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"Up to 50 projects across the UK could receive funding to help transform unmanaged woodland for community use. The Big Lottery Fund is giving more than £1m to the Plunkett Foundation for its Making Local Woods Work project. The aim is to provide sustainable employment, training and leisure facilities.  A social enterprise on the Lincolnshire/Nottinghamshire border is one of the places being used as a blueprint for the scheme. The Plunkett Foundation said woodland social enterprises were beginning to emerge as a way of tackling a wide range of issues..."  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-35531670

Scales:  Hill Holt creating a sanctuary for a secluded community but on a more impacted scale than RWCE  http://www.hillholtwood.com/

Scrutiny: http://www.forestry.gov.uk/fr/infd-64za8x   "Summary: - Social enterprises – organisations that achieve social and environmental aims primarily by trading – have an important role in a sustainable and socially inclusive economy. Forest Research studied how Hill Holt Wood in Lincolnshire has become a community woodland and social enterprise based on sustainable principles. Key findings:

Holistic approach – the site focuses on people and communities, management of the environment and the creation of a sustainable business

A model for social woodland enterprise – elements of Hill Holt Wood could be adopted elsewhere as a model for rural development and diversification

Attractive community – people live and work in the wood, so it attracts people (especially women) who may not usually venture out alone 

Support – policy-makers must decide how these organisations can be supported (e.g. grant schemes)

Local decision-making – commitment from the community and staff provides the momentum for success and greater involvement in strategic local decision-making

Woodland advantage – A woodland setting has distinct advantages: seemingly less crowded, calming and therapeutic for children with behavioural difficulties or special needs and scope for a variety of activities (coppicing, charcoal manufacture, woodcraft and recreation)

Monitoring – assessments should cover ecological, social and economic impacts, in particular the effect of vocational training on young people excluded from mainstream education"

So far so good .... ?

Conference:  http://www.communityforest.org.uk/  - March 23rd, Birmingham.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2dImprgiB8

Woodneckpeckers:   "Each Community Forest is a partnership between local authorities and local, regional and national partners including the Forestry Commission and Natural England. The founding basis for each Forest is a government-approved Forest Plan, a 30-year vision of landscape-scale improvement. Since 2011, the Community Forests have had a national accord with the Forestry Commission...."

Cynical:   The big sell  ...

2010 : http://www.theguardian.com/environment/blog/2010/dec/22/tory-privatisati...

2014 "When David Cameron tried to carve up the forests among his cronies in 2010, he was forced into a humiliating U-turn. An independent panel under the Bishop of Liverpool was set up and the subsequent report was crystal clear – the English forest estate must be preserved for the people, in perpetuity and expanded. Three years later and the government is still prevaricating and looking for ways to sell off our woodlands. One method would be to use biodiversity offsetting, as very little of our publicly owned forests are ancient woodlands. Another and even more dangerous method would be to use the recently proposed infrastructure bill. This allows the secretary of state to override all planning considerations if he or she deems it necessary, and would enable any part of England (including public forests, SSSIs, etc) to be sold to developers with absolutely no right of appeal.It's clear that this government will never stop until it has privatised every last inch of our country."

http://www.theguardian.com/environment/england-forest-sell-off - Robin Hoods? 

"Four million trees will be planted over the next year, the UK government said as it confirmed it would continue to fund the creation of new woodlands. Some £6m will be invested by the government in new planting in 2014-15, as part of a £30m investment for woodlands in England, with the remainder of the money being spent on management of existing woods."



Shock & Awwe: "The public wants Britain's forests to retain their status as inviolable parts of our heritage, safe from the potential depredations of private interests."







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RCWE - Junkett

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This will be held at 6pm on Tuesday 17 May 2016 at Barrowcliff School.

The meeting is open for all members of RWCE to attend and Members (who have been Members for more than 5 days) will be eligible to vote at the AGM. Members of the public can join as Members on the night and attend the AGM, however, they will be unable to vote. Elected members of Scarborough Borough Council can also attend if they wish, although again, unless they are Members they will be unable to vote.

Clearly the purpose of the AGM meeting is to enable RWCE to conduct its business. However, the group recognise that it would be helpful to provide further opportunities for people to ask questions and understand more about the organisation and the work in the woods and is therefore proposing to hold a series of public guided walks in the woods during May 2016 (I will advise of the dates once I have these) and also a public meeting later in the year.

I hope this clarifies the position – however, if you require any further information about the arrangements you may find it useful to speak to Cllr Bill Chatt, who as you are aware is one of the Council representatives on the RWCE Board."




Should you cannot agree, and have any questions please submit them five days prior to the AGM.




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RWCE - Disharmony Continues

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"Since its RWCE AGM soon I thought as an ex director that I might contribute a few words ,these are my words and I do not represent anyone other than myself.
I put myself up for election to RWCE for two reasons only to keep an eye on what was happening and to try and protect the meadow. I did this because I thought that given one of the personalitys involved as much over sight that was possible was needed. I resigned when I realised that the Chair Mr robert “ yellow back “ sword had in my opinion no intention of running RWCE in the public interest, even now the chairs report only mentions public in any real way at the end. and that he was incapable of keeping his word. The final straw came for me when I received a lunatic rant from another director accusing me of deception and threatening me with physical violence. Over the time of my directorship I have felt the need to apologise to contractors for director abuse, call the police and deal with a chair that I think is ether incompetent,stupid or ? . I will not work for RWCE as a volunteer or in any other capacity while its current management in place. I love Raincliffe woods and have spent the last 16 years doing voluntary work there unlike some of the bone idle complainers that think shouting swearing and abuse is a days work. I do not support RWCE in any way but given the circumstances and Scarborough’s history on this sort of thing ?, Directors resining others threatening too, incompetence, at the top , months of bad publicity, legal action and a request for an oversight committee, bikes every where and directors been sacked its a big NO from me."

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RCWE: Bonding ...


"11:34am 27th May 2016

Kids in Barrowcliff will be living 'Bear Grylls style' this weekend.

It's as they spend the day on Monday in Raincliffe Woods learning survival skills.

Survival Day is an activity organised by the Barrowcliffe Big Local and Compass Gym.

They'll be building shelters, making a campfire, cooking and playing games..

To register a free place call Tommy from Compass Gym on 01723 377333..

Under-11's need to be accompanied by an adult..

Vice Chair of the Big Local, Bill Chatt, said:

"A lot of people have asked what they can do with the kids for the holidays, so we thought this would be a good idea. It's got to be worth doing and I think it will be a really good experience for kids.

"The reason we're doing it is bonding. Dads going out with their children, spending the day with them up in the woods, working with Compass to build a den. That's what we're all about now at The Big Local - looking at opportunities to get people working together to start realising there are opportunities now that weren't there before. There are chances to have these events now, which are paid for by the Big Lottery money"."

Wot not Gretels?