Fracking - Here and Now!

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Fracking - shale, conventional and who for?


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Cameron the Cannon

France has banned 'fracking'.  Yet TOTAL are investing heavily into the industry.

Today is the start of the EU discussion on Regulations for the fracking industry.

Today Cameron has announced that Councils can keep 100% of the NNDR - though how do you set a NNDR on 'pad's of land?   Always read the fine print - but there is none!!   Is Cameron intent on selling the North of England to the highest bidder?

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Infrastructure Bill - in a Rush

Some last minute amendments to the Infrastructure Bill are causing some alarm among the anti-fracking community, dated 11th October, to be heard/passed at the House of Lords on Tuesday 14th October 2014:

Of concern is that geothermal energy - perceived as a renewable energy is being marked alongside 'extreme energy'  gas/oil 'fracking'  and also this bit: "The right of use includes the right to leave deep-level land in a different
condition from the condition it was in before an exercise of the right of use
(including by leaving any infrastructure or substance in the land)"

Ha ha looking thru the amendments - it is not all in favour of the 'mother frackers' - a 12 month monitoring of methane and also an amendment that includes "The list of statutory consultees for applications for shale gas extraction shall

include the relevant local water company." - last time I looked Yorkshire Water were very concerned !!   phew ...



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Energy - Room for a Rise?

"How much more coal, oil and gas including shale gas can we continue to burn and still have a 50:50 chance of keeping the rise in global average temperatures below 2 degrees C?"

"Yet the growing tension between energy and democracy is being played out in the Coalition’s Infrastructure Bill where, for example:

  • Clause 36 would make it legally binding on government to “Maximise the economic recovery of UK Petroleum”, at the very moment in our history when we know we must leave 80% of known fossil fuel reserves in the ground to stand a chance of minimising climate change.
  • Clauses 38 to 43 would give fracking companies the ‘Right of Use’ of any land below 300m, meaning they would no longer need permission from the landowner to drill, frack or leave ‘any substance’ in the land."
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EA Consultation on Fracking

responses by 15th June 2016 (Monday)

consulting on two proposals -

  1. A standard rule for a mining waste operation at exploratory ‘drill and core’ wells.  We have already issued a standard rule for drilling of wells and taking core samples. However, this new proposed rule, also allows leak-off well pressure testing and acid washing to take place.  Leak off testing is the testing of a rock formation to establish engineering data and if, and at what pressure, the formation becomes permeable. Acid washing is the localised use of acid solutions in the geological formation to remove residual clay or repair damage within the well.
  1. A standard rule for the storage and handling of crude oil arising from onshore oil and gas exploration and production facilities ...

and for the  latest 'whats it all about' from the Graff:


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One off Eight

Local Green Party spokesperson David Malone will be joined by Campaign Against Climate Change Trades Union Group treasurer Martin Empson and campaigners from Frack-free Ryedale and Frack-free York at a public meeting that will kick-start Scarborough’s fight against fracking in the area.

"Campaigners claim if they went ahead, planned wells in Ryedale and East Yorkshire would inject toxic chemicals up to a thousand times through the Corallian Aquifer, which supplies water to the entire region Since data shows a minimum of 5% of wells leak within their first year, our water would be contaminated at least 50 times, resulting in damage and ill health to wildlife, livestock and humans. They say even this figure is conservative as the same research says at least half all older wells fail.

The campaign intends to overcome the false localism that puts councillors in largely rural areas such as Beverley and Ryedale in sole charge of planning applications for wells that will affect urban and rural areas from the coast to Leeds.

A spokesperson said, ‘An informal survey shows most local people don’t know there will be fracking in the area and certainly not that the planned wells would drill through our aquifer. We plan to change that, and to use the public meeting as a springboard for action.’

A public meeting is being held tonight at Concert Hall, Scarborough Public Library, Vernon Road at 7pm."

Oh Dear ... we never got to do this ? ;-)

Expect a hundred or more to attend as part of the newly formed End Austerity Now Scarborough Group ...  :-) needles in a haystack anyone?


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France's Total Protest

Paris in Springtime :-)


"Mr Obama also mentioned his upcoming visit to Hiroshima, saying it would "honour all those who were lost in World War Two and reaffirm our shared vision of a world without nuclear weapons, as well as highlight the extraordinary alliance that we have been able to forge over these many decades".

“The French authorities remain fully behind the [Hinkley] project. I can appreciate that a certain amount of impatience may be creeping in as the project is key for the UK’s energy and climate policy. It is also necessary, in the interest of all, that EDF follows due process before committing itself to an investment of this magnitude.”

No don't be silly, a nuclear Power station on the South Coast ...

lol - RT's cameras been hit .... best turn it off ... tis getting  very very nasti ... the protestors are being forced to box in and very soon won't be able to get out.   

Anyhoos tis a Paris Spring tradition innit...

Mind if France had opted for 'Frexit' .... erm