Save the Futurist - Plan

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Save the Futurist Campaigners have submitted their 'Strategic Plan' to save the Futurist from demolition.    The Three R's ...

Retention, Restoration and Regeneration

The campaign led by Patricia David who has been passionately campaigning to restore the Futurist to its former glory since 2010, lobbyling leading Council members and tirelessly promoting the future viability of the Futurist Theatre as an iconic and historical theatre.  

Despite English Heritage failing to have the building listed and attracting Arts Council funding to restore and refurbish one of Europe's largest auditorium theatres Patricia David fights on and has presented her much awaited Business Plan for consideration by Scarborough Council

Uploaded here: Futurist_Business_Case.pdf

A Brief History :

Flamingo Land Plans:



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KM8 & The Futurist

Of interest in the KM8 process was the feint protective response by Flaming Land who continue to be in negotiation with SBC over theatricals:

'There is a geotechnical report that has been recently  produced and paid for by the Council, but Councillors have been denied to view the report, on the basis it is part of the package being sold.  Without this, the Save the Futurist campaigners are and continue to work passionately on false pretences .....  not only are Councillors being denied access to vital decision making information to inform the community of whats going on, how could the Council have made a decision on the Futurist prior to this report being published.'

Once again an example of the planning process reclassified as public entertainment.

Playing catch up ... soon be Friday ... (Frightnight)

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The Fifth .... 'Bacchanalian'


Hmmm ...

Yep, the Future of the Futurist is uncertain .... one things for sure if any Save the Futuristas have a cheque book ... now would be a good time to get it out.... payable to SBC. 

Bacchus... for the ambiguity aversionists.



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The Tax Payers Alliance

Ignorance at it's best:

"At Prime Minister’s Questions this week, Mr Davies told Theresa May that the crisis in social care could be addressed by taking just a small amount of the vast increase in spending allotted to foreign aid.

He said: “Surely the Government priority should be to look after the elderly, vulnerable and disabled people in our own country before we hand money over to other countries?”

Erm, St Helena is British (last time I looked)

Oh yeah, spose Lincolnshire is not part of the empire?

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Futurist : Crystal Balls

Save the Futuristas are getting rather erm ... fruity? 

Nope, now't tabled yet for the 7th:


Mind that fracking and Welcome to Yorkshire plot should be 'interesting'...

Ah, so ... furrballs:

Much ado about nothing >i<~

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Futurista's Meeting (Nov 2nd)

"A last-minute attempt to stop the council demolishing the Futurist will be discussed at a public meeting at the YMCA next Wednesday (2 Nov), at 7pm. A vote will be held at a meeting of the full council two days later. The council (or most of it) wants to let Flamingoland erect some kind of attraction there."

"It now seems apparent that the future of the Futurist Theatre will be determined on Monday 7th November at a Full Council Meeting. At present all indications are that demolition will be discussed and agreed.
The meeting at the YMCA will be to discuss this Issue fully and decide what actions we need to take to ensure that the Council will be made fully aware of the feelings of the people up to and including the 7th November. Reasons being there is a strong possibility that the Public will be excluded from the Council’s Discussion on the grounds of Financial confidentiality and we need to be fully prepared for what action we will need to take in that event.
ALL COUNCILLORS are being invited to attend this meeting. There will be guest speakers relevant to this Scarborough Campaign who will contribute, but the main purpose will be to enable the local people to make very public their feelings on this momentous decision by the Council.
There will be an agenda printed for the evening. Doors will be open from 6.00pm and we very much welcome EVERYBODY to attend.
This has taken quite a few weeks to organise and we would like to thanks the YMCA for allowing us to use the venue.
The press and media have now been informed and invited to attend.
VENUE: YMCA THEATRE, St Thomas Street, Scarborough
TIME: 6.00pm for 7pm Start

Erm ... just one slight 'technical' problem ....

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Futurist Decision Fictionary

"6:31am 28th October 2016

A planned council discussion on Scarborough's Futurist Theatre has apparently been postponed.

The controversial subject was supposed to be on the agenda for the full council meeting on the 7th November.

But the Save the Futurist campaign and an independent councillor have told us it's been put off until the new year.

Councillor Janet Jefferson said:

"It was me who co-ordinated the petition in order for it to get back to council for discussion. My concern is they've now given notice to the two shops below, that was bringing in rent and rates of £70,000 a year. If the demolition is not so imminent, why give people notice?"

Is that a fact ... 


BB were sniffing the Edwardian bits.... 



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Gullibles Travels ... ? 

Pithouse West was the site of Brookhouse Colliery, which closed in 1985. In 2003 it was announced it would be the home of a £350m project called YES!, encompassing a 5,000-seat arena for the Sheffield Steelers ice hockey team, and the biggest undercover leisure complex in Europe. The plan, which would have created 3,000 jobs, was dropped nearly six years ago in favour of a £100m theme park called Visions of China, which promised a Shaolin temple, a theatre, pagoda and hotel. The council cancelled the scheme two years ago, blaming a lack of progress. The latest proposals, put at a more modest £37m, will see the staged building of a children’s theme park, with construction spaced over 12 to 15 years, depending on weather and market conditions. Eventually, 125 full-time and 325 part-time jobs are expected to be created. If the new plans are approved, construction could start next year, with the first phase due for completion in 2020. It is projected that the full development will attract up to 25,000 visitors a week during the peak season. The new theme park will be called Gulliver’s Valley, with attractions for children aged 2-13, built around a fairytale castle. More than 40 rides will be created alongside the 20m high castle and a 40m rotating observation tower....



Know your G'norms.



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Gnomes n Norms

"...The prince said the scale of religious persecution around the world was "not widely appreciated" and was not limited to Christians, but included many other minority faiths.

He told listeners he was was born just after the end of World War Two in which his parents' generation had fought against an attempt to "exterminate the Jewish population of Europe."

He went on: "That, nearly seventy years later, we should still be seeing such evil persecution is, to me, beyond all belief.

"We owe it to those who suffered and died so horribly not to repeat the horrors of the past."

Prince Charles urged people to remember the story of the Nativity this Christmas, which was about "the fleeing of the Holy Family to escape violent persecution".

He asked listeners to remember that the Prophet Mohammed migrated from Mecca to Medina because he was "seeking the freedom for himself and his followers to worship".

The Prince said: "Whichever religious path we follow, the destination is the same - to value and respect the other person, accepting their right to live out their peaceful response to the love of God...."


Hi ho, hi ho ...




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Futurist : Loots n Boots
Yup, lets just make it up as we go along ...
Oh.... Whippets.
Welcome to the Assylum...
Erm, nope ... note the flow. No traffic, lights.
Raw cracks?    Aeriels.  Knock it down and grass it over.... extend the gardens.
Space .... the final frontier.
Ah, so ... 
"The show was cancelled, as was the night's performance of L'Italiana in Algeri, while police investigated.
John Miller, the New York Police Department's deputy commissioner in charge of intelligence and counterterrorism, said that while disposing of ashes may violate city codes "I don't believe at this point that we see any criminal intent here".
Some of those attending said they were particularly sad to miss the fourth act of Guillaume Tell, which is considered to have the best music in the opera."

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Just Eat Leaves

"The bears were licking their lips today as online takeaway company Just Eat revealed that order growth was still slowing.

The FTSE 250 business said order growth slowed in the UK to 28% from 50% a year ago — good news for the short-sellers which are betting against the company.

Almost 5% of Just Eat’s shares are out on loan to hedge funds including Marshall Wace and Citadel which are hoping to cash in on a share price decline — wagers worth close to £200 million.

The shares were off 15p, or 2.7%, at 546p. Some traders suggested this was because investors were taking profits after last week’s share-price surge but others blamed slowing order growth.

The fall came despite the company nudging up its full-year underlying profit guidance to between £109 million and £111 million and revenue forecast to £371 million as it fared well despite warmer-than-usual weather.

With less than a week to go until the US election, investors were in no mood to take risks and the FTSE 100 slid 27.63 points to 6889.51.

CMC Markets analyst Jasper Lawler said: “Election concerns have washed across from the Atlantic, sending European shares lower.”

EasyJet, the FTSE 100’s second-worst performer this year, improved 28.5p, or 3%, to 969p as HSBC decided it has taken enough of a battering and upgraded the airline from Reduce to Buy. 

Dublin-based packaging group Smurfit Kappa — up 73p, or 4.2%, to 1833p — was another to avoid the sell-off after beating analysts’ forecasts in its third-quarter results.

Clipper Logistics shares were 5p higher at 323p after the delivery firm confirmed a deal to roll out its click-and-collect joint venture with John Lewis to other High Street retailers.

Shares in Sirius Minerals, one of the year’s best-performing stocks, slumped 4.08p, or 11%, to 32.92p after it unveiled a huge funding deal to build its potash mine for fertiliser on the North York Moors National Park.

Stage one of its financing includes a discounted placing and open offer for £330 million to £400 million and an underwritten bond offer to raise between £326 million and £367 million, after a £245 million royalty deal with Australian billionaire Gina Rinehart’s Hancock Prospecting last week."


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YCR: The Futurist 'Coverted'
"6:02am 3rd November 2016
Hundreds of people have attended a public meeting organised by the campaign to save Scarborough's Futurist theatre.
They packed in to the YMCA Theatre on St Thomas Street on Wednesday night, which went on for around two and a half hours.
The meeting began with a presentation on the theatre's historical significance by Diana Tasker, who said it was built in 1921 by Will Catlin and Frank Tugwell, and apparently described by Max Bygraves as the 'best theatre in Britain'.
Later, two people who live close to the theatre took to the stage, and spoke of their fears of what might replace it, and how any potential demolition might affect their homes.
Actor Ken Kitson, who now lives in Scarborough, gave a fiery and passionate plea to the borough council to give him the key to the theatre so he can restore it to it's former glory.
Towards the end of the meeting, contributions were invited from the audience.
Councillor Janet Jefferson chaired the meeting and said:

"I felt the meeting went very well, we must have had nearly four hundred people here tonight. Everybody was allowed to give their views and we had some excellent presentations on the theatre. I think the overwhelming feeling of tonight was that the Futurist had to stay, and that there were ways and means of doing this."

Yup t'was all very Dr Who ....
Ah, so ...

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SN: Futurist Set

"Scarborough Borough council has issued an update on the situation with the Futurist Theatre.

The council says:

"Following Scarborough Borough councillors’ decision in September 2014 to take responsibility for demolishing buildings on the site of the Futurist theatre in Scarborough, a further report on the final cost implications of the Futurist site redevelopment is set to be included on the Full Council agenda early in the New Year.

"The council’s external advisers are currently working with the advisers of Flamingo Land Ltd to ensure that the proposals for the demolition of the existing buildings fully complement the redevelopment proposals. The advisers are obtaining further technical information to ensure that the most cost efficient proposals can be considered following completion of the latest ground investigation work and analysis".

It comes amid continued campaigning by those trying to save the venue.

Earlier this week, around 400 people atrtended a public meeting to discuss ideas on how to restore the theatre.."

Oooh Oldies hour ...

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Tidal Warnings

"3:58pm 4th November 2016
(Updated 5:04pm 4th November 2016)

Scarborough Borough Council and North Yorkshire Police are advising people to give Scarborough beaches a miss on Bonfire Night due to expected adverse tide and weather conditions, and instead, enjoy one of the organised events taking place elsewhere in the town and neighbouring communities.

A combination of a high tide due at 7.30pm, together with a forecasted strong northerly wind, is expected to result in high waves submerging beaches and overtopping onto seafront roads in both North Bay and South Bay. While the conditions are not expected to be any different to the usual high tide activity, which regularly occurs along the Yorkshire coast during late autumn and winter, it is set to put those who normally enjoy informal bonfire gatherings with friends and family on both beaches at risk, and ultimately wash away any carefully built bonfires before they are even lit.

As well as both beaches, conditions could also result in wave overtopping onto Royal Albert Drive, Marine Drive, Foreshore Road and the approach road to Scarborough Spa, as well as the North Bay Promenade. People that are planning their celebrations at the North Bay chalets are therefore also advised to change their plans for the evening to avoid getting into difficulties.

The council and the police will monitor the wave action during the course of the late afternoon and evening tomorrow and if necessary will work with North Yorkshire County Council to ensure any necessary road closures are put in place.

No flood warnings have been put in place by the Environment Agency for the Scarborough stretch of the coastline and therefore no properties are deemed to be at risk of flooding. All seafront businesses will be open as normal.

Nick Edwards, Scarborough Borough Council Director said: 

“We never like being the bearer of disappointing news, but it would be wrong of us not to act on the tidal and weather information we’ve received and pass that on to those who are planning their annual Bonfire Night celebrations. People’s safety is our biggest concern, but we also want to save those dedicated bonfire builders, who start their preparations earlier in the day, the effort and potential embarrassment of returning to find their creations have been swept away by the incoming tide.

“Organised events taking place elsewhere are often held in aid of worthy charities, so I would encourage people to go along to those instead, stay safe, have a great time and support the good causes.”

North Yorkshire Police Inspector Graeme Kynman, based in Scarborough, added: 

“It is a real shame that what is a regular Bonfire Night pastime for many Scarborough locals and visitors will this weekend be a non-starter due to Mother Nature. We urge people to act on our advice, stay away from the areas at risk and also pay attention to any road closure signage or directions from officials on the ground. We will be working together with the council and other partners for your safety, so please help us to help you.”

The organised bonfires taking place on the Yorkshire coast can be found on our Bonfire Guide"

I guess they found those 'fireworks' ....

Oooh, that may dampen the Futuristas ...

Wouldn't mind a Tsunami mesen but hey ho :-)


Quick hand over the keys to that Tinpot ... and save the Town £4mil  ...

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Foundlings ... SJT Outreach

"6:03am 6th November 2016

The Stephen Joseph Theatre’s OutReach team has launched, free activities in Scarborough’s Eastfield and Barrowcliff areas, Whitby and Filey.

The new sessions include Noise! – musical workshops for nine-to-19-year-olds; new Rounders Youth Theatre groups; and performances of Grubstaker, a new play about the dangers of loan sharking.

Noise! invites young people to try something new, with monthly music workshops including samba drumming, DJing, song writing, singing and much more. It was made possible after a £30,000 sponsorship from Leopold 1760 in memory of Alex and Trevor.

Rounders is the SJT’s longstanding youth theatre group, aimed at young people aged from eight. The regular sessions are run by theatre professionals and explore all areas of theatre and develop performance skills in a fun and friendly environment – and aims to improve confidence and communications skills. The new sessions are funded by North Yorkshire County Council’s Stronger Communities programme.

Grubstaker is a dark comedy brought to the stage using crime proceeds from convicted loan sharks. First seen at the SJT in January, it was commissioned by the Illegal Money Lending Team and is the first play for York-born writer S. Alexander Briggs...."

How, Ab Fab ...

Ha :

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Futurist - Milestones

via Cllr Mike Cockerhill
Following on from the Leader’s statement, I would like to reemphasise some of the decisions that have already been taken by members in relation to the Futurist site.
Members, in 2013 Cabinet reaffirmed that the continued operation of the Futurist Theatre was unsustainable and the preferred option was to redevelop the Town Hall and the Wider Site.
In December 2013 terms to continue running the Futurist with the operator of the Theatre at the time could not be agreed.  The Leader of the Council at that time therefore gave any other potential operators a period of three months to come forward with acceptable proposals to continue running the Theatre in the absence of which Officers were instructed to formally close the Theatre.
No suitable offers came forward and subsequently the Theatre was closed.
In September 2014, Cabinet took the decision to appoint Flamingo Land as the preferred bidder for the Futurist Site.  Approval was given for the inclusion of King Street Car Park and a parcel of land in St Nicholas Gardens. 
Cabinet also agreed in principle to the demolition of the Futurist building, site clearance and the stability of the slope to the rear.
In September 2015 Cabinet requested Officers to seek funding options for the Futurist site clearance.
In February 2016, as part of the Financial Strategy and following on from the in principle decision to demolish the Futurist buildings and redevelop the site, full Council approved a nett budget of £4million for the scheme.
The current position is that consultants have been instructed to redesign the Flamingo Land Leisure Box to a smaller size with an estimated construction cost of circa £4 million.
Draft designs and costs, including demolition, are due to be presented to officers later this year."