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The Purple Prosed GP Taylor writes "Charity Begins At Home", should you have a place called home,  eh Graham ...

Tucking into 'magnificent' fish fingers and fine coffee watching the 'despaired' ... yet only days ago  the river burst its banks, causing devastation and misery to thousands of people. In this town alone, 1,397 people were left homeless with a clear-up bill of several million pounds to follow. The proposed plan to protect Kendal from the deluge was scrapped under Government cuts as money for flood relief fell by 10 per cent...

Nope, best not blame God or the Govt.  Got in Serbia;  "Yet, in the wealthy Serbian town of Lazarevac, flood defences paid for by British taxpayers kept the residents safe. Bojan Stevic, the dry and joyful deputy mayor of Lazarevac, said: “We’re grateful to Great Britain and to the British people. It does seem strange they spent so much money in our country on flood defences yet apparently were not investing enough in their own. It’s terrible to see the people of Britain suffering.”

"..what an insult to the people of Yorkshire and Cumbria who will not be in their homes this Christmas" ... "As a Yorkshireman, I have always believed that charity begins at home. This practical and sensible approach to life goes against the Tory party’s obsession with giving more and more money in foreign aid. Next year it is estimated that the Tories will give away a staggering £12bn... That is enough money to fix the police, defence, hospitals and social benefits for British people. It is also enough to make sure that no-one gets flooded out of their homes again."

Oh, did Noah buy his way out of the Great Flood then?  Lets blame the EU & the Book of Rules, "This ludicrous giving spree is fostered by the EU. It is their accounting rules that will insist that a further £1bn is added to an already obscene foreign aid budget in 2016. A shocking £13bn will be given away to tin pot regimes and dodgy projects and possibly filtered off into the bank accounts of foreign fat cats. It is not impossible to believe that British taxpayers could inadvertently fund terrorism here and abroad."

"...the disadvantaged are being robbed of social benefits."   Oh here we go, the source of GPT's new found knowledge; " A recent TaxPayers’ Alliance report said British aid “does not have any discernible impact on freedom in developing countries... Many people believe that foreign aid sponsors corruption and underwrites a massive international aid rip-off."

"It is time that the foreign aid budget is cut to a sustainable level of £1bn" Oh, wonder where he calculated that figure, 1/13th ...  "Even this is an outrageous amount when people at home are starving and getting their Christmas dinners from food banks.  British tax money should be spent on British people in British schools and hospitals. We should have a well-funded police force and military as well as social benefits. Now is not the time to give away our money. Charity begins at home, to protect our homes from flooding and our children from hunger and disease."

International Aid :

Now where does GP call home,  Oh Charity, I hear you knocking, but you can't come in ;-/

2009 -

That's pre candidate selection for the 2010 elections btw ;-)  Oh UKIP UKIP ....  ''Like so many other Anglicans, I am at that place where I feel I must desert a sinking ship.''  Rev Taylor said: ''The Church I once loved has become the spiritual arm of New Labour.''  Whilst publically claiming to be a 'socialist' GPT was a Tory funder... arse or elbow? 

"The author said many bishops ''spend more time preaching about climate change or dressing up as Druidic bards than preaching a gospel of salvation that would cure the ills of society overnight if properly embraced''.  Taylor said he was drawn to Catholic worship and said its leadership was not afraid to stand up for their moral belief in the face of an often ridiculing secular press.  The writer criticised the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams for his attempts to ''paper over the cracks'' of Anglicanism. He said Dr Williams should allow the church to become disestablished and split into traditional and liberal wings."

"Whitby-based Rev Taylor was the vicar of Cloughton, North Yorkshire, when he took up writing fantasy novels. Before this he had a career in the music industry. He has said he decided to write Shadowmancer, which was first published in 2002, as a response to the rise of secular children's fantasy writing and TV programmes like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, which he believed was pushing youngsters towards the occult."

Dec 2015 - In his own words "Like a blind man trying to eat soup with a fork, the attack on terrorists in a faraway country is bound to be messy. It is not based on a coherent strategy and is doomed to make matters worse. Neither is it justifiable." "What is the difference between Russian or British bombs? Do British bombs not make more radicals and terrorists? Mr Cameron seems to believe that by destroying lives in a faraway country, lives will be saved back at home. This sort of politics can never be used to justify war. It is a common belief that the only way to defeat Islamic fundamentalists is to beat them on the ground."  Nooo, literally?   Oh Yes  (in the interim)  "Knee-jerk politics are never as good as a measured response. Bombing alone only serves to destroy property and kill people. It cannot hold back new forces coming in when the bombing stops. On these grounds alone, bombing is not justifiable. I find it hard to believe that no one in politics realised that the toppling of tyrants like Saddam Hussein and Colonel Gaddafi would only serve to inflame an already dangerous situation. Any fool could see that removing these people from power was going to form a vacuum in which dangerous fundamentalist elements would ferment. The military action against these countries is directly responsible for the rise to power of Daesh (ISIL). In Syria, President Assad ran a largely secular state in a peaceful environment. To topple him would leave the whole region open to being taken over by fundamentalists."

