Standing in the Shadows

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Tin Hats at the ready?

"Corprotocracy ... social licence... universal disgust ... Poll Tax ... rough calculations ... 20% of the UK population in a Sacrifice Zone ... go swivel ... threats put to NYCC due to legal teams ... a defacto fascist state... blah blah ... Strasbourg ... access to European Courts ... enshrined in British Law.

Ah, so  :  "Tinpot Cowboy outfit as Thrid Energy as nobodies ever heard of ..."  Barking mad.   "Abomination.  Saturday 2nd December ... materialistic Christmas ...  Barking Mad ... hopefully will screw up. Kick the can down the road a little bit further.   Strangely silent here.  Strangely silent.  The frack crew will be holed up. ... somewhere .. an absolute travesty.. if housed the frack crew in Lorraine Allinson's holiday cottages .. because she has been the sole mouthpeice for this industry in North Yorkshire (@8.20) but maybe she would be getting her benefitz in some other way. (sniggers)..."   

Easy target, the undersurface of a person's foot.  Ian Crane mincing his words. Rather, me thinks Ian Crane is back to his true **** form.   Beavers?

Flat caps:

Drop the pilot?

"INEOS is facing widespread illegal action by hardcore anti-fracking activists, including dangerous direct action and death threats"

The Bark Knight ... 

"Hardcore activists have made threats against INEOS by email and on social media. Examples of these threats include:

  • I will go and blow them up – just you watch
  • Kick the hell out of the driver and force chemicals down his throat
  • This is war so expect casualties
  • Kill their children
  • Can’t somebody kill the owner of INEOS?

Tom Pickering said: “These threats are vile, abusive and frightening. They demonstrate the sort of people we are facing.”



"Theatre lovers also have an equal right to fight for their own interest in theatre, ballet and performing arts and to have the same access to facilities to enjoy their choice of entertainment too."

I'll be back...



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Productivity Watchdog

"Trade unions called for the government to ensure that workers were represented on the watchdog, which Clark has said will be modelled on the Office for Budget Responsiblity, the body that provides economic forecasts for the Treasury.

Labour said the white paper was made up of re-announced policies and old spending commitments, while Michael Heseltine, the former Conservative business secretary, said the best industrial strategy would be to call a halt to Brexit.."

“If the industrial strategy council is to have real teeth then it needs to have clear measurements and metrics to judge the success or failure of the strategy.”

Yet more spoonfed mush.

Yawwwn ...



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Beagles About ..

"The former Deputy Prime Minister deserves credit for making a persuasive case in the House of Lords for a bespoke industrial strategy to be drawn up for the Humber Estuary to rival the investment being poured into areas like the Tees Valley.

Green energy is transforming the fortunes of Hull, and the surrounding area, and there’s clearly potential to create even more jobs and investment on the back of the Siemens wind turbine plant which was opened by the Queen last month.

The challenge is whether Hull and the East Riding should have their own political arrangements – or come under the auspices of the One Yorkshire umbrella which advocates a single mayor for the whole county."

Hmmm ...

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Box Hill

Dorking ...

Ooh a local expert ;-0

"Cutty Sark -April to August 1967.

Joined BP on contract never shipped out on anything but Tankers, smallest 19,000 ton -largest 60,000 tons. On leaving the Merchant Navy--Employed as an engineer, for some 30 years .District and County Labour Councillor, for some 12 years, did not seek re-election when appointed Regional Officer for Amicus the Union, soon to be known as Unite the Union--Yorkshire and Humberside. ..

Living in Scarborough."

Hi Ho hi Ho...

Old Hats ..

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KM8 - An Advent

"THE DALAI Lama’s Tibetan monks are to carry out sacred chants and blessings outside the gates of Ryedale’s fracking site, as protesters mark the first anniversary of the protest camp.

The Gyuto Monks of Tibet will visit Kirby Misperton in Ryedale on Wednesday, December 20, when they will perform traditional sacred chants at the gates of Third Energy’s well site, which has been the focus of protests in recent months.

The monks are currently touring the UK for a series of special Scared Music Concerts. Frack Free Ryedale while they visit the site they will be “blessing the land, the water and the local community through their unique chanting and music, and spreading the message of loving kindness and compassion”.

The Gyuto monks chant in a deep, harmonic overtone and have performed to huge audiences worldwide, from the Sydney Opera House to Glastonbury Festival.

They will be arriving as Kirby Misperton Protection Camp marks 12 months since the site was set up on land just off the A169..."

"I am not bothered one way or another about fracking, just as I am not bothered about the national grid having pylons splattered all over the countryside, or telegraph poles, mobile phone masts and giant wind turbines. Technology moves on to my advantage.

Fracking has government backing (bottomless money pit for the police), work has already started at the site, I have still got to get up and go to work every morning.

If you want to protest peacefully, that’s fine by me - but if you prevent people such as myself from travelling to, or returning from, work that’s a different ball game."

"This is a temporary measure until such time that our engineers can rectify the supply issues", he said.

"We are also working with engineers from Northern Powergrid who are closely monitoring the local electricity network and any potential knock-on increases in demand while residents are without their gas supply."

