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An English mans home is his castle (by PH 2012)

"11+ years of stress, sleep depravation, and suffering at the hands of the holiday tourist in the Holiday Let is much longer than many a prison sentence in the UK today.

There is help at hand some of it will cost you but below is my free self help guide, tips and legislation to help you.  Always take legal advice and stay within the law.

30th March 2012.  Daily Mail Pg, 35.

At Croydons Magistrates Court, Maureen Pool told the accused, Mrs Perry. “You cannot go around breaking the law, even if you are 87.  Your neighbours have a right to live in peace and tranquillity.”  Well said Maureen Pool, Magistrate.

With over eleven years of experience in dealing with such an issue I would like to share with you the lengths to which you may have to go in order to resolve the issue, as yet we have not.  Some of it is not pretty nor should you judge unless you have experienced the scourge of the ‘holiday let’.  In eleven years of recognised misery from these neighbours from hell we have never received one apology from the owner nor from the numerous agents.

Real neighbours you can talk to and joke about what you can hear and just maybe they may tone it down.  And we do have some fantastic neighbours.  But due to a solicitors letter we cannot talk to the property owner of the Holiday Let.

So my self help Topics will include tips on:-

  1. Responsibilities and Accountability
  2. Solicitors
  3. Keeping the costs down
  4. Insurance
  5. Letters & phone calls
  6. Receiving revengeful antics.

A Holiday Home, as I understand, is a second home which I am lead to believe cannot be rented out.  It is predominantly used by the owner and their family as a holiday home away from home for weekends and holidays.  However I am aware that these properties can also be as troublesome.

A Holiday Let, is NOT the owners domicile / home, it is their Business property, owned for the sole purpose of creating income for the owner / and or agent.

Advertised for rent by the owner’s agent and /or the owner.

It is these properties that are the real scourge of the holiday trade.

This business is potentially 24/7, 52 weeks of the year, 366 days for 2012.

We do not even get a break at Christmas and New Year.

Check out the agents web site for the properties details and booking vacancies.

The owner will live no where near the property and is totally oblivious to what is going on.

Ringing the agent is, in my experience a waste of time.  And if they do pass on your complaint to the “trade”, then revenge will be forth coming.

The question again is “Do you want a Holiday Let next door?”  It is stressful, you never know who, what and when the next incident is going to be, never mind happen!  Loss of sleep and it does take over your life.

Patience is a virtue!!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMERPNrprkk

So some tips.

1.  Responsibility and accountability for a noise complaint.

If you are a house owner yourself, you are responsible and accountable for any noise complaint made against you.

If you are tenant of a flat / house etc it is the tenant who is responsible and accountable for any noise complaint.

If you are a “holiday maker / Trade”, it is the responsibility of the property owner for any noise complaint.  It is them that Environmental Health Dept. EHD will deal with.  It appears the holiday maker / trade has no accountability!!!!!

SBC EHD are very good, follow their guidelines and who knows they may resolve the problem.  Just keep filling in the diary and SBC CP8 forms.

2.  Solicitors.

Before embarking down this route, there a few things which need to be considered.

Try to resolve the situation amicably, but once you have received their first solicitors letter you know that option is out. You now know they will hide behind their solicitors apron, as now you are, and will be the intimidated one.

They are not cheap, as they have overheads and you can expect to pay £200/£300 / hr, but they are knowledgeable.  As we all know they represent both sides of the court, the guilty and the innocent.

Does the owner of the property next door have the same solicitor as you?   If they do or your solicitor has done work for them, then there is what I believe they call a ‘conflict of interest’ and they will not act for you against them.  Find out if there is a conflict of interest.  Best advice is to go out of town for a solicitor, Leeds, Newcastle, some where other than Whitby.  Use a family members solicitor.

Keep a diary and with time it will pay off.

3.  Keeping costs down.

Solicitors can write lovely letters but a lot of the letters, phone calls and work that is needed to be carried out can be done personally.  Solicitor will advise you but below is the type of list I was given.

4.  Insurance.

Before embarking on any legal argument with the owner of a property next door ensure you have ‘legal cover’ with your Home Insurance Policy.

The sharp eyed amongst you will have noted (in previous blogg) in the ‘booking conditions’ the sentence “adversely affect any insurance of the property”.  My insurance provider has informed me that once the ‘booking conditions’ have been broken then this invalidates that ‘properties insurance’, hence the quote in the ‘booking conditions’ from the letting agent.  So it is important to keep a diary as this evidence is useful for that properties insurance company to void any claim made by the owner should your property be adversely affected.

5.  Letters and phone calls.

Be accountable, when there is a name (your) and address the recipient of your enquiry will be more attentive and helpful, and take your concerns more seriously.

Grant Snapps MP

Re 'Hell neighbours face swift justice'. - Daily Mail Pg29 11th Jan 2010.

I wrote to Grant Snapps, Minister for Housing, The House of Commons, London, putting my case forward for Holiday Let neighbours from hell to be included in Government plans to deal with Hell Neighbours.

Got a prompt and informative reply.

Land registry. 

Do you actually know who owns the property?  This is important.

You (or your solicitor) can get this information from the Land Registry for a small fee and with a computer you can do this on line or by post.  Good old postman Pat, got to keep them in a job.


Cost as of 26/03/12 is £19.95.

This is a very useful document as not only does it tell you who owns the property, but who also has a stake / claim in the property ie mortgage.  It details any Covenants, which are legal bindings as to the restrictions attached to said property.

If you like reading books and can get to grips with legal terms try:

Covenants Affecting Land.  A Practical guide by Andrew Olins.  www.ricsbooks.com


If the property has a mortgage, the Banks name will be there.  Write to that bank highlighting the problems you are receiving from the business property.  If the Bank is not aware that this property is a business the owner may have a few questions to answer.

Covenants will also be listed, in my case written by Quakers who knew a thing or to about disrespectful neighbours and inconveniences.

Extract dated 15th March 1898.

No building to be erected on any part of the parcel of land expressed to be conveyed by the above written indenture is to be used for the sale of ale beer wine or spirits or other intoxicating liquors nor for a butchers slaughter house livery stable or public auction room nor for any dry well or cess pool nor any trades or business in which a steam engine is required nor for any trade or business operation or manufactory whereby any noise smell or inconvenience may be heard smelt or perceived upon any adjoining premises nor is any trade or business whatsoever except that of a boarding or lodging house keeper or school keeper to be carried upon the said parcel of land or in any building for the time being standing thereon.

Valuation Officer. www.voa.gov.uk/

 “The VOA is an executive agency of HM Revenue and Customs and is responsible for business rates, council tax, Rent Officer Functions, valuations for”

A quick letter here is self explanatory.

From my experience very informative and helpful.

Scarborough Borough Council.

Does SBC actually know this is a ‘Business Property’, is it creating ‘Business Waste’, does it need a ‘Trade Bin’.  A trade bin is green with an orange lid and gets weekly collections which the owner pays for.

From my experience SBC are very informative and helpful.

HM Revenue and Customs.  www.hmrc.gov.uk/

Are HMR aware that the owner of the property is receiving and declaring income from this business both cash in hand and via the agent.

Building Control, Local Office.

From my experience, very friendly to approach and will act upon your concerns.  For this you may need details of the inside layout of the property.  Easy if it is a back to back copy of your own property

www.communities.gov.uk/planningandbuilding/buildingregulations/Cached - SimilarYou +1'd this publicly. Undo

We are working to ensure that buildings are safe, healthy, accessible and ... oversee and improve the functioning of the building control system and the statutory

Self explanatory, write / ring to the local office and highlight your concerns, which could lead to a double visit from Building Control and the local Fire Officer.  They will confirm the number of “trade” allowed to sleep in such a property.

Local Fire Officer.

