Fracking - Urgent Local Reaction

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The Scarborough & Whitby Labour Party have called for a debate for an Emergency Resolution regarding 'Fracking':

Emergency resolution
This party calls upon its councillors on Scarborough Borough Council and North Yorkshire County Council to demand a moratorium on any actual or potential proposals for fracking within North Yortkshire and Scarborough Borough. This party believes that the case has not yet been demonstrated that fracking is either safe or environmentally acceptable. It is also not satisfied that in the context of climate change policy fracking has a genuine contribution to make in reducing CO2 emissions. It also rejects the government’s attempts to pre-empt the necessary analysis of these issues by the offer of bribes to local authorities.
This will be discussed at the S&WCLP GC meeting this Wednesday 15th January at 7.30 pm.  
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For Cameron's stance on fracking see here:
fracking - how it works
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England for Sale

The Argument for Fracking - an Investors Presentation - courtsery of ADVN -

Too many ifs buts and maybes, and not enough facts.  Even Fallon was contradicting himself on last nights Channel 4 news.

The only thing driving 'fracking' is greed, it is short term and negates the longterm economic costs.

The video is totally patronising - but is shows what communities are up against.