Knock Knock :  Northern Grid zoning in  to cut off local gas supplies starting January.

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Horizontal Goat Land

"For frackers and environmentalists 2018 could bring the biggest battle yet. Ineos, the chemicals and energy giant, is to announce plans to drill for shale gas under one of Britain’s most treasured national parks.

It will lodge planning applications to drill up to 10 exploratory boreholes around the southern edge of the North York Moors, familiar to millions as the setting for the Heartbeat TV drama series, and which has the largest tracts of heather moor in England and Wales.

“We can’t frack in national parks but we can frack under them by drilling sideways from points around the edges,” said Tom Pickering, of Ineos Shale, which will make the planning applications."

"Anyone else recall the visit by the Graf Zeppelin to Scarborough 1939?"


Mind, there was the R101

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KM8 In the Shade

"THIS morning I received an anonymous letter from a person using the No 8 Park and Ride bus from Grimston Bar. The letter contained my driving licence, which he or she had found on the bus on December 9, where it must have fallen out of my wallet.

Through your newspaper letters section, I hope you will convey my appreciation to this person for this kind gesture and wish him or her a very happy New Year on what is a busy time for everyone."


Dodgy Hat.


"The regulation from the Bureau of Land Management, which had been opposed by the oil and gas industry and tied up in court, would have tightened standards for well construction and wastewater management, required the disclosure of the chemicals contained in fracking fluids, and probably driven up the cost for many fracking activities.

It had been held up in litigation and had not taken effect; a Wyoming district court said it exceeded the agency’s authority. Reversing the regulation, the Interior Department says, clears up that legal question and also lifts a costly regulation for the industry, in line with President Trump’s agenda to slash regulations and advance the United States’ “energy dominance.”..

"The agency said rescinding the rule would save “up to $9,690 per well or approximately $14 million to $34 million per year” in industry compliance costs. It also noted that because of state, tribal and existing federal regulations, the move “would not leave hydraulic fracturing operations unregulated.”

But Mike Freeman, an attorney with EarthJustice who defended the now-repealed regulation in court, countered that it “was a reasonable and long overdue update of the agency’s old regulations, adopted in the early 1980s, about 35 years ago, and they were developed long before modern fracking became common.”

“The move today represents just another example of the Trump administration sacrificing our public lands, air and water in order to pad the bottom line of oil and gas companies,” Freeman said...

“If the rule were allowed to continue, development in several states, such as New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming, could have been especially hard hit with slowed permitting and limited access to public lands, stunting economic growth and pushing away jobs.”..

The precise extent to which fracking operations pollute waterways has been hotly debated. Last year, the Science Advisory Board sent a review to the Environmental Protection Agency faulting the agency for finding a lack of “widespread, systemic impacts on drinking water resources in the United States,” determining that the EPA had not provided “quantitative analysis” to support that conclusion.

The current decision only affects public lands — which are only a fraction of the total area used in fracking activities but a significant one.

“They’re important for wildlife, important for public use, and they’re some of the last best places in this country,” Freeman said."

Oh OK:

One for the Blind.

How Now.

Sweet Dreams....

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Morning Dew

"6:04am 11th January 2018

North York Moors National Park is reasserting its stance against Fracking. 

It comes after INEOS, the company planning to frack in the area, has reportedly explored the possibility of carrying out the process under the Park.

The authority has made it clear it does not want the company to frack there.

A statement from Andy Wilson, Chief Executive of the North York Moors National Authority, read:

The North York Moors National Park is a specially-protected place for good reason. As the guardians of this magnificent landscape, its habitats, wildlife and tranquillity, the Authority - along with the Government - remain firmly against fracking for shale gas beneath the National Park.  We need to consider the area’s long-term interests.

The environment of the North York Moors, which includes everything from the dark skies at night to the unique geology and landforms, clean air and fresh water, matters greatly to both the National Park Authority and to the public as a whole. We are therefore seeking an urgent meeting with INEOS, a company which has informed us of plans to explore shale gas reserves in the area in 2018. We will make clear that we do not wish them to proceed in the Park and that the Authority will take appropriate steps to preserve the integrity of the national asset it is charged to conserve.

Chris France is the Director of planning at North York Moors National park, he said:

"We've just had one meeting with INEOS back in November and that was actually just planning consultants acting on their behalf, informing us that they wanted to come to the North York Moors to do some seismic exploration and check out the geology. 

Since then it's obviously been reported in the media that their intention is to actually frack the shale gas from outside the park and then drill into it horizontally.

When they put that drill rig down, that goes through groundwater aquifers and that is incredibly important to the North York Moors.

The southern part of the Moors is limestone, that's got groundwater sources that supply Scarborough's drinking water."

Thank You.

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The Big Dig

While building deep underground is not a new idea ... Officials hope underground tunnels can also accommodate records storage, science labs, wine cellars and car parks.

“Caverns are a good way to deal with nimby-type facilities,” says Tony Ho, chief geological engineer at the Civil Engineering and Development Department, arguing that residents are less likely to object to unsightly projects if they are buried below ground.

“If we can put suitable facilities inside caverns, then we can release precious surface land for other uses: for example, housing.”


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KM8 - Loose Change