Signs of the Times

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The Silence of the Bells ...  "The bells at York Minster have been silenced because the volunteer bell-ringers have been sacked....

All 30 volunteers were told by York Minster that bell-ringing activity had "ceased with immediate effect". A spokesperson for York Minster said their "agreements were terminated" for a fully trained professional team led by a new head bell ringer. The Minster said: "The main bells will be silent until we have recruited a new team in the New Year." Volunteers were immediately denied access to the Minster's bell tower, the BBC understands...." ...

All very OMEN ..

Ah, men ... A racket or a packet.

"Lord Wolfson, the chief executive of Next, is offering a £250,000 prize for the best suggestion on how to solve the problem of the UK's overcrowded roads. The competition is expected to attract entries from policymakers, businesses and universities around the world. He is looking for new ideas to bring more investment and a better deal for road users. The competition asks: "How can we pay for better, safer and more reliable roads?" Lord Wolfson says that road users pay more than £30bn to use the road network, yet only around £9bn is put back. .."    Erm, here's a clue :

Even the Boulders have been cut down in size:

Cost cutting measures continue ... two birds one stone, alas no drone 

Soon be Reptile season, with vuts to volunteer services  abound, Lord of the local Manor, the Bounder must be bouncing  "David Cameron has revealed his first new role after quitting political life will be to lead an expansion of the National Citizen Service for teenagers.

The ex-PM said the scheme, which he set up during his time in office, was "the Big Society in action". The NCS aims to prepare teenagers for work through team-building activities and community projects. Mr Cameron will be chairman of NCS Patrons, aiming to make the course "a normal part of growing up". :

Nope, there is nothing normal about growing up !?!

Ding Dong :

see here:

Decision date 14th October 2014.

Dohhh :



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Former PM Can't Find a Proper Job

"NCS is supported by government funding, which means that young people pay no more than £50 to take part, with bursaries available for those who are not able to afford this. So I am delighted that Theresa May is continuing the vital work to support NCS and that today the Government is introducing the National Citizen Service Bill."