Raincliffe Woods - A Deep Concern

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Out the back door, something is actual happening. Other than a few sink holes, cough, the Raincliffe Woods Community Enterprize... 'Trust', have been active for almost a year.  Other than erm, sums of  'funding exchanges' to assist with community 'benefits', not many people may have noticed.  Thankfully, some real locals have, and very fortunately found one brave person, whom has swung into action.  Here is her latest approach to highlight the many  (and there are many who do not wish to be named) that are being directly impacted;  landowners, residents and public amenity users,  - that have some very real,  witnessed and experienced concerns about what is actually going on:

"It is with the most serious concern that I raise the issue of Raincliffe Woods, Row Brow and Forge Valley.  Considering that this is the subject of the council’s first venture into a Community Asset Transfer, the results so far must set a negative precedent for any similar transaction.  This much-loved natural amenity was duly trusted to Scarborough council in a capacity of trusted custodians on behalf of the whole community.

However, the wholesale transfer of such a precious natural resource to a so-called ‘community enterprise’, was effectively consigning it to an extremely uncertain future. Of the unfortunate consequences following this policy the public are becoming increasingly aware! The first results of this failed project are now manifestly obvious. From the start the project involved excessive felling of healthy, mature trees that have formed an integral part of this unique woodland.

The works that have taken place go far beyond what we were given to understand as just a 20 per cent clearing operation in a limited area, with more large scale operations still planned. This comes at the expense of any theoretical aspect of conservation or any possible gain to our local community.

The issue of extreme weather events has been raised, and the role of mature coniferous trees in reducing run-off, flooding and preventing land slip. This has particular resonance in Raincliffe Woods and along the steep escarpment. Large-scale removal of trees and a misguided ‘fell to waste’ operation along the ridge could seriously undermine the safety of the ridge and ruin the lovely backdrop to our town which also serves as a nature corridor and ‘green lung’ behind the hospital and cemetery.

In view of the public’s growing deep concern and the detrimental ongoing inappropriate commercial operations, the council would be well advised to look again at this asset transfer on behalf of the whole community. Perhaps then to reconsider other options to better safeguard this precious piece of our local landscape into the future.

Miss JA Strutt, Scarborough

Published @ http://www.thescarboroughnews.co.uk/opinion/letters/letter-deep-concern-...

Meanwhile, politcal protocols are continuing in the 'dismissive' ... though it has been confirmed the 12 month trial period ends in April.

Just in case they were considering bringing the signing of the 25 to 30 year land lease forward.


Any more 'Bright Ideas' ;-?  http://www.thescarboroughnews.co.uk/news/bright-ideas-to-impove-forest-l...

"Fracking at Raincliffe Woods!!"  - thinks that would grab some of the eco warriors attention? Stoopid idea? Not so stoopid when you look back four years and up to twelve very deep holes along  with ducting, reflecting taping, red wired tampering  etc were reported and discovered along Forge Valley, the Woods and Hackness. Hacked off.  Yep, whilst the envrionmentalists feed and forage into the 'fracking' and 'anti-fracking' industry, into what may or may not be, will they won't they,  but hey please keep the lights on and if the lights go off then ... hey ho we can lights a few candles and burns some, erm wood.   The 'fracking' furore has and continues to be a divergence out of massive proportions in my humbly bumbly .... four years of bad news days and so continues the journey to the land of make believe, that is 'fracking'. (there are gas holes all over and around Scarborough by the way North Bay. Marine Drive, South Cliff near the Clock Tower... from years ago.  They covered them up with neat little plates, engineered locally I might add ;-)  (Perhaps someone could organise a Plated Gas Hole Treasure hunt). Maps.

Oooh, more Monkey Business...  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtXby3twMmI

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Resistance is .... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYdZpCFAfUg

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SN: RCWE - Wood for Trees


"However, former community enterprise member John Bradley has raised concerns about the project being focused on Barrowcliff and Northstead instead of the wider community.

He said: “For me that is morally wrong. It is putting communities against communities - and that is wrong for the board to do that. All the communities of the town should benefit.”

Mr Bradley said this is one of the reasons he left the group, among other major concerns about the level of felling and disruption."

Ah, so .... chip off the old block or ... tip of the iceberg ... wotever next bunny boilers?

Basic Instincts ....


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SN: Save Raincliffe Woods - Theo's


"If ‘reassurance’ is being sought about the future of Raincliffe Woods, Row Brow and Forge Valley, there is cold comfort in last week’s Scarborough News - ‘New project set to launch in Raincliffe Wood’ article.

‘New’ in the headline being the operative word, considering after the duration of four years all there is to show for the existence of this appalling experiment in so-called ‘community enterprise’ is a disgusting mess!

Claims for some theoretical benefit to community and conservation/restoration require an extraordinary stretch of the imagination.

The biggest leap of faith is to see the recent acts as ‘woodland restoration work’.

Do they really consider the public foolish enough to be convinced by this community relations manoeuvre in order to justify the destruction of a treasured public amenity!"


Theo ... not Tiberius ;-)