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FRACKING - Interpretation & Enforcement

The term 'Fracking' has become the buzzword of 2013 and with 180 new Licences granted nationwide it is no surprise that public concern is rising.  

Many anti-fracking campaigners have made comparisons to the industry in the USA Marcellus Shale Gas operations can be seen here:

In the USA  the potential benefits of driving down energy bills perhaps outweigh the need to preserve the countryside.   But does that apply here in the UK?  

What of the need for gas security?    In the EU under the Lisbon Treaty there is a National Grid for Natural Resources .  ie if France or other EU countries can ban shale fracking' that is OK because they can import it from the UK.   The National Grid states "   The UK has targets for greenhouse gas reductions in the form of carbon budgets covering the period 2008 to 2027. If carbon emissions are within the budget levels by 2027 the country will be on a good  trajectory for meeting the 2050 target of an 80% reduction in emissions. The European Directive requiring a 20% contribution from renewable energy to all EU energy by 2020 has been translated into UK law as a requirement for renewable sources to contribute 15% of all UK energy by 2020. Work carried out by National Grid and published in our UK Future Energy Scenarios suggests that the renewable and carbon targets are not well aligned." 

Source:  National Grid (02.07.13)

However it would appear that the 'fracking' industry is being cheered on by Cameron who is, going so far as to discourage and possibly deny the European Commission's proposals of introducing of new legislation to control, monitor and govern over the shale gas industry, as part of  the EU's environment and energy strategy to 2030.  (Reuters 17.12.13)  

And as most EU legislation is open to interpretation and enforcement, clearly Cameron's  "The industry in the UK has told us that new EU legislation would immediately delay imminent investment."  means that under his Gung Ho attitude that no enforcements or control are likely to take place.   

Whilst the present Govt. cheerfully dismisses public concerns sites open to the controversial Shale Fracking  have been identified at well know beauty spots in and around the Scarborough and Whitby area at Thornton Dale, Dalby Forest, Kirby Misperton, Danby Dale and Castleton.

In the heart of the North Yorkshire Moors National Park on 17th August 2012, Egdon Reources UK Ltd received planning permission for exploratory drilling and borehole at Broadgate Farm, Westerdale:

At Ebberston,Moor, Snainton. Viking UK Gas continues to expand its operations. Planning Application - NYM/2013/0477/EIA - on 20th Dec 2013 was granted approval, "Proposal - gas production from existing wellsite  ......  "

Viking Gas has been an operator of the Ryedale Gas Fields since 2003.  Barton Willmore's Planning statement of 2011 suggests that gas extraction had (previously) been uncommercially viable.

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