Dog Chipping

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On 6 April this year, compulsory microchipping of all dogs more than eight weeks old will come into force.

The new law, which we want to raise awareness of, will make it compulsory for all dog owners to have a microchip implanted in their dog and registered on an approved database, containing the current name, address and contact details of the owner. It will also be a legal requirement to keep the database updated with any changes of owner details.

After 6 April, any owners of dogs which have not been microchipped and registered may be served with a notice requiring them to do so within 21 days.  Failure to comply with the notice will render the owner liable to pay a £500 fine.

It is in everyone’s interest to have their dog microchipped as soon as possible. We are working in partnership with Dogs Trust, which is running a series of events throughout the borough, providing free microchipping for all dogs. This will also include a free basic health check by a veterinary nurse and a free pack promoting responsible dog ownership.

The free microchipping events, which will run from 11am until 3pm, will take place on:

·        Tuesday 23 February - Evron Centre, John Street, Filey

·        Tuesday 22 March - The Hub, Northway, Scarborough (in partnership with Yorkshire Coast Homes)

·        Tuesday 19 April - Whitby Leisure Centre, West Cliff, Whitby (in partnership with Everyone Active)

Dog owners are advised to arrive as early as possible, as the events are expected to be very popular.

Even if you’re not a dog owner yourself, please feel free to forward this email to any relative or friend who is.

Yep, tis a shame they don't do the same for humans ...

For the 'absent' X

Meanwhile: Beach Cleaning Event - Organised by Coastival

February 13th 12.00 til 14.00 "Once again SAS are teaming up with Coastival to educate about the need to keep,our beaches clean. This event is free and open to all ages ( under 16's need to be accompanied by an adult). All equipment is provided all you need is to come down dressed for the weather wearing sensible footwear.
Our beaches are frequently covered with litter dropped by people and also washed in from the sea. The litter not only looks terrible but also poses a lot of danger to wildlife.
Spare any time you can to help Scarborough look that little bit better."

Voluntary Army needed:

"People with a passion for the Scarborough coastline are being invited to help make history by being part of the largest coastal marine science project ever undertaken. The £1.7m Capturing Our Coast project, paid for through the Heritage Lottery Fund, is designed to further understand the abundance and distribution of marine life around the UK. The aim of the project is to nationally recruit and train more than 3,000 volunteers to help build a more accurate picture of the marine life all around the country. The research will help scientists to understand how the marine environment is responding to global climate change. Led by Newcastle University, the project is a national collaboration involving Hull, Portsmouth and Bangor universities, the Scottish Association for Marine Science, the Marine Biological Association of the UK and the Marine Conservation Society."

Anoid. CCS.

Oh :


B/E ? Hmmm ... . Equations.

lol "Did some actually state the earth at 6000 years old? Why aren't they dead from stupidity? Ugh. Whatever the number is, there are a lot more brain dead people than alive". Tom, New York United States

Ah yes, must be a virus...



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Activists Down Under - Adani

Getting younger?  ;-))

"When Adani Group announced plans to dig Australia’s largest coal mine ever, the open-pit Carmichael Mine, the mining consortium perhaps underestimated the tenacity of its greatest adversary: the Wangan and Jagalingou Family Council and People. They are the traditional owners of the land who trace their heritage here back 60,000 years.

“We have a strong history of activism and protecting our way of life and families,” says family council member Murrawah Johnson, who’s also involved with the Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network. “Adani said, ‘We want to dig a large open-pit coal mine on top of your river, the river that also feeds five other nations down south.’ So it was time to stand up and fight.”

Focus v Hocus Pocus.

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Grow Your Own

Urban Food Security:

"Food security has typically been framed as an issue of global concern, concentrated within developing countries. The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation defines food security in terms of the availability of food sufficient to meet the needs of all people at all times, and while this conception acknowledges that people must have the wherewithal to meet their own needs, it can lead to a preoccupation with the gross volume of food produced, at the expense of questions of distribution and adequacy.

Alternative notions of food sovereignty address some of these conceptual shortcomings and importantly also reveal more clearly the problems of food accessibility and adequacy we face in Australia. And as more than 90% of us now live in cities we recognise that food security is as much an urban problem as it is one of rural food production...

