S.E.W. 2016

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Scarborough Engineering Week 11-13th October 2016:

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Joy Global:


Autobots : Festo

Ooh a picture puzzle:

Along with many other exhibitors all are looking forward and in recruitment mode, creating jobs and aspirations for local lads and lasses.

Full details: http://scarboroughengineeringweek.com/programme-of-events/







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Meals On Wheels


"Exactly 12 months ago we held the public launch of the nearly completed Bloodhound SSC in the centre of London.

We were swamped by the media (over £100m of global coverage for the launch) and the general public, with some 8,000 people packing out our Canary Wharf venue during the two brief days that the car was on show.

It was obvious that we had a winner; now we just had to find the right partner to help us get it finished.

This has taken a little longer than we’d hoped, but finally we are able to announce our new Lead Partner, Geely (technically, it’s the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, but let’s keep it simple – Geely).

If we were choosing an ideal new partner, we’d look for someone that would understand Bloodhound's mission as "an Engineering Adventure" to inspire the next generation’. Better still, we’d look for someone to help us put the Bloodhound Engineering Adventure in front of millions of people we haven’t reached yet.

Now here’s the good bit: the Geely Group makes cars (inlcuding Geelys, Volvos and London Taxis), the Group runs research and development centres around the world (including one in Coventry), and it’s also set up a number of universities in China.

This is a company that clearly understands the technology and the education mission of our story.

Following our recent press launch, Bloodhound is fast becoming big news in China and I’ve had two email enquiries already from the British Embassy in Beijing.

Thanks to this new partnership, we’re starting reaching out to country of well over 1.3 billion people, as well as the other countries in the region. We’ve only just started working together, but Geely already seems like a great partner for Bloodhound’s Engineering Adventure."

Optimistic ;-)


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