Oh Dear, Cuadrilla by Cllr Rob Barnett

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Dear Mr Egan,

Thank you for your email below regards the awarding to Cuadrilla Resources of shale gas exploration licenses in North Yorkshire and the East Riding.  As a member of Scarborough Borough Council’s Environment and the Economy Scrutiny Committee I would ