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The Save the Futurist campaign is out on exercise and continues to raise more column inches than Vitrovius. 

As the Futuristas news continues to flow, following a Save the Futurist meeting at YMCA  the further development of a publicity campaign funded by the public to  the tune of £2k, with a future meeting planned for the new year (5th January) some restoration of order is required.

Claims at the YMCA  meeting that the Council should hand over the keys and the Save The Futurist campaigners could restore the Theatre to its former glory for the princely sum of  £4mil reserved by Council to develop the asset were met with raptuous applause....  especially by a few.

On commenting that the refurbishment of the Futurist would cost closer to £20mil ... fag packet stuff ... with yet another head chewing on the table ... one wonders how thick set you have to be to get elected.  No time for vitriollics.

Of the £4mil to 'develop' the land, as expressed by Council officers many times, including stabilisation works has been translated by the StF's as the cost to redevelop, refurbish and reopen the Futurist.    Any breakdowns of the translated sums can be  found in the StF's most recent business case, ooh argh the three R;s:

Full of theatricals & stuff but the bottom line was the Council would give the StF's the site and 2000 seats would be sold at £2k to raise the £4mil... so by erm, my reckoning that's £8mil ball park.   Add in the design & development changes recently required by StF for feasibility and viability (stage access, frontal lobes etc), improvements to air conditioning, heating, IT and utility upgrading, surveys, fees, finance etc etc...  a good guestimate of minimum £20mil I thought well rounded.  With over 4000 FB friends on their website thats about £5k ea. 

Ah, so ... says one of the thick set twin hatted;   "that is just your 'opinion!!!".  I was tempted to ask how wrong I was?  But declined.  Yawn ... 

OK, so, don't take my word for it; here is one prepared earlier:   Mark Rothbury 9th June 2010 : Mark Rothery presentation 11am.pdf

Option 1 Refurbishment of existing Futurist and
Mermaid buildings:-
2008 Cost: £9.06m
Loss: £9.06m
2010 Cost: £7.7m
Loss: £7.7m

Option 2 Refurbishment of Existing Futurist
Building, Redevelopment of the Mermaid Building
and the Development of Offices or Residential
With Offices:
2008 Cost £27m
2010 Cost £15.5m
Loss: £7.9m
l Development Subsidy Required
l Does not include annual theatre operator subsidy
l Assumption of rental income being £608,873
l No additional building stabilisation or structural works included

Option 3 Cut Cliff Face back to King Street and redevelop a
new theatre including offices or residential dwellings together
with a nightclub, retail and three floors of bars/restaurants.
With Offices:
2008 Cost £54.9m
Loss: £31.4m
2010 Cost £30.8
Loss: £6.1m
l Development subsidy relates only to new theatre element of the Development
l Does not take into account any annual ongoing theatre subsidy to the Development or an
annual rental liability assumed to be £430,604 pa.
l No current market demand for office space

As the future of the Futurist is turning into a political football, lets take a rewind to 

"Councillor Mrs Jefferson began by thanking all those local residents who had signed the petition which had to surpass 5000 in number to trigger this debate at full Council.  She also referred to the support for the retention of the Futurist Theatre from the local tourism and hospitality industry, the Theatres Trust, and national media; the theatre’s potential to host lucrative touring shows from the West End which could also involve local young people; the theatre’s capacity to accommodate opera and ballet, and to become a venue for visitors in wet weather.  Councillor Mrs Jefferson maintained that the theatre could become sustainable by the construction of apartments above and around the building, the provision of a bar and restaurant on site, and by establishing an Art, Theatrical and Creative Industries College and venue for the town’s heritage groups.  She saw a restored and adapted theatre within an iconic building housing these other facilities and attractions as a unique opportunity to make the town the envy of every other coastal resort in the country.  Councillor Mrs Jefferson also sought further information on recent bids to take over and run the Futurist Theatre which she understood had been rejected by the Council, and asked how the Council would respond to the restrictive covenant which she understood had been placed on the site by Mr William Catlin.  In conclusion, Councillor Mrs Jefferson requested that the Joint Venture Board consider the requests and proposals detailed within the petition at its next meeting.  Before the Cabinet Member for Tourism and Culture responded, the Leader of the Council, Councillor Fox first provided an update on the matter of the restrictive covenant on the site.  Members were advised that this was not a true restrictive covenant since it related to a concrete slab and not the land itself, and did not restrict the Council’s use of the land conveyed to it.  The clause referred to the consent of Catlins Entertainments Limited which became Futurist Enterprises Limited.  This company was dissolved in 1989.  Assuming that the benefit of the clause had not been assigned in any  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6a   "Councillor Derek Bastiman confirmed that the Council had offered to provide support to the People’s Trust in 2010, but the offer had not been accepted. "

Perhaps £20mil was a tad conservative...