"Food security is affected by various factors, including peak oil; the availability of fertilisers; population growth; and climate change. Rising fuel prices associated with peak oil are increasing the costs of large-scale agricultural production; also rising are the costs of transporting food within and between countries and the price of fertilisers essential to modern industrial agriculture. As the global population rises so too does demand for food and as the people of many countries become wealthier they typically develop a taste for different types of food, many of which require increasing amounts of energy to produce, process, and transport to their point of consumption - which is increasingly in cities. These cost pressures are likely to be exacerbated by climate change, as the food-growing capacity of some regions fluctuates in the face of global warming, increasing drought, and more periods of intense rainfall. For example, rice production in the Riverina plummeted in 2009 while the whole of the Australian grain belt has suffered from the severe drought of the last decade. The localised impacts of extreme weather and climate change have had dramatic impacts on the food security of some cities, with the empty supermarket shelves of Brisbane and steep price rises for many fruits and vegetables following the floods of early 2011." (July 2012)

Ah, so ... how times change ... Erm, the costs of transportation are now less than the costs of food? Margins ... being pragmatic, why transport it at all? Costs for tankers currently, say £2.6k when three years ago they were  £200K to £250K   Newsnight:

Market forces ... so, who covers the cost of getting food, and why would they.. is the price of food gonna go up?

Food Banks. 


If, the UK can't grow what it consumes, neither can the EU.


Oh, if the world was flat ...


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More Chipping

"Immigration Minister James Brokenshire said:

“Landlords with property in England need to prepare now for the new right to rent rules to ensure they are ready for 1 February.

“Ahead of the scheme’s roll out, we have been working very closely with an expert panel to make sure their feedback is taken on board and to design a scheme that is as simple and light touch as possible. Many responsible landlords have already been undertaking similar checks - these are straightforward and do not require any specialist knowledge.

“Right to rent is part of the government’s wider reforms to the immigration system to make it stronger, fairer and more effective. Those with a legitimate right to be here will be able to prove this easily and will not be adversely affected. The scheme is about deterring those without the right to live, work or study in the UK from staying here indefinitely.”

YCR ;-)



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Hounds - Chips?

Yep, my hounds still housebound, give or take a few blown down fences, got dementia, bless her little furry socks.  Am sooo trying to be English! 

Anyhoos a timely reminder from the 'Awl

Chipped or fined .... too damn right. Whine whine ... tis OK. Am used to it :-)

Oh, PS massive heads up to :

One day ...


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Fanadix - Filed

Offshore Conti's found:

"...stranded for three days.

The crew aboard a US Navy plane, dispatched after the men were reported missing, spotted them around two hours into their search.

As well as the sign, the men were waving brightly-coloured lifejackets to attract attention.

The men said their vessel capsized due to a large wave a few hours after their departure from Pulap in the Federated States of Micronesia on Monday.

They say they spent the night swimming until they arrived on the island.

"Our combined efforts coupled with the willingness of many different resources to come together and help, led to the successful rescue of these three men in a very remote part of the Pacific," said Lt William White."

Bit More: " Three shipwrecked men ... Four ships were subsequently deployed to try to track the lost sailors..."

How OTTP?  

1. Were they members of the Tory Cabinet?

2. Is Fanadik the new Lesbos?

3. Would it it have been more fun to leave them there?

K9... Micronesia.

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Baggage & 'Black Swans'

There's now't like a good timely question ...  say, noting bb discussions on the  'Man from Dubai' aka The Black Swan ;-)

"Jump! Jump! Jump! Leave your bags behind. Jump and slide. Jump and slide!"

You can hear the anxiety in the flight attendant's voice as she tries to herd passengers off the Emirates Airline Boeing 777-300 that crash-landed at Dubai International Airport on Wednesday.

She realises that they are still in mortal danger, yet many of the people on board are wasting time grabbing bags from the overhead lockers...."

Erm, I guess it's called 'being human', civilised ... as opposed to animalistic....  a  capability to absolutely instantly detach from nurture into nature, from a nutured into a natural state ... an 'ancient contention' perhaps.

"It must be impossible to grasp what's going on and we're programmed to grab our wallet, passport, phone and house keys. Who can honestly say how any of us would react under that kind of stress?" 

The connection :

Yep, tis not quite Pokemon.

Frankly, a sad reflection of a Duck.

So, yep .... 'Melania for President'?  

Or mebbe 'Hilary's vice president ... prodigally s'peeking. 

Ah, so ...


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A Storm In A T 'Cup - RIO

"We apologise to all spectators who have had to queue on the first day of competition," read a statement.

"We requested that the relevant authorities increase the speed and effectiveness that people can enter the park by requesting that more employees are working on the X-ray machines."

TFF Rio :-)

OMW ... Sport....  tis so boring ....


Oh, FFS:


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Mildly Amused

Another wee gem (lost)


Keep up..tis that Smug as a Bug thing :-)

Bottom Line is ... f*ck with my 'family' you don't exist :-))


PS you're welcome.   Mind over matter ...

Now what has Nigel got on Tony ...

Tramps ;-) Oh, they both got Ar*e wipers.

Mind.... the gaps.

"identified by my colleague Tim THORNE"

Erm, nope he's got you by the balls.


Keep Up !!

How Now ... about that ghaul.

Helga. Laura.... want a list?

May the forth be with you :-)


Old Boys n Clubs.


It was a big Ask .. X