York Potash - Land Scaping

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The York Potash Project is finally on it's way, with cash in the bank (thanks to Ms Gina Rinehart)  the preparatory works to be agreed with NYMNPA and environmental mitigation measures are at the forefront of the Project's construction programme:

The Construction Method Statement (CMS) can be found here:


NMC (North Midland Construction) will be overseeing the works : http://www.northmid.co.uk/

Following progress on the works traffic management plan the CMS  is inclusive on Site Preparation Works: General Site Clearance, Earthworks, Surface Water Management, Internal Access Road & Traffic Managment with briefs on environmental, health & safety, materials handling and storage including a Risk Assessment & Method Statements (RAMS).

With NYMNPA approval & acceptance  of the Phase 2 plan, these works are expected to start April 2017 through to September 2017.

"Sirius Minerals acknowledges that the Phase 2 Works, as described, would constitute ‘Commencement of Development’, as defined in planning permission NYM/2014/0676/MEIA, and ‘Commencement of Construction, as defined in the Section 106 Agreement."

That's a lot of trees ... ;-)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcXT1clXc04

Meanwhile, further investigatory works are continuing with a drilling rig expected on site next week to prove up the last phew feet for shaft sinkers AMC who should arrive on site following the Phase 2 works as detailed above.



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The Shaft Sinkers - AMC

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SXX & The Rum


"JP Morgan Cazenove has recommended Sirius Minerals by giving it an ‘overweight’ rating - meaning it deems the stock to be an attractive investment and better value for money than others.

The backing is the latest positive news for the company, which is now progressing work on the £2.3bn development.

The project, which will transport polyhalite along a 23-mile underground tunnel to Teesside, is expected to create thousands of jobs during its construction and operation.

In its first judgement, it gave Sirius shares a price target of 40p - more than double the current price of 18.25p.

JP Morgan analyst Luke Nelson said Sirius is the cheapest stock in the bank’s mining portfolio....

"Site investigation has been under way since the end of last year, while an additional drilling rig, similar to that used during the company’s exploration of the site, is expected on site at the end of February.

Last month, highways work to improve the junctions of site access roads and other minor highways improvements close to the mine site in Whitby will begin - and should be completed by April 7.

The full site preparation phase is expected to start in the second quarter. Highway work is already underway and it is expected to end on April 7.

Detailed engineering, design and commercial work have also begun."

Cazenove .... Heath ... Ledger :-))

time flies ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdSFSL-Ml2A&list=RDWdSFSL-Ml2A&index=1

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SXX: Mine Craft

Link  (if you missed it)


Awesome stuff from Razor. ... first product 2021






"I think Fraser was very calm and dignified in the face of the blatant racism he was subjected to."

Bizzy ... WiP.

Boom Town :-)



"investors disappointed by the terms of November’s equity and bond placing would do well to remember the North Yorkshire potash development is now actually going to happen. It even has takers. And while the shares’ decline below the 20p underwriting price might irk shareholders wowed by the momentum seen in early 2016, there will be catalysts for a rise in the share price ahead if Sirius can bring the initial stages of its infrastructure spend under budget or ahead of schedule. The prize is to be a leading global producer and supplier of multi-nutrient fertiliser from 2021. And with initial unit operating costs of just $32.6 a tonne, against a forecast per-tonne price of $158 in the first decade of production, it’s not hard to see why many people are big believers in the project.

Commodity: polyhalite/potash."

I ain't Asking...



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SXX : An Industry


"Dash for gas — and move on from nuclear power folly - If an industry cannot finance itself after decades, it’s time to try another industry"

"Remember “Nuclear power? No thanks”? That sunny, smiling sticker which was almost standard on the back of every Citroen Deux-Chevaux? How we smiled at such naivety. Nuclear power was the future! The fume-belching little 2CV may have gone the way of the Trabant but, after another grim week for the nuclear industry, it seems those stickers may have been right after all."

