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"Stories in Mocktale are works of fiction intended to bring a smile to your face. They bear no connection to events and characters in real life."

Fascinating. 'The Begining', slightly squeamish ... 

"The huge number of revelations and disclosures made by Pakistani-American terrorist David Headley so far; has given a ray of hope to Bahubali fans who are still trying to get over his death.

Unable to figure out the reasons why Kattappa killed Bahubali even after 9 months of his sad demise; Bahubali fans are now hoping that at least David Headley will have the answer to this mystery.

"Why Kattappa killed Bahubali has been the biggest mystery plaguing the nation since the mystery of why did Priyanka Gandhi marry Robert Vadra. We are confident that the rate at which Headley is making one revelation after another, he would not only be able to reveal why Kattappa killed Bahubali, but may also reveal when will achhe din come in India," claimed an ardent fan of the film....""

Bollywood.  'Make in India'

"Bollywood actors Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan were among those who had to be evacuated when a big fire broke out at a lavish cultural show in Mumbai. The show was part of an economic event, "Make in India", designed to encourage foreign investment.  Video from the scene, in an enclosure on Chowpatty Beach, showed the fire blazing under a stage as dancers up above continued their act. VIPs including the state chief minister had to wave at them to stop. Reports say the blaze, caused by a short circuit, was brought under control and no-one was hurt."


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Hmmm ... now about Dad's Army ... & the EU




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EU: Delhi's Hs2? The Alternative View

"More than 10 million people in India's capital, Delhi, are without water after protesters sabotaged a key canal which supplies much of the city.

The army took control of the Munak canal after Jat community protesters, angry at caste job quotas, seized it."



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Kerosene, Coal, Gas & Cow Dung

Fascinating ...

Frack Free India? - cow dung for cooking

Tax Avoidence? "India is notorious for having few tax payers, in many cases that is because people are far too poor to, pay tax..."

BBC:  'Doris & Frump a month in Mumbai ...'

Cuadrilla Inquiry - Final Week:




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Dongles ... Doogles

"After enamoring us with features like Mobile TV, remote, reader, auto-text etc, smartphones are all set to take technology to next level by having an inbuilt cook that will make food for you. This feature will come with a stomach tracking feature on the lines of eye-tracking feature, which will serve food to you immediately, when your stomach goes below a threshold level of hunger your body can withstand..."

"Some of the other features that the smartphone will have is an auto swear facility, where spam calls from network service providers, credit card sales executives, NGOs would be returned with choicest expletives by voice from an in built app called iAbuse..."

Possession is  ...

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Oksijan ... O2?

"A seven-year-old Afghan boy who was in a sealed lorry was rescued by UK police after texting he was suffocating.

The boy, using a phone given by a charity in Calais, said he was running out of "oksijan" - meaning oxygen.

He and 14 adults were found in a container at services on the M1 after arriving from the Calais migrant camp commonly known as the Jungle.

Leicestershire Police said the group of migrants was recovered from a trailer at the Leicester Forest East services.

The force said immigration officials had now taken on the case and "safeguarding" measures had been put in place for the boy. Nobody was taken to hospital...."

"Ahmed was carrying a mobile phone given to him by Help Refugees, a small charity working in the northern France camps.

The charity says it gives phones to children to help keep them safe.

During the day, he sent a text to Liz Clegg, one of the charity's team who works in the Jungle, who was at an international conference in New York at the time

The text, in broken English, read: "I ned halp darivar no stap car no oksijan in the car no sagnal iam in the cantenar. Iam no jokan valla".

Meanwhile :

"A driver and three suspected illegal immigrants have been arrested after a number of people were spotted getting out of a lorry on a busy road.

The group of at least 11 were seen exiting the vehicle on the A168, near Boroughbridge, on Thursday.

A 49-year-old man from Lithuania and three men believed to be Kurdish, aged 20, 24 and 29, have been arrested on suspicion of immigration offences.

North Yorkshire Police said three women and five children were with the group."

Spose any old mobiles could be dropped in those empty boxes at entrance to Town 'Awl ...


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India - River Diversions

"The Indian government is pushing ahead with one of the most ambitious and expensive engineering projects in history, despite staunch opposition from lawmakers, environmentalists and neighboring Bangladesh.

The idea was first conceived by the British in the 1850s, and has been revived several times, only to be definitively approved by the current government of Narendra Modi, which has proudly claimed that it “has done all the work for it.” As a result of the Inter Linking of Rivers (ILR) 30 new canals will be built, changing the course and capacity of some of one of Asia’s greatest rivers, Ganges and Brahmaputra. Estimates for the project, which will take decades, have consistently risen, but the latest go up to 20 trillion rupees ($300 billion)."

"The display of urgency is driven by a second consecutive year of droughts across the country, following a weak monsoon, which has affected over 330 million Indians. The country’s media has been filled with reports of villages on the verge of riots due to shortages, people having to walk marathons for vital supplies, and trains being commandeered to ferry water across the country.

"The water crisis will be there in the future because of climate change but through this we will be able to help the people. The public has welcomed it and they are happily ready to be displaced," Bharti said."

"The blueprints for the initial links by the National Water Development Agency (NWDA) have already been submitted to the individual states, which, had in the past been some of the biggest opponents of the scheme, but have been overruled by a 2012 Supreme Court decision, favoring the government’s proposal. The Guardian reports that now authorities are merely waiting for a rubber stamp from the Environmental Ministry to begin work."

"Some believe it will not only be inefficient, but catastrophic.

“The government is trying to redraw the entire geography of the country. What will happen to communities, the wildlife, the farmers who live downstream of the rivers? They need to look at a river not just as a source of water, but as an entire ecosystem. They will have to dig canals everywhere and defy the ecology of the country,” Latha Anantha, from the River Research Centre, told the Guardian."

"SANDRP believes that 1.5 million people will be displaced as a result, and 104,000 hectares of prime forested land will be submerged, while the effects on other life forms are unpredictable. Thakkar has also accused the NWDA of manipulating data to justify its plans.
Reservations have come from opposition politicians, and even members of the ruling BJP, one of whom Murli Manohar Joshi, recently said that the plan would be like transferring wealth “from one beggar to another beggar.” The states that stand to lose the greatest water surpluses have also raised dissenting voices, but Bharti has batted their worries away as “misconceptions.”

But an even bigger international battle is brewing with equally water-stressed, but much-poorer neighboring Bangladesh, which has disapproved of the scheme from the start.

“We will ask for data pertaining to our fair share of water. Fifty-four of 56 Indian rivers flow through Bangladesh. So efforts to extract water upstream in India or divert river courses will be cause for worry for us,” said State Minister for Water Resources Muhammad Nazrul Islam, as newspapers have launched outraged editorials. “India is giving a lot of importance to its own people hit by drought, but it must not ignore our rights. I don’t expect India to do that either.”

So far the Delhi has hoped to pacify its neighbor with vague reassurances."

Erm, erm Ohm. Musn't give Boris any ideas about diverting the Channel to North of the Thames ...

Wot wot Ford...