From my experience once Building Control is involved the Fire officer is also involved.  Such things they look into are escape routes, Fire doors, alarm systems, fire fighting tools for the property.  They will then recommend and enforce any alterations required.

6.  Receiving Revenge.

Having made a complaint against the owner of the property you will receive revengeful antics, which is about the best way to describe them.  In my experience and reading National Newspapers, it is never carried out by the owner.  It is the immediate family, nephews, nieces and their families who, on their repeated stays, make their presence well known as highlighted by EHD in the letter to the owner (previous blogg).  Keep the diary, car registrations etc.

To demonstrate on such incident.

I had returned from the local building supplier with lengths of copper pipe for some plumbing work.  This was witnessed by the gentleman staying next door whom we have had dealings with before.  Later that night we received a phone call, Caller ID withheld.  I answered the call.  Is that Mr Blunt Nib, Yes and the gentleman then proceeded to tell me (at about 1900hrs) that he was from the Industries Board.  A small mistake from him as it is the Joint Industries Board (JIB).  Being a JIB card holder I continued to listen.  After numerous spurious questions I asked him why he was asking such trivial question.  Well, what language followed is unprintable.

So who do you think made that phone call??

Is that not a malicious phone call covered by the Telecoms Act in law??

What would postman Pat say at Telecoms Tower?

The next day I had a lorry load of logs delivered, my son-in-law and grandson came over to help stack the logs.  The male “trade” got in his car. Reversed it out of the parking space and drove up to the boundary line no more than 10ft from us.  He was mouthing obscenities, shaking and banging the steering wheel whilst gunning the engine in a menacing way.  We ignored the mad man behind the wheel, but my grandson asked “why is he doing that granddad?”

What if the car was in gear and the foot slipped off the clutch peddle?

It is worth noting the following :- This passage I have quoted from the Institute of Advanced Motorists Winter 2009 Magazine page 32,

One of failing to stop the engine when the vehicle is stationary other than through enforced stoppage in traffic.  (Reg 98 Motor Vehicle {Construction and use} Regulations 1986).  This particular regulation is aimed at preventing noise and exhaust emissions, and some local authorities have the power to enforce it.  Para 123 of the Highway Code covers this issue as well."

As the extract from the Environmental Health Office highlights how keeping a diary can pin point family members who take it upon themselves to enact revenge for reporting the owner and the “trade” to the authorities.

Do you want to live next door to a Holiday Let?

What is the mind set of the “trade”?  They are here for a week / fortnight / long weekend.  As I said before ‘they’ are the fish in the fish bowl and like every good a Neighbour Hood Watch scheme we see and hear what goes on.  But they think they are the first and only ones to behave in such a manner, no one will notice and no one will mind!!  Wrong, Blunt Nib has 11+ years experience of dealing with “trade”. 

Remember holiday lets are potentially 24/7, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year.

“So what if we “the trade” have a party, we are only here for a week.”

Yeah ok but that’s 52 parties a year we will be next to.  Get the picture.

Do you want to live next door to a holiday let??

Why are the booking conditions never adhered to and enforced?  It’s called small print for a reason – no one reads it!!!  But they have signed the legally binding contract saying they have.

Why turn up with 4 dogs, the booking conditions stipulate 1 well behaved dog.

Why did the property owner let them stay?

The slogan on the back of the truck said “PAWS FOR THOUGHT”.  It is a pity they did not follow that advice as they left their 4 spaniel dogs and their friends dog alone in the property alone, unattended.  Five barking howling dogs all recorded on EHD recording equipment.  You see they had been before and I had recorded their last visit in my diary, so a quick phone call to EHD got me the equipment next day and bingo a successful recording.

It is recognised by EHD that one of the most stressful noises for a neighbour is dogs barking in next door.

When Paws For Thought departed the property, their dogs were put in the garden, shortly after 6am, to bark constantly and do their business (which was not cleaned up), their noisy truck was started at the same time and allowed to tick over unattended.  See Reg 98 Motor Vehicle below and note also that ‘Quitting’ a vehicle also invalidates insurance, therefore the vehicles owner cannot make any claim should the vehicle be stolen once left unattended.  Remember national press stories of car thefts whilst cars are warmed up on a driveway unattended in winter.

Quote:- "Commonly known as 'quitting' a vehicle with its engine running and a separate one of failing to stop the engine when the vehicle is stationary other than through enforced stoppage in traffic.  (Reg 98 Motor Vehicle {Construction and use} Regulations 1986).  This particular regulation is aimed at preventing noise and exhaust emissions, and some local authorities have the power to enforce it.  Para 123 of the Highway Code covers this issue as well."

Another lady staying with 2 children, (husband joining them later) had a dog and the conversation went like this.  (Top tip always allow the trade to speak to you first)

That’s a noisy little chap you’ve got there.

Yes he is.

He knows how to bark and howl.

Yes he does, did you hear him yesterday?

Yes we did.

I thought you would not mind us leaving the dog in the house as we saw that you also have a dog!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes I have a dog but that does not mean I want to listen to your dog barking and howling in the house all day!  It is mentioned in the booking conditions that you must not be a nuisance to the neighbours and must not leave a dog unattended in the property.

Oh, the booking conditions you say, I did not read that far down the list.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2aha4uEpEQ&index=1&list=RDQ2aha4uEpEQ

You can always tell when departure day is, as the vacuuming frenzy starts.  0030 hrs is not the time to start vacuuming the bedrooms and front room, and neither is 0530 hrs.  Vacuum cleaners should be locked up and a dust pan and brush provided.

Once the “trade” has gone, the cleaners arrive and the vacuuming, door slamming etc starts all over again, not forgetting the repeated smoke alarm tests.

Other problems with holiday lets is you never know when maintenance is to be carried out.

To open the bedroom curtains at 0645 hrs, due to the noise, commotion and flashing orange lights on the street below.  To find a man in a cherry picker basket outside your bedroom window is not appropriate.

BBQ’s - disposable ones are lit with no regard for neighbours washing or their open windows.

I could go on and on with such stories and about bedroom antics from next door but you would only get bored.

But just so you get the picture, during one site visit from EHD, as one sat in my house, the other next door.  The EHD representative said “I did not realise how thin these walls are, I can hear and understand everything my boss is saying to the owner next door.”

It is time somebody from Whitby Parish Council, Town Council or Scarborough Borough Council took this scourge to heart and recognised it is a problem and legislation is required.  A register of suitable properties IS required.  Good luck Vanda Inman in your research and I am more than happy to help in your research, who knows it may help others from suffering.

Build an estate of holiday lets and let them all annoy the hell out of each other!!

If you live in a town / terraced house you may need two diaries.

Be very afraid if you see a “For Sale” sign – it could be another Holiday Let.

I have considered a web site for all disgruntled neighbours of Holiday Lets.  It would be the reverse of Trip Advisor, where the neighbours of the “trade” back home can see how their neighbours are behaving on holiday.

3189 words of wisdom, you decide."

Blunt Nib.


Ah, so ....  tis thin on the ground 

The Tempest in Ten : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lq2YEqSZo54


Oh, OK: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-38385697




Ah, so ...

The Civic Society :-)





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Gnomes & New Neighbours?


"England's first garden villages have been proposed for 14 sites spread across the country from Devon to Cumbria, the government has announced.

Ministers have lent their support to 14 planned developments which will each deliver between 1,500 and 10,000 properties and establish new villages.

Larger garden towns in Buckinghamshire, Somerset and the Essex-Hertfordshire border were also approved.

The 17 new areas could provide almost 200,000 new homes, the government says.

The latest plans are in addition to seven garden towns that have already been announced.

The plans for garden towns and cities are expected to create new communities with green spaces, good transport links and high quality affordable homes to help tackle a lack of housing...."

Holiday Lets or Temporary Housing?


Best not mention Hull ;-)


Ssssh  ... there is a mini war going on with the new neighbours... temporarily ... will keep you posted ;-))


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"THE FATE of a Scarborough landmark is expected to be sealed next week as councillors are asked to approve funding for its demolition.

Councillors are expected to agree the authority should meet the expected £4m cost of bulldozing the Futurist Theatre on the South Bay sea front.

The theatre’s future has been the subject of a longrunning battle in the town amid calls for investment to preserve it as a venue that could attract world class productions.


It has been boarded up since 2014 when the existing operator’s licence came to an end and the council, which owns the building, was unable to find a new one.

The council’s position has remained unchanged since 2013 that the building is beyond repair and redevelopment is the best option.

Flamingo Land, the North Yorkshire theme park, has an agreement in place to buy the site for a new sea front attraction.

However, the deal is based on Scarborough Council clearing the site before Flamingo Land moves in.

Demolishing the Futurist will be complicated by the instability in the slope behind the building.

A report for councillors prepared ahead of next week’s meeting says a safe method of demolishing the building has now been found.

It warns the alternative to approving funding for the building’s demolition would be the council paying for ongoing maintenance to prevent it becoming a danger to health and safety.

The report says: “The council is already facing financial challenges due to austerity.

“Members would need to be mindful of the impact of any ongoing budgetary requirements in respect of the theatre.”

Flamingo Land’s commitment to redeveloping the site “remain strong”, the report says.

A £4m budget for the demolition of the Futurist was earmarked by the council last Febriary.

Campaigners will continue to try and convince councillors to revisit plans for the Futurist ahead of next week’s meeting.

In its latest leaflet, the Save the Futurist campaign claims the cost of repairing and restoring the building would come to just £3m, less than the expected cost of demolition.

“Once modernised and restored, our Futurist theatre could be a sustainable community asset capable of continually attracting world-class product, many thousands of cultural tourists and the associated economic boost; benefiting every Scarborough resident for years to come,” it says.

The campaign group said it wanted councillors to “consider and reconsider the far reaching social, economic and cultural consequences of their decision, irrespective of party-politics”.

It continued: “We appeal to our councillors’ good sense in allowing us to once and for all prove that Scarborough’s Futurist, fully modernised and beautifully restored is an economic and cultural asset worth saving.”

Flamingo Land revealed its plans for the Futurist site last year. The new indoor attraction will be called Flamingo Land Coast and will include a water-slide, lake and a space-rocket-themed thrill ride.

Scarborough Council will consider the proposal to demolish the Futurist at its meeting on Monday."

And they say absence makes the heart ... fonder?

Mind over matter.


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North Sea Fish -Shaken

"Earthquake of 3.8 magnitude strikes off Scarborough coast

The UK has between 20 and 30 quakes powerful enough to be felt by humans each year - but this one was some way out to sea...

An earthquake with a magnitude of 3.8 has struck off the Scarborough coast, according to the British Geological Survey.

It was centred 93 miles east of the town at a depth of 11 miles and hit at around 6.50pm.

According to local media, there were no reports of the quake being felt on land.

Social media users were not too worried, with some posting mocked-up photos of overturned wheelie bins and broken garden gnomes.

Despite 3.8 being small compared to earthquakes in other countries, magnitude 4 earthquakes happen on average only every two years in Britain..."


"Other recent earthquakes in the UK include a magnitude 0.9 tremor in Kirkbride, Cumbria, on Monday and 0.8 in Blakedown, Worcestershire, on Sunday.

The UK has between 20 and 30 earthquakes strong enough to be felt by people each year, with a few hundred smaller ones strong enough to be picked up by sensitive instruments.

The BGS website says earthquakes on the east coast of the UK are relatively rare, although the North Sea is "more active than the mainland".






Cheers ;-) Never felt a thing ...


best get that fracking rig hidden in the Futurist shifted pdq ...

Ah, so ... the Skeleton Coast ?

Oh, OK:






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MP : Tied to the Mast


"8:36am 4th January 2017

A public meeting's being held tomorrow by campaigners trying to save Scarborough's Futurist Theatre.

It comes ahead of a council meeting next week where borough councillors will get a vote on the proposal to demolish the venue and will be requested to approve the allocation of £4 million to knock it down.

The meeting, held by the Save the Futurist Theatre Campaign Group takes place at the YMCA on St Thomas Street at 7pm.

It's proposed the site will accommodate a new themed attraction run by Flamingoland.

Speaking to us a few months ago, Scarborough MP Robert Goodwill said:

"I think that would be great in terms of providing employment - and another good reason why people who've maybe been to Scarborough lots of times in the past will want to come again to see something new.

They've been coming to the Water Park, they'll come to the multiplex cinema and I think they'll also want to come to try the new attractions and fairground rides that would be established on the Flamingoland on the Yorkshire coast"."


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Holiday Let 'Pop Ups'

Temporary Accommodation for puppies? 


"...Police have been working with hoteliers and guest-house owners to help catch people using their premises as brothels but it is easier for them to spot such operations than owners of holiday lets.

Newquay, famous for its surfing beaches and stag and hen parties, may be targeted because of the number of potential customers – and the large stock of holiday properties.

Meredith said: “I would ask for residents to be vigilant and to contact the police if they have concerns.”


wot excitable young ladies (or lads) do to earn a living is non of my business ... however when cries of distress are heard above the 30 decibles of 'music' tis an open door. 

Puppies with bows on the Day of Aquisition?

Thats the sixth dog ... whelps.

Hold on to ya hats :-) Montpellier anyone?

Oooh tis kicking off .. again. Ssssh.


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The Magnetars


"A mysterious type of radio wave from deep space, discovered only a decade ago, has been traced to a precise source for the first time, astronomers said on Wednesday.

So-called fast radio bursts (FRBs) picked up in 2016 by a telescope in New Mexico likely emanated from a dwarf galaxy some 3bn light years from Earth, the scientists reported in the journal Nature.

FRBs flash only for an micro-instant, and can emit as much energy in a millisecond as the sun does in 10,000 years.

Exactly what causes these high-energy surges of long waves at the far end of the electromagnetic spectrum remains the subject of intense debate.

The new discovery will not settle the issue, but it definitively eliminates several theories that had been in the running, scientists said.

There have been 18 fast radio bursts registered since 2007, but only one – observed in 2012 at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, and dubbed FRB 121102 – recurred numerous times.

That prompted a team of scientists led by Shami Chatterjee of Cornell University to prepare in case it happened again.

The idea paid off: in 83 hours of observation over six months, the Karl G Jansky multi-antenna array of radio telescopes – more powerful that any to have spotted a FRB in the past – detected nine distinct pulses.

"“We now know that this particular burst comes from a dwarf galaxy more than 3bn light years from Earth,” Chatterjee said in a statement.

The discovery does not answer the core question of what produces these strange emanations that long escaped the notice of professional stargazers.

“Still, even without a clear answer, the finding is a real game-changer,” said Heino Falcke, an astronomer at Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands who was not involved in the research.

Until recently, many experts speculated that FRBs are produced by cataclysmic events such as stars exploding into supernovas, or neutron stars collapsing into black holes.

While it is possible that these one-off scenarios also produce such bursts, all of them are inconsistent with multiple pulses such as those generated by FRB 121102.

The new data also dispels another widely discussed possibility, explained Shriharsh Tendulkar, a scientist at McGill University in Montreal.

“Before we knew the distance to any FRBs, several proposed explanations for their origins said they could be coming from within, or near, our own Milky Way,” he said.

Such a close source can now be ruled out – at least in this case.

“It’s not something in our backyard,” said co-author Casey Law, an astronomer at the University of California in Berkeley.

"That still leaves plenty of room for speculation.

One of the top candidates, the astronomers suggested, is a neutron star – possibly a type known as a magnetar – surrounded by material ejected by a supernova explosion.

A neutron star – small but extremely dense – is formed by the gravitational collapse of a star not quite massive enough to produce a black hole when it explodes.