"A financially viable nuclear power station looks increasingly like a mirage. Even the eye-watering guarantee from the UK taxpayer for Hinkley Point C is not enough to cover the risk that building it will bankrupt EDF. Toshiba’s woes have claimed the scalp of its chairman. Hitachi is signalling that its project in Anglesey needs government backing to proceed. It’s telling that after 60 years of mostly successful operation, commercial viability still eludes the nuclear power industry. Perhaps we have been lucky to have avoided serious accidents and the decommissioning costs were hugely underestimated — but the combination of ever-rising safety demands and cheap hydrocarbons has destroyed its economics. Appealing for fresh state aid looks like a desperate last throw of the nuclear dice. If an industry cannot finance its own projects after half a century of development, it may be time to try another industry."

"Fortunately, other industries are available. The cheapest and quickest fix is to build gas-fired power stations, to tap into worldwide abundance and increasingly diverse supply, even before domestic fracking gets going in the UK. Unfortunately, the artificial barriers imposed by today’s energy policy are preventing this subsidy-free solution. For the longer term, the price of solar energy continues to fall and smart meters that really are smart will start managing the demand side of the equation. Even offshore wind looks a better bet than nuclear as battery technology evolves. Instead, we have a cat’s cradle of subsidies to generate electricity and, through grants for electric cars, subsidies to use more of it. This was self-evidently stupid, even before the impact of the seismic changes across the Atlantic, where cheap energy is a cornerstone of Trumponomics. Subsidising “green” power generation in the UK will not prevent our competitiveness decreasing as America pumps up its output of oil and gas. Abandoning nuclear means facing reality on the likely path of future carbon dioxide emissions. It means repealing the Climate Change Act with its arbitrary targets for dramatic cuts, passed near-unanimously by parliament in 2007 in an orgy of self-indulgence. Legislate in haste, repent at leisure."

"Cazenove’s star buy Mining analysts tend to tell their clients to buy at the top (when everything looks wonderful) and sell at the bottom (when prices are depressed enough to threaten bankruptcy). Cazenove’s 51-page tome on the joys of digging fertiliser out of Yorkshire at least avoids this trap since the price of Sirius Minerals has more than halved in six months. The brokers think the shares could now more than double. There’s plenty there to mine but it’s underneath a National Park, so must be spirited out without disturbing the landscape. The proposed solution is a 23-mile underground conveyor, which would be a world first by about 22 miles. The mechanics scarcely bear thinking about. The financing is almost as heroic as the engineering, with more than 4bn shares, a convertible bond and a royalty deal on top of the debt. Those who paid 20p a share in the last finance round are 2p a share down already — and can only hope that Caz is right, and this is Sirius’s darkest hour."

Repent Repent !!

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Breaking Cart'ellas


"The news out of India today is highlighting a proposal by the Indian government to cut the potash subsidy by 17% in order reduce fiscal debt. Doing so, however, would have the effect of raising the prices paid by companies that import it; India relies on imports to meet its roughly 4 million tonnes of potash demand annually. That in turn would lead to a reduction in Indian demand, which would affect producer companies like Uralkali, Potash Corp, Agrium Inc, Mosaic, K+S, Arab Potash and Israel Chemicals....

The proposal still has to passed by the Indian Cabinet headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Contracts signed by India and China are considered global benchmarks."


"China has signed a long-awaited annual contract for the fertiliser potash with BPC, the export arm of Belaruskali, at a higher than expected price of $219 a tonne...

BPC said it had agreed with a consortium of Chinese buyers — Sinochem, CNAMPGC and Cnooc — to supply potash at that price until the end of the year. The annual contract with China, the world’s largest buyer of potash, has traditionally acted as a benchmark for fertiliser producers. Its absence until now had depressed demand and sales volumes."





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"The project’s area of interest contains the world’s largest known high-grade polyhalite deposit, which has an estimated life of greater than 50 years..."

The Broom.

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SXX: Fee Fi Fo Thumb


"The men behind the inspiration for the "Woodsmith" name are both well-known geologists in the area. Peter Woods played a leading role in the exploration of the potash deposit that led to the development of Boulby mine in the late 1960s, where he became Chief Geologist and stayed for the next fifteen years. Peter’s geological knowledge, coupled with his understanding of the sensitivity of the local environment, has been an important part of the development of the Sirius project. Rick Smith and his team at FWS Consultants led the initial geological appraisal, conceptual modelling, seismic interpretation and surveying, and resource exploration drilling for the project, and remain involved today."

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The Only Way is ... Potash

Motley Moments:


"... The thickness of high-grade polyhalite of 22.1 metres is over four times greater than the assumed 5 metre thickness and the grade of the assayed sections of the high-grade beds average 95.7%, which is above the top end of the Exploration Target grade range..."

'We imagine. We collaborate. We innovate'



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SXX: Formalities


"11:55am 8th May 2017

Sirius Minerals has confirmed that the construction of its polyhalite project at the Woodsmith Mine site near Whitby formally started on 4 May 2017.

The North York Moors National Park Authority continues to work with Sirius Minerals to ensure that the amenities of local residents and the surrounding sensitive environment are adequately safeguarded from the impacts of the construction.

A number of arrangements have been put in place to ensure that the agreed environmental mitigation and compensation works detailed in the associated S106 agreement will deliver the positive mitigation measures proposed to help offset the impacts of the mine development.

Andy Wilson, Chief Executive Officer at the North York Moors National Park said:

“We appreciate that there will be some disruption during the construction stage of the mine and are working closely with all parties to carry out mitigation and ensure that we can deliver the range of positive projects funded by the S106 agreement.”

Andy added:

“The Authority has appointed two key posts to lead on the monitoring of the mine construction. Briony Fox, Director of Polyhalite Projects joined us on 3 April and Robert Smith will take up the position of Senior Minerals Planner later in May. He will be responsible for ensuring the mine is delivered in accordance with the very detailed planning approval.”

Underpinned by Ms Rhinehart?

"“It’s very frustrating that there’s wastage going on and that so little attention, real ­attention, is given to making ­ourselves attractive for investment.”



"The first injection from Sirius Minerals Plc comes after the recent start of construction operations.

First year awards from the foundation are due to prioritise grants of between £500 to £5,000.

The foundation is designed to support community projects and initially it is intended that the grants will prioritise support for communities and residents that are located more closely to the construction of Sirius’ North Yorkshire polyhalite project – including communities within ten miles of the Woodsmith Mine and five miles of the mine infrastructure.

Gareth Edmunds, director of external affairs at Sirius Minerals Plc, said: “The Sirius Minerals’ board and management committed to the establishment of the foundation in 2012 and it is something that we believe passionately in.

“It is deliberately designed to put money back into the community and we expect it to become a meaningful part of the local community and for it to support local projects for many decades to come.”

Foundation chairman David Archer added: “We are delighted that the Foundation can access its first substantial funding from Sirius, which is the first step in realising our ambition of making a positive difference to the local community and the lives of local people.

“The initial grant giving programme will allow us to better assess the funding priorities within our area of interest and I would encourage people to find out more on our website.”











"Following the issue of the formal decision notice in October 2015, the Authority has both met with Representatives of Sirius Minerals/York Potash and dealt with a total of 16 ‘planning type applications/notification’ to agree minor changes and fill in the details required by conditions for the early phase of construction together with putting in place restoration bond (£8.05m) and payment security ESCROW account (£24.87m) arrangements required by the NYM S106 Agreement needed to formally ‘commence the development’.

As of early May 2017 those arrangements have now been satisfactorily put in place and the formal ‘commencement of development ‘ is considered to have taken place on the 4th May 2017."


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SXX: Foundations


"6:00am 10th May 2017

The Sirius Minerals Foundation is launching its first grant programme after receiving its first £2 million of funding from Sirius Minerals Plc.

The Foundation, which is an independent charity, was set up as a community fund to spend a share of revenues from Sirius Minerals’ Woodsmith Mine near Whitby. The first funding of £2 million has become available following the recent commencement of construction of Sirius’ mine.