Latest :

Geological Experts?  The Geological Report is part of the package that the developer is paying for but hey ho it is discussed here with Cllr Murphy:

Whine whine...

Confusing?   OK lets introduce Site A :-)  The plans to develop the Futurist were mixed in with the Town Hall with options given : 

20/03/2012:  Town Hall Accommodation - Evaluation of Options.pdf

So, erm add in the £3mil  Council have secured to get to one development site and thats £7mil  of asset to be handed  over before the StF's begin. Ya don't spose ... nah course they wouldn't. SBC have no money. Only other peoples, bit like the StF's really ... except of course the StF's want to install their own regime .. erm, I mean Trust.   Anyhoos a mutual exchange with HCA for site A is more likely than SBC handing out heads on a plate.  

Mind a calculated guess would suggest .... square pegs?

Fact is, until the 'developer', Flamingo Land, puts the proposal on the table to be considered 'tis all goose.

"Vitruvius believed that an architect should focus on three central themes when preparing a design for a building: firmitas (strength), utilitas (functionality), and venustas (beauty)."

Romans eh? ...

"THE foundations of these works should be dug out of the solid ground, if it can be found, and carried down into solid ground as far as the magnitude of the work shall seem to require, and the whole substructure should be as solid as it can possibly be laid. Above ground, let walls be laid under the columns, thicker by one half than the columns are to be, so that the lower may be stronger than the higher. Hence they are called “stereobates”; for they take the load. And the projections of the bases should not extend beyond this solid foundation. The wall-thickness is similarly to be preserved above ground likewise, and the intervals between these walls should be vaulted over, or filled with earth rammed down hard, to keep the walls well apart."



Due Dilligence

Explore. Examine. Engage ... Execute.

F ...




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Futurist Drop Ins

5:21pm 23rd August 2017
(Updated 6:04am 24th August 2017)

Scarborough Borough Council says residents with properties near the Futurist Theatre site are now happy with the plans to develop the area. 

It comes after a drop in session that was hosted by the council where residents who had fears about their properties once the development got underway could come and talk to representatives. 

The planning application for the development of the Futurist Theatre site that will be looked at later this year is to look at the method of the demolition. 

It's likely that the application will be heard by the beginning of October and if that is successful, preliminary works could begin by Christmas. 

Mike Cockerill is from Scarborough Borough Council's Cabinet, he said:

"Obviously residents had fears with such a major demolition and site stabilisation going on adjacent to their properties. 

Most of the residents who came to the drop in session had their fears significantly allayed and they went away happy. 

The major concern with the demolition and stabilisation, is residents who fear their property may even fall down. 

We put those concerns to bed because there is no way that we're going anyway more than 10 metres to any adjacent properties."


The Epic that never was ...

How Now ... about that Super Zenith 450?


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Futurist - Longitude & Latitude

"7:41am 9th October 2017
(Updated 7:47am 9th October 2017)

A public meeting about the demolition of Scarborough's Futurist Theatre has shown people are still worried about it.

Councillor Janet Jefferson says the meeting last week was very well attended.

Residents were shown plans for the methodology of knocking it down.

It's as a planning meeting last week to determine the application for demolition was postponed, after requests from 'consultees' for more information and clarification.

Cllr Jefferson says it's wrong that the Futurist should be knocked down before there's planning permission for whatever will replace it.

She also says there are still a lot of things to think about before anything is finalised

She's been talking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Alex Taylor.."

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Squire Patton Boggs

"6:01am 27th November 2017

Saving Scarborough's Futurist Theatre is 'a lost cause' according to the group that tried to stop it being demolished.

