Fracking in the USA

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Texans angrily protest fracking after 30 earthquakes hit town

Source  RT 21.01.14    "At one point during the hearing, a man who identified himself as a retired rocket scientist said it doesn’t take someone with his expertise to see that increased fracking activity is causing the quakes." -  ahem

"No disrespect, but this isn’t rocket science here,” Reno Mayor Lynda Stokes testified during the hearing. “Common sense tells you the wells are playing a big role in all this.”

No, seriously it is the unknown impacts of Fracking that are causing the greatest concern.  So here is a website that has researched what has been going on in the USA:

This has been posted because certain people say that they don't really care what they read about Fracking in th USA, it is different here in the UK, we have rules and regulations, like the HSE and Environment Agency.

And I say, tell that to the Americans.  They thought they had regulatory bodies too.



Meanwhile back in Blighty: