The Pledge

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Communications : At the Members Briefing on 19th December it was requested that the presentation made by Sue Gradwell, Chief Executive of NYBEP, be circulated for information.

What it is :

•Based on Education Summit aspirations for children and young people in Scarborough and Filey, 0-16 years – to enhance existing provision/initiatives and improve outcomes
•£750k NYCC investment – now fully allocated
•Projects are progressing well across three main work-streams and will continue through to the end of the next academic year in July 2018
•Some gaps in what we have been able to deliver when cross-referenced to original summit vision e.g. mentoring, key curriculum/ subject areas
•Some aspects require further development e.g. student voice, evaluation, promotion to the local community
•Also scope for further partnership development including with employers.

Early Help:
Speech and language
Early intervention for speech and language through:
-Use of Language Links assessment & resources
-Appointment of a speech and language
specialist to work directly in schools
Raising Aspirations:
Careers & employability
Culture & heritage

What are Opportunity Areas?  (How?)
•DfE investment of £60 million for 10 areas over the next three years – Scarborough amongst initial 6 areas (others are West Somerset, Norwich, Blackpool, Oldham and Derby)
•Inclusive of North Yorkshire Coast – Whitby to Filey
•Broad education initiatives for children and young people aged to 18+
•Initial proposal to be submitted to DfE by end of January 2017
•Requirement to link with other related Government initiatives/investment

Other Investment includes : (tis just the start)

•National Collaborative Outreach Programme – improving access to HE for those from disadvantaged backgrounds (£1.2 mill Y&NY)
•Music and Arts Education Hubs (£300 mill nationally)
•Teaching and Leadership Innovation Fund (£75 mill nationally)
•Careers & Enterprise Fund for employer engagement with schools  (£4 mill nationally)
Opportunity Areas will gain ‘priority access’ to these initiatives.
Areas of Activity :
Early Years – high quality education and workforce, engaging parents
Schools – attracting good teachers and leaders, incentivising support from successful academy sponsors
FE and skills – clear employer led technical routes to employment and helping adult learners develop skills
HE – encouraging young people to go onto HE through partnership between HEIs, FE colleges and schools in areas of disadvantage
“The best start in early years, improve teaching and leadership in schools, increase access to university, strengthen technical pathways for young people and work with employers to improve young people’s access to the right advice and experiences.’


Building On the Pledge :

The work of the Pledge provides a good basis to build on, however…
•The scale of Opportunity Areas is far greater - implications for infrastructure, co-ordination, governance, accountability, evaluation and procurement
•There would need to be full incorporation of the Whitby area
•The age-range would need to be expanded to include post-16 students
•The range of stakeholders involved would need to be reviewed and become broader
•Full integration with other initiatives would be critical, which would require significant co-ordination and collaboration.


A consultation took place on 7 December with local schools, colleges, businesses and other stakeholders on:
-What difference do we want to make through this opportunity, and for whom?
-What current work strands of the Scarborough Pledge would we seek to enhance or deepen?
-What specific additional work is required, particularly in relation to post-16 education, HE and skills and to include the Whitby Area?
-What are the investments that can be proposed as early wins?
-How can we ensure that everyone in the district is able to feel ownership and involved in the opportunity area programme?
Next Steps :   (Buzzz ... )
•The consultation findings will inform future planning
• A detailed proposal will be put to the DfE by end of January 2017
• Implementation of Opportunity Areas and related initiatives from Easter 2017

Ditch the Dummy?

A leading NYCC Care Case Worker has expressed concerns about the PSPO and some disjointed 'thinking' between NYCC & SBC:  "... especially for those who do not have appropriate support in place and have no one to advocate for them... this proposal does not have the backing of various community groups and statutory services.... nor with CaVCA."




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Tis a Deep Hole

"...“Parents can lack confidence to sing and say rhymes with their children but it’s so effective in language development” said Barbara Merrygold, children and young people’s service prevention manager.

“If they can encourage their children to take out their dummy to learn nursery rhymes and action songs with their child, it will significantly support the development of their child’s early communication and language.

The company behind a £2.2bn polyhalte mine in North Yorkshire, has backed the Scarborough Pledge.

Sirius Minerals is creating apprenticeships, providing work placements, supporting local undergraduates and is planning to contribute £750,000 over ten years to support STEM ( science, technology, engineering and maths) learning in schools.

External affairs manager Matt Parsons said: “We are planning to create over 1,000 new jobs and want to give opportunities to young people in the area. We have already seen that there’s a lot of talented young people in

Scarborough and we are committed to working with local schools to make sure they are ready for employment.

“It’s not just about helping the most gifted students, but making sure that others don’t get left behind. There are many businesses involved in the Pledge with the same mission and it’s really inspiring to be part of it.”

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SXX : Apprentice Finance Assistant

"Sirius Minerals is seeking a Junior Finance Assistant/Apprentice to provide financial support to the Company and the wider finance team as a whole.

Key responsibilities

  • Dealing quickly, accurately and efficiently with financial enquiries from employees, suppliers, contractors and other third parties in relation to invoices, payments, expense reimbursement and purchase orders
  • General support to members of the finance team and wider business  as and when required
  • Perform routine reconciliations and  spreadsheet modelling to support the preparation of internal reports to increase accuracy, efficiency and quality of information for the business

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"6:04am 27th December 2016

A number of residents in Scarborough are unhappy at the proposed Public Space Protection Order in the town.

