Posturing, Pomp & Practice

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Too posh to push? Sometimes political posturing can be quite painful.  So can bunions.

Platforms or twin Towers?

Procrastination, tis the thief of time.

Pushing political agendas aside.

And the biggest rise in tourism is?

Mind for the clinically obsessed, tis a boot camp.

Wind up merchant... Moi?

Must be all that camping and fresh air ;-)

Like a Virgin... all in the best surgical spirit.

Tristian Hunt ... mebbe. Ah, so .... Jeremy

Tick, Tock.

Tis Elemental ;-)

Temporary Accommodation?

A Willbewas or a Soul Catcher.

tis a speciality. Tennis.

Hmmm ...

Ah, so ... the Book you wish you'd never started to read ...

'Surface Detail' by Iain M Banks

Mind,  ya can't kill an idea.

Bon Voyage.




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What Goes Up ...

"6:36pm 24th January 2017
(Updated 7:14pm 24th January 2017)

Sir Richard Branson has told Sky News he finds it "astonishing" that President Donald Trump wants to roll back measures to protect the environment which were brought in by his predecessors.

The billionaire and green ambassador was talking to Dermot Murnaghan as part of Sky's Ocean Rescue campaign to reduce plastic waste.

Sir Richard said, in the absence of leadership from the White House on the threats of pollution and climate change, "business leaders are going to have to step in and work with the public in doing what we believe to be right".

:: Trump revives Dakota and Keystone XL pipeline projects

He also backed Sky's campaign to introduce a deposit scheme for single use plastic bottles, which is fiercely resisted by the soft drinks industry.

The Government has trialled such a scheme in Scotland and is now mulling a national roll-out as part of its consultation into extending a ban on microbeads.

The Virgin founder said: "It's not just the people who use the bottles who will take them back: if someone is foolish enough to leave a plastic bottle lying around, kids will make some money on the side from it.

"So I think it is a fantastic idea and one that should be encouraged."

Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom has also backed the Sky campaign, and said the Government's consultation will look not just at banning microbeads in household products but reducing other plastic waste.

She told Sky News: "My personal commitment and this Government's commitment is to be the first generation that leaves our environment in a better place than we found it so that absolutely includes looking more at what else we can do."

When asked why the UK's recycling rate lags behind Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany she said: "Coming from a low start we've massively increased the amount of household recycling, waste reduction, the amounts going to landfill and so on."

Committing to a new long term litter strategy to make dropping rubbish "as socially unacceptable as drink driving," she told Sky News: "Of course there's a lot more we can do, and our ambition is high and the action we are taking is very strong."

But Labour's shadow environment secretary Rachael Maskell said the Conservatives cannot be trusted on the environment.

She said: "We saw the scrapping of the Department of Energy and Climate Change, where we have seen (the issue) moved off the agenda.

"A promised 25 year plan hasn't emerged, and we were then promised a five-year framework by the end of last year. Again: no sign of it."

However, some British environmentalists are encouraged by Theresa May's recent support for Government action to affect behaviour.

The 5p plastic bag tax produced an 85% drop in their use and there is hope among green groups that the consultation and litter strategy will promote state intervention.

But the UK is struggling to meet an EU recycling target of 50% of household waste by 2020. Currently the country ranks about 10th out of 28 member states.

:: You can find out more about Sky Ocean Rescue and get involved by visiting the campaign's website.

To discover the scale of the damage caused by plastic disposed in oceans, watch A Plastic Tide on Sky Atlantic at 8pm tonight or on Sky News at 8pm on Wednesday."

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Stealth n Health

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Health Tourists

"A Public Accounts Committee report says the system for recouping costs from overseas patients is "chaotic".

Chairwoman Meg Hillier attacked the government's "failure to get a grip" as "simply unacceptable".

The Department of Health said it would be announcing "further steps very shortly to recover up to £500m a year".

Ms Hillier, MP for Hackney South and Shoreditch, said the NHS was missing out on "vital funds".

"The public rightly expects the government to enforce the rules, and more can and should be done to recover money," she said.

The report calls on the Department of Health to publish an action plan by June, "setting out specific actions, milestones and performance measures for increasing the amount recovered from overseas visitors".

NHS hospital care in England is free for UK residents, but those visiting from overseas are charged for non-emergency treatment.

In October, it was revealed the government was expected to fall short of its target of recovering £500m a year from overseas visitors and the Department of Health "refined" its target for 2017-18 to £346m.

Responding to the PAC report, a Department of Health official said: "This government was the first to put measures in place to make sure the NHS recoups money from people who are not eligible for free care.

"Some hospitals are already doing great work, and the amount of income identified has more than trebled in three years, to £289m.

"However, there is more to be done to make sure that if people are not eligible for free care, they pay for it.

"We will be announcing further steps very shortly to recover up to £500m a year by the middle of this Parliament..."

Matter ...  do.

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Biology 'Fit 4 the Future'

"NHS Hambleton, Richmondshire and Whitby Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and partners have shared an update on the remodelling of Whitby Hospital project which includes refreshed project milestones.

These key milestones for the redevelopment of the existing hospital site are as follows:

  • Procurement of a construction partner will commence in February 2017
  • Indicative floor plans completed by end March 2017
  • Master planning exercise for the new site underway in conjunction with North Yorkshire County Council to be completed by end March 2017
  • Indicative date to start on site in the Autumn of 2017"

"...The bid to recreate Scarborough in the computer game Minecraft is gathering momentum.

It's being done as part of 'Coastival', which takes place on February 18 and 19 at the Scarborough Spa. 

Iconic buildings from the town have been recreated in 3D form, such as the castle, Spa, the Rotunda, the lighthouse, Grand Hotel and many more."

Anyone seen any placards re patient waiting times at the local Hozzy?