A magnetar is a type of neutron star with an extremely powerful magnetic field."

That just about explains the new neighbours....



Oh yeah, congratulations Janet.


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Humbly Bumblys

Flash Arrgggh .



Fictionary ...

Aye another 'lot'... Arrivals.

tis not funny.

Mutley tasking

Hmmm ... KnocK Knock

Who's there?

White Elephants.


Oooh err...


I should be so lucky...

Wot no wigs... tis a boy band ;-'


Ah,so ... 'fluffdom'


Now where did I park me yacht ...


Erm,  Yogurt. Yogurt. 

tis Berkley Square ... innit.

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Hmmm ... 



Snooty ...

Ah, so  ...http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-38611497

Bless: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwWT43Eb3IM

"Ingrid Seward, editor of Majesty Magazine, told BBC News Lord Snowdon and Princess Margaret had been at the heart of an "extraordinary period of glamour" for the royal family.

"They hung out with the Beatles, they hung out with Peter Sellers," she said. "It was very avant-garde."

Ms Seward, a royal biographer, said Snowdon was "extremely sad" when his marriage with Princess Margaret ended but that he had "remained friendly" with the royal family until his death.

The Snowdon Trust, the charity that gives grants to disabled students founded by Snowdon in 1981, said its thoughts were with his family.

"He helped change attitudes towards disability and campaigned tirelessly against discrimination," it said."


Don't knock what you can't afford ...

Oh;-)  https://www.thelocal.de/20161222/12-words-and-phrases-to-help-you-show-o...

Dream on ;-))

Oh. OK ;-??


Eh, So  ... he aint getting his greasy paws on it ... Apsley' Vol II  ... (1st Edition) ... happy hunting.

Grease ...


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High Ropes


"7:03am 16th January 2017

There are high hopes for Scarborough's new cinema.

Construction has started on the complex on Scarborough's North Bay and it's hoped the building will be open by Easter next year.

The £18 million development will also have a multi-storey car park and up to 7 restaurants.

Operator 'The Light' has been chosen to run it..

Chief Executive of developer Benchmark Leisure, Roland Duce, said:

"The Light have a more luxurious approach to cinema-going, much more along the lines of the sort of thing I want to do. And they're also not always just mainstream, so they will have historical and classic films being shown and there will be a more luxurious experience than most people are used to when they're going to the cinema.

We're going a long way to moving from the old idea that seaside towns are onlty interesting for four months of the Summer. To add to that, it's terrible at the moment that for a good cinema experience you've got to go to York. We want the people of York, Whitby and Bridlington coming to Scarborough - not going to York".

tis a Karma Payment plan .... ya know mutual exchange n awl. # >>>>

" ... at time of planning permission we had three operators interested ... 5* experience?  (pinocchio)

Some of the bigger operators have problems of their own ... a much more luxurious experience ... a delux (dulux) experience ... it fits in entirely ... out of season there are not so many things to do ... classic seaside season ... extend the season 365 days per year .... one or two slight changes to make it work ... The Lights are demanding changes ... to be taken to planning in the next few months ... 6/7 restaurants dotted around it ... changes ... people flow ... car park ... fundamental.  They know exactly what they want ... and I'm determined to give it ... its fantastic. ..."

Dotty Lotty.


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The Goldfish Bowl

Neighbours eh?

Attempted burgarlry, criminal damage and trespass.

tis just a log...


Oh, well :


Ne'er mind:

One day Sunshine.


"In an article for the Observer he said: "People say we must respect the referendum. We should. But democracy did not end on June 23 2016. The referendum will be no excuse if the country is driven off a cliff.

"MPs are there to exercise judgment. Delegating to Theresa May and David Davis, never mind Boris Johnson and Liam Fox, the settlement of a workable alternative to EU membership is a delusion, not just an abdication."

In his article, Mr Miliband stopped short of following the former Conservative aide James Chapman in calling for pro-Remain MPs to come together in a new party."



Ooops.  Burglary.





