lead a strategic direction of the port.

The fishing sector as part of the local economy were invited to a Fishing briefing on 7th February 2018.   

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