Mebbe GPT could fill that vaccum. He has quite a cult flowing of his own ... laters, GPT's answer for World Peace? "It is not Daesh in Syria that poses a direct threat to the United Kingdom. Nor do the attacks on Paris provide emotional justification for any military action. There is no way that this intervention can be justified using the excuse that by bombing Daesh we are protecting people on the streets of Leeds and Sheffield. On the contrary action such as this only serves to aggravate an already volatile situation.

The real and justifiable war on terror has to be fought in the mosques and communities in our cities and towns. Unlike the Bible, the Koran has never been open to theological criticism.

The Koran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with non-believers for the sake of Islamic rule. This is not the theology for a modern world and any literal interpretation is dangerous."

Erm, No.  GPT statements like that are dangerous.

Ah, tis the season of goodwill ... trying to be charitable;  GPT's answer to the Bomb or Beat Them on the Ground "It was Napoleon who said: “Religious wars are basically people killing each other over who has the better imaginary friend.”   Mebbe, but which Napolean or imaginary friend is GPT referring to ;-)  Oh ... lets blame a Lord, any old Lord will do  "It was Lord Balfour who had the idea of having a national home for the Jews in Palestine."

Perhaps GPT is after his own wee fiefdom or Baron Land ... Knighthood?  "This relatively new promised land can be cited as being the cause of much of the trouble in the Middle East today. Therefore, if it is right and fitting for the Jews to have their independent homeland, then surely Islamists have a right to an independent Islamic state?

All our home-grown jihadists could then go and live there making the streets of Britain a safer place. After all, if they do not like our culture, liberalism and freedoms then they should leave and not try to change a free democratic society into a Sharia state.

If the Islamists do not like the Western culture in which they live, surely it is far better for them to be assisted to go and live in a land that supports their religious values? Perhaps an Islamic State may be a way forward for world peace?"

JHFC, btw, GPT it is what it is, 'tis not a Game of Thrones or Top Trumps.  Could we deport GPT, anyone got a 'stable'?

'A Criminal Way to Protect a Nation'    (Nov 2015)

"IT was a bright summer night in a sleepy market town when the end of my police career came suddenly. What started out as a normal night ended painfully as a straightforward report of a broken shop window turned into a nightmare. After arresting a youth, a special constable and myself were set upon by a large group of men who wanted to liberate the youth from the back of my police car. Within seconds, we were under a sustained attack by the mob. The special constable was beaten to the ground and I was being punched and kicked. I radioed for urgent assistance and heard the dreaded reply that the nearest back-up was 20 minutes away. I knew that the only way I would survive was by staying on my feet and for what seemed like an eternity I traded blow for blow with the mob. I was heavily outnumbered but myself and the badly injured special fought on. Many minutes later a traffic officer arrived and we were saved." Halleluha

"That incident happened at a time when the numbers of police officers on the beat was at an all-time high. The Miners’ Strike had taught the Government that there had to be police officers on the ground to keep the country safe and respond to incidents properly."   Oh so it was the Miners Strike that taught  police officers to beat up the public ...

"Over the years I have seen constables replaced by support officers and fewer officers on the beat. Crime figures appear to be regularly massaged and the goalposts on what actually constitutes a crime moved further apart."   Eh? What actually constitutes a crime .. are some crimes not crime, chimes.   Shoestrings again "Static patrolling never solved crime and policing on a shoestring costs lives."   Drawing on his telepathic talents  ... "looming large in Osborne’s mind will always be the possibility of a privatised police force".

"It will lead to events where 999 operators will be telling victims of crime that there is no- one to come and save them."  Oh is that in the 999 Operators job description?

"When I was a young copper in Northallerton, I went to arrest a man on warrant and he put a gun to my head. I managed to get away from him as he locked himself in his house. I called for armed back-up and was told that it wasn’t available and that I should “contain the property” until help arrived. The only protection I had was a copy of the Yellow Pages stuffed down my jumper and an old man with a Jack Russell and a walking stick who came to help me."  GPT's version.

"Mr Osborne doesn’t need to make the cuts. He is making them so the Treasury can run a projected surplus of £10bn by the end of the Parliament. All this codswallop about mending the roof while the sun shines is a cover-up for the real reason of him building a war chest that can be raided for tax cuts and spending increases in advance of the 2020 election."

Elections?  Oh yes it is the Police & Crime Commissioner Elections in 2016.   A Purple Poser?   

"God forbid that we have a Paris-style attack here after Mr Osborne has cut the police budget to the bone. Three bobbies, a middle-aged PCSO and a bicycle are no use against jihadists with Kalashnikovs. It’s up to you, George, and your conscience."

GP Taylor at his fictional and fantastical best.    'Tis a long road to Damascas', for some, eh says Peter robbing Paul...

Ah, Luke - Omne Trium Perfectum

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