In a statement given to Yorkshire Coast Radio, Debi Silver from the the save the futurist campaign says they still need to raise money to pay their solicitors fees and to cover the councils legal costs which were awarded against the group.

They say that raising the funds is proving difficult...

"The  save the Futurist group issued legal proceedings against Scarborough Borough Council on On 7th April 2017 seeking permission to judicially review its decisions of 9th January and 17th January 2017 to demolish Scarborough’s Futurist Theatre. 

In order to take the legal action The Save The Futurist group was required to become a legal entity and reformed as Save The Futurist Theatre (Scarborough) Ltd. 

The group engaged solicitors, Squire Patton Boggs LLP of Leeds to work on the action together with a leading London public law QC. 

Debi Silver says the group got to a point where they felt legal action was the only way forward.

"Here is the full statement from the Save The Futurist Campaign...

It's an ongoing situation raising the money, we've already paid over £10,000 in solicitors fees. We do want to meet our commitments, so we'd like to urge supporters to donate if they haven't already done so because we really need their support now.

Cheques can be made out to 'Squire Patton Boggs' and sent care of Diana Tasker to 7 Weaponess Valley Close, Scarborough, YO11 2JJ. Or people can take cash to IQ Accountants on the corner of Falsgrave.

Our priority is to complete meeting the solicitors costs before attempting to pay the council. We lost the court case in Leeds, that and the demolition now going ahead has made it that much harder to raise money for what is now sadly a lost cause.

We'd like to thank everyone over the years for all of their loyal, dedicated, kind and continued support in our campaign to save the futurist.

It's a very sad day and a sad loss for everyone and indeed for Scarborough's future generations. We can only hope that the risk factor along with many other facts, all of which have been ignored, does not result in a potential catastrophic collapse."

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The Onion Bagel

"1:17pm 12th December 2017
(Updated 2:33pm 12th December 2017)

Work to demolish Scarborough's Futurist Theatre has started.

The council says contractors Willmott Dixon took over possession of the site yesterday.

At the moment, trees behind the building are being cut down.

The inside is going to be stripped out first, then in the new year work will start on stabilising the cliff behind the venue and knocking down the building.

The project to demolish the Futurist theatre and adjoining buildings in Scarborough South Bay and carry out associated slope stabilisation works will get underway by the beginning of March 2018.

Between now and the end of February Willmott Dixon will set up its infrastructure and people will see hoardings appear around the perimeter of the site.

Work will start on the demolition phase of the project by early March and together with the slope stabilisation works, the project will take approximately 13 months to complete.

Andrew Geldard, spokesperson for Willmott Dixon in Yorkshire said:

“With any major engineering project, there is a certain amount of preparation required before any other work can begin, so during the next couple of months people should expect to see the various activities associated with the setting up of the site.

We have a successful history of delivering projects in Scarborough, most notably Scarborough Sports Village and the new ground for Scarborough Athletic Football Club, as well as the new campuses for Scarborough UTC and CU Scarborough, which have all played a key part in the regeneration of the area. We hope that our involvement in this new project in the heart of the town will help to pave the way for a positive future for this prominent South Bay site.”

Keen,  Athletic, Smiley  :-)

"The announcement by Scarborough Borough Council comes after opposition by South Cliff Bowling Club to the plans to sell off the land it sits on. 

Back in November we told you how the club feared for its existence if the land was sold off, but now both the council and the bowling club have come to an agreement for an alternative arrangement..."

The Vague.

Oh. Psst

"Anyone that wishes to receive a digital copy of the newsletter should send a request via email to:"

Mind, there's always one ...



Am I bovverred. ...

Possession is 9/10th of somin or other.

Ah, so ...

"Other researchers who have carried out observations of the asteroid with ground telescopes say that, apart from its shape, it closely resembles natural objects found in the outer parts of our Solar System.

It has a reddish colour, which is often indicative of organic compounds that have been irradiated by cosmic rays. Measurements suggest it has a dense structure and is comprised of rock and metal, but with little - if any - water-ice.

Although 'Oumuamua formed around another star, scientists think it could have been wandering through the Milky Way, unattached to any star system, for hundreds of millions of years before its chance encounter with our Solar System."

The Next Generation.