Once in production Sirius Minerals will contribute an annual royalty of 0.5% of sales from its Woodsmith Mine to the Foundation. This lasting commitment to the community will see the Foundation ultimately benefit from millions of pounds a year, with some estimates putting the figure over £10 million per year....

"Initially the Foundation will prioritise its support for communities and residents that are located more closely to the construction of Sirius’ North Yorkshire polyhalite project. These include communities within ten miles of the Woodsmith Mine and five miles of the mine infrastructure (such as the mineral transport system access points or the material handling facility at Teesside).

The Foundation will host two open evenings to answer questions from members of the public and to explain its funding programme and early priorities. The evenings will be on Monday 15 May at Performance Hall, TunedIn in Redcar and Tuesday 16 May at St Bede’s Hall, Sneaton Castle in Whitby.

Refreshments will be served at 6.30pm with each event running from 7pm to 8.30pm.

The Foundation will provide a lasting legacy for the local community for generations to come. Its initial grant giving launch is the beginning of an enduring project which is expected to continue for at least a century."

Paddy.... such a pro ;-)

Marmite ... mebbe its maybeline


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SXX: Sorted


"A THIRD-GENERATION distribution firm is helping bosses behind a landmark 1,000-job mining development ramp up construction.

AV Dawson has welcomed the first freight train carrying materials for Sirius Minerals’ £2.4bn York Potash project.

Bosses say the train brought aggregates to AV Dawson’s Middlesbrough base, on the banks of the River Tees, which were unloaded and moved by road to Sirius’ mine site, near Whitby.

Sirius’ development, known as the Woodsmith Mine, is expected to create more than 1,000 direct jobs and support a similar number in the supply chain when it begins operations.

It aims to extract the fertiliser polyhalite, which is reputed for its potassium, magnesium, sulphur and calcium content that encourages strong crop growth, with production planned to get underway in late 2021.

The work is a further boon for AV Dawson, which was founded in 1938 when Vernie and Eleanor Dawson spent £50 for horse Dina, her shoes and a cart to deliver coal.

More recently, officials have spent millions to strengthen operations, which has included a £2.6m investment in a rail terminal to make it a more attractive proposition for customers.

Neil McShane, rail manager, said its Sirius partnership was evidence of its enduring reputation and commitment to growth, which also saw the business create jobs and build a £3.4m deepwater quay to service larger vessels.

He added: “Hundreds of thousands of tonnes of aggregates are needed for a project of this size and we’ve been in discussions with the various teams involved for a while.

“It’s really exciting to see this first train bringing aggregates into our rail terminal.

“We’re on hand to support the project in a number of ways, including rail and road haulage, importing material through our quayside and also providing a stockpiling facility to allow Sirius to better manage supplies.”

Sirius last week confirmed formal construction has now started on its mine after weeks of preparatory work, which has included road improvements.

Earlier this year, The Northern Echo revealed the business, which has switched to the London Stock Exchange’s Main Market from the AIM Market to raise its international status, aims to start drilling mine shafts this summer, with work earmarked to begin between July and September.

The firm, which already has a stock of supply agreements in place, including a deal with a US-based firm to annually dispatch 1.5 million tonnes for at least seven years, is also speaking to potential new clients, with crop trials having started in North America, Brazil, China, Africa and Asia.

Sirius will move its polyhalite underground on a transport system to Wilton, near Redcar, where it will be stored before being delivered to customers from a new harbour."


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SXX: May Presentation 2017

'About Growth'  - Consume


Crystal clear.... Choose wisely ;-)




Slide two/page three

8.1mtpa total customer commitments (squared) erm that wee 2 thing ...

Slide four/page three

"2017 milestones

Complete site preparation works at Woodsmith and Lockwood Beck

Substantially complete “D wall”installation for production and service shafts

Progress design activities for MTS and front -end design for harbour and MHF"

Oh. http://uk.mobile.reuters.com/article/idUKKCN18D0VM

Chews wisely ...