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Hypothetical Walls (ii)


"Following Wednesday's flash flood, questions have been raised as to why flood relief procedures put in place were not effective.

Questions have been put to Yorkshire Water about why the overflow relief valve onto Scarbough's South Bay beach wasn't opened during the mass flooding on Scarborough..."

Red Flag ...

"I have been asked to provide you a response regarding the integrity of  Yorkshire Water combined gravity sewer systems in the above locations.

Although i do not have the knowledge to comment on the 'Old Quartons place on Seamer Road'. I can inform you that the large flap valve located at the Southern end of South Bay is a permitted high level storm outlet from Yorkshire Waters
'Aquarium Top Combined Sewerage Overflow' where flows converge into the  Foreshore Road Sewer. This asset would only spill in very heavy rainfall conditions or upon complete failure of our Foreshore Road Sewer. The investment in 'Toll House Sewerage Pump Station' on Marine Drive as part of
the revised Bathing Water Directive has helped to reduce the spill frequency of this asset over a 10 year modelled rainfall data series. For example, in 2016 didn't operate at all and therefore no sewerage spills occurred directly into South Bay from this asset. The asset is monitored 24/7 via Telemetry.

To help re-assure you, the condition of these sewers are checked regularly and relevant defects are progressed to resolution. An example of this was recent CCTV investigation which informed investment in lining on Valley Road where we proactively lined over 100m of 1300mm diameter combined

A key thing to keep in mind is that these sewers are not typically pressurised and act as a gravity route to our Toll House pumping station, where it is then pumped through pressurised mains to treatment at Scalby Mills. The sewers run at a much lower level than the Beach and Foreshore
Road. If the Foreshore Road or Valley Road sewers were to fail we would mitigate the situation and resolve.

The soft sand mentioned in your email is likely due to Ground Water, but this would best be informed by SBC drainage engineers- the soft areas do not smell of sewerage or have any sewerage debris present that would indicate any leaks from our system."

George *** Yorkshire Water
Waste Water Services
Coastal Delivery & Engagement Manager

Spotted a leak?
If you spot a leak please report it immediately. Call us on 0800 57 3553 or go to https://www.yorkshirewater.com/leaks "

https://www.yorkshirewater.com/investment "



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"The all-female Lord of the Flies will just be a group of young women apologising to each other over and over till everyone is dead."






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"6:00am 5th April 2018

People in Scarborough will be educated about anti-terrorism today.

Police Support Volunteers will be teaming up with local police teams and Scarborough Borough Council to take the campaign out into the community. 

They will be at the Brunswick Shopping Centre in Scarborough today (Thursday 5th April) between 9am and 1pm.

Police Officers and volunteers will be handing out leaflets encouraging members of the public to report anything they see or hear that could be terrorist related.

North Yorkshire Police is supporting the latest Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) campaign.

The ACT campaign was launched in March by the UK Counter Terrorism Police and is designed to raise awareness of what, when and how to report suspicious activity to help prevent terrorist attacks.

Chief Inspector Andy Colbourne, deputy command for the Scarborough and Ryedale area, said:

"My thanks go to our volunteers for their support in taking the ACT campaign into our communities.

Everyone has a part to play to keep our neighbourhoods safe and knowing what to look out for and how to report your suspicions will be a huge help."

Sandra Rees Community Safety and Safeguarding Manager for Scarborough Borough Council, added:

"Members of the public need to be aware of the importance of reporting anything that they think is unusual and if you are having that conversation with yourself along the lines of 'something is not right', then please trust your instincts and report it.

In addition to holding these public events, we are also liaising with local businesses to ensure as many people as possible are getting these important messages."

More information about the ACT campaign and information from the local North East Counter Terrorism Unit is available at northeastctu.police.uk"

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The committee said a North Korean nuclear strike against the UK seemed "highly unlikely"

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"We are now at a stage where we are incurring some direct costs and legal fees and we need some donations to help us cover these. It is important and we only ask because it is essential to our activity going forward."

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