Last month, we told you that Scarborough Borough Council had begun its consultation on the proposed introduction of the PSPO. 

That consultation ends today. The aim of the PSPO is to reduce anti-social behaviour by handing out a maximum of a £100 fine. 

It aims to cover the areas within the Castle, North Bay, Ramshill, Weaponness, Northstead, Stepney and Central wards of Scarborough and developed through complaints by residents, businesses and visitors of anti-social behaviour in these areas.

However, there are growing concerns by some residents that it does not just apply to dealing with anti-social behaviour, but also to hand out fines to buskers, beggars and street trading.

Jane Coyne is one of the residents unhappy with the PSPO, she said:

"The Council are actually trying to deter these activities, not necessarily deter anti-social behaviour related to these activities. 

It would actually give the Council power to pre-emptively act on anybody that they think MIGHT create a nuisance.

Even the signs that are going to be put up around the town are going to declare that Scarborough is a town full of anti-social behaviour. 

That's going to put people off. If people are worried about anti-social behaviour giving the town a bad name, this isn't the way to go about addressing these issues."

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Postage Stamps

York Potash Liaison Group Forum by Cllr Gerald Dennett:

"...The aim of the group is to provide a forum where Sirius Minerals, the National Park, the councils and the public can discuss the progress of the mine project, and bring up any issues, current or potential, for discussion. Of course, the Group has no authority, but it can make recommendations. Gareth Edmunds, York Potash‘s external affairs director, assured us yesterday that the company wants to run the project “in the right way for the community and the environment” and that it will listen to the Liaison Group.
We heard about progress so far on the project. Work is to start very soon on various traffic projects, specifically: making an entrance to the site on the B1416; putting a filter turn at the junction of the B1416 and the A171, and making the junction onto the moor road at the Swindale Lane site much safer, to be completed by mid 2017.

Other immediate operations include further site investigations at Dove Farm and preparatory works for sinking the first 120 metres of shaft by the end of 2017. By the final quarter of 2017, York Potash expects to be making arrangements for a construction village, although details are not yet available as the staffing requirement has not been determined.

Which brings me on to jobs. I reminded the Group that Whitby Labour Party had completed a study of the impact of the mine on Whitby, and has called for jobs to be given to local workers, under decent working conditions, and with union recognition. Mr Edmunds assured us again that it makes sense for York Potash to employ as many local people as possible, to minimise the cost of recruitment and the demand for a construction village. He reminded the meeting of the 50 apprentices and 15 undergraduates the company is already supporting.

This may just be a slick PR exercise and talking shop, or we could take it seriously, get engaged, attend the meetings and make sure that York Potash really does take notice of what the local people want from a potash mine. The ball is very much in your court. I look forward to seeing you at the March meeting...."

24 days huh ...


PS... 'Nails.


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Naughty Naughty

"There is a clear duty on news organisations and journalists to make strenuous efforts to verify the information they receive to ensure it is accurate and to avoid the temptation to publish clickbait nonsense in a voracious quest for web traffic. It is not good enough to say we have serious doubts about this story, but we are going to publish it anyway."


Crawls back in cave...


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Social Engineering

or selective memory ;-?

In the wash..

Know your norms.

Not quite ;-)



"I see three oranges and I have to juggle. I see two towers and I have to walk.”

Mind the gaps...

Elevators, huh :-))

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The Rope Thing

"...As one of the most revered funambulists in history, Petit, now 66, developed an ability to flip fear and danger into positives. Attempting to explain his art, he said: “Many people use the words ‘death-defying’ or ‘death-wishing’ when they talk about wire-walking. Many people have asked me: ‘So do you have a death wish?’ After doing a beautiful walk, I feel like punching them in the nose. It's indecent. I have a life wish.”

"The walk was a triumph of concentration, willpower and what today is called “mindfulness” – staying in the moment.

The mind, prudent by instinct, restricts many people from realising their ambitions, say experts. And the phrase “mind over matter” is often trotted out when a seemingly impossible challenge is laid down in front of us. While Petit displayed a conviction that most would regard as foolhardy, there are life lessons to be learnt from the Frenchman.

Altering your mindset will lead to a more enriched and fulfilled life, according to Louise Presley-Turner, a personal growth expert. How best to overcome one’s fears, or mentally train to succeed? “Quite simply, break your goal down into milestones and take one baby step at a time,” suggests Presley-Turner, whose book Mindset Mastery addresses this topic."

"“You have to exercise rebellion, to refuse to tape yourself to the rules, to refuse your own success, to refuse to repeat yourself, to see every day, every year, every idea as a true challenge. Then you will live your life on the tightrope.”

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Piers Pledge

"2:49pm 17th January 2017

There's good news for the piers in Whitby.

It's been confirmed at a meeting of the borough council's cabinet that work on fixing them will be included in the budget for next year.

There has been concern over when repairs would be carried out, to protect parts of the town from flooding.

"Borough councillor for Whitby, Joe Plant, said:

"The piers are in urgent need of repairs and I've always said in the public domain that the works would start in 2018 and today confirms that.

I hope the residents of Whitby will appreciate that tthe works will start next year. I don't want any scaremongering going on - the design works have to be done and we can't put it in this year's financial strategy, because we don't know the full costings".