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for the Mutton Jeff:

Verbal Update

"Sirius Minerals has confirmed that the construction of its polyhalite project at the newly named Woodsmith Mine site near Whitby is due to start this month (April). Some site works, involving vegetation removal and minor soil stripping have already commenced, though this doesn’t amount to a formal “commencement of construction”.

Detailed meetings have continued with the company to ensure that the important pre-commencement planning conditions and security arrangements required in the S106 Legal Agreement have been met and put in place which will then enable the planned start date to take place. Many of these are detailed plans and monitoring reports required to ensure that the amenities of local residents and the surrounding sensitive environment are adequately safeguarded from the impacts of the construction. Arrangements are also being finalised to ensure that restoration and reinstatement bonds will be available and funding put in place to deliver the positive mitigation measures proposed to offset the impacts of the mine development.  *

The Authority has appointed two key posts to lead on the monitoring of the mine construction and deliver the range of positive mitigation projects that will be funded by the S106 Agreement. Briony Fox joined the Authority on April 3 and is the new Director of Polyhalite Projects and Robert Smith takes up the position of Senior Minerals Planner in May, responsible for ensuring the mine is delivered in accordance with the detailed planning approval and the 90 plus conditions attached to it."

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No fracking news as such but the Joint Minerals & Waste Local Plan is going out in the summer for its final public Consultation prior to it going to a public examination later in the year. It of course has very restrictive planning policies in it to control the location of any future fracking applications including a “prohibition” on surface development within the NP and AONB and very restrictive policies in a 3km buffer zone proposed surrounding these landscapes with a presumption of refusal of any lateral fracking from outside.