'Bingo' - The Musical

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One eye on the 'prize'?   Bums on Seats ... Eyes Down & Luck In ... as the wheels of the Tour de Yorkshire keep spinnning, give or take a few sore bums, one of Scarborough seafront's most 'cultural' activities has come to an end.

Prize Bingo.  

One is not amused.  Where once there were ten prize bingo arenas long Scarborough's Seafront, recently reduced by the local amusement & arcade fraternity to six, now there are none.  

Much to the dismay of the humble visitors who frequent and bumble along Foreshore Road. 'Oh we do like to be beside the seaside' ... except when it rains, 'we came by bus and there is nowhere to sit'.  For many, the only parking required is for the derriere, aka buttocks. 

Oh Dear. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U84hBJ3QXXE

Of course, it would be rude not to mention Bingo & Bob.  No doubt he has been out flat capping it on his tractor up in the Wolds rather than bobblng his bits in lycra,  the Sky has limits. Biscuits.  Limping on.  Dragons have wings eh Ms May? Heads n tails.



Ah, so Erdogan.  (Soltan Gris)  go on ... go on...  Salt on Chips....now they don't come wrapped.  They come in funny packages with writing on the side. Bins.   Do Aunt Bessies make crisps? 


"The Turkish government has sacked almost 4,000 more public officials in what appears to be the latest purge related to a failed coup last July. They include more than 1,000 justice ministry workers, a similar number of army staff and more than 100 air force pilots, officials said.  In a separate decree, Turkey banned TV dating shows - a move previously mooted by the government. Earlier on Saturday, Turkey blocked the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia..."

Good Olde Wikki :-))

"Early forms of prize bingo had a 'ball machine' - this mixed up colour-coded balls with each number on and the machine would release numbers when a button was pressed, these would be announced by the caller and put aside, being returned to the 'pool' when the game had finished, usually via some kind of mechanical device. However, in the last few decades, these installations (if they are still open) have been converted to electronic operation, with most systems now being controlled by some kind of computer. This has many benefits over traditional methods, including less electromechanical equipment to service, and more importantly, the opportunity for faster games, with the winner being automatically verified by computer, rather than having to shout their numbers out for the caller to check. This article is mainly concerned with the modern electronic systems."

Indeed, tis a numbers game, purely for economic reasons? Nope tis technological and social ... kind of micro engineering, modernity.

Anyhoos, there was all  chomping peacfully on our Brexit broken biscuits, quietly minding our own,  and hey ho Mayhem.


"vote labour or I'll slap you with my shoe "

Ne'er mind ... 

"The game is usually played via dedicated consoles connected to a central console where the Caller sits. Players can join a game by inserting coins into the slot on their console. Every console has a different order of numbers. Numbers are generated at random and The Caller reads them out. Most UK Prize Bingo installations have 75 numbers spread out across three different cards. The standard stake (usually 20p) enables two cards to be played while an extra 10p enables the third (usually gold) card to be played as well, increasing the chance of winning. If a player has activated all three cards, they have every number on one of the cards.

The aim varies depending on the individual establishment and the caller. Often, the aim is to cross off five numbers in a line on the same card diagonally, horizontally or vertically OR to cross off the four corner squares on the same card. Some games may be a certain type of line only or no corner squares. Bonus games are also played sometimes where if you create a line in a certain position, you win a special prize. If there are not many players then the caller may decide to play a full-house game instead of a line. This takes longer and thus means less payout for the operator. Often, these settings are designed to be 'foolproof' so the prize amount, bonuses and game types are automatically selected by the computer (which can be configured by the arcade managers for optimum financial gain) depending on the number of players and how many credits remain on the player's machines. The caller usually just has to literally call the numbers and press a button to advance the numbers.

While the consoles are fitted with sliders for players to cover up the numbers being read, unlike most derivatives of Bingo, Prize Bingo is usually configured so that the computer detects as soon as somebody has a winning combination and ends the game automatically, without the need for any intervention from the player. If more than one player has a winning combination, the prize is shared. Some games though require the player to press a button when they have a claim and only then will the computer check it and end the game (or reject it if the player has made a mistake).

As well as being announced verbally, most prize bingo establishments feature a TV monitor or several that shows the last called number and how many numbers have been called. In addition to this, the consoles often have a small LED display that shows this information when a game is in progress or the number of remaining credits when there is no game in progress.

Prize bingo establishments also usually feature a 'floorwalker', whose job it is to supply change, deal with machine malfunctions and sometimes to offer hospitality, such as refreshments with the aim of encouraging customers to keep playing. Some arcades also give out 'free play' vouchers, these are nearly always only valid after a certain time - again, these are intended to get customers to return." How succinct.

Hmmm... now about that Vote of No Confidence.

Token, gestures.

"The majority of prize bingo setups automatically release a 'token' (a round metal coin) into the player's winnings tray when they have made a valid win. The number of tokens won each time depends on how many people were playing and which card had the winning line ('Gold cards' typically pay double the wins of an ordinary card). These tokens can be collected and redeemed for prizes in the bingo hall's prize shop or put back into the machine as credits, although it is rare for them to have any monetary value."

One Aye, on the 'Prize'.

Mind the Gaps.

fascinating : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prize_Bingo

Now about those Lamp Posts, Gulls n numbers...


How Now.

PS : there is one left ... opposite Arggooos.








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Meet the Flintstones


"Archaeologists unearthed the bones of at least five people at Jebel Irhoud, a former barite mine 100km west of Marrakesh, in excavations that lasted years. They knew the remains were old, but were stunned when dating tests revealed that a tooth and stone tools found with the bones were about 300,000 years old...

"In fresh excavations at the Jebel Irhoud site, Hublin and others found more remains, including a partial skull, a jawbone, teeth and limb bones belonging to three adults, a juvenile, and a child aged about eight years old. The remains, which resemble modern humans more than any other species, were recovered from the base of an old limestone cave that had its roof smashed in during mining operations at the site. Alongside the bones, researchers found sharpened flint tools, a good number of gazelle bones, and lumps of charcoal, perhaps left over from fires that warmed those who once lived there.

“It’s rather a desolate landscape, but on the horizon you have the Atlas mountains with snow on top and it’s very beautiful,” said Hublin. “When we found the skull and mandible I was emotional. They are only fossils, but they have been human beings and very quickly you make a connection with these people who lived and died here 300,000 years ago.”...

"“For me, claiming these remains are Homo sapiens stretches the meaning of that term a bit,” Shea added. “These humans who lived between 50,000-300,000 years ago are a morphologically diverse bunch. Whenever we find more than a couple of them from the same deposits, such as at Omo Kibish and Herto in Ethiopia or Skhul and Qafzeh in Israel, their morphology is all over the place both within and between samples.”

But Jessica Thompson, an anthropologist at Emory University in Atlanta, said the new results show just how incredible the Jebel Irhoud site is. “These fossils are the rarest of the rare because the human fossil record from this time period in Africa is so poorly represented. They give us a direct look at what early members of our species looked like, as well as their behaviour.

“You might also look twice at the brow ridges if you saw them on a living person. It might not be a face you’d see every day, but you would definitely recognise it as human,” she said. “It really does look like in Africa especially, but also globally, our evolution was characterised by numerous different species all living at the same time and possibly even in the same places.”



The remains.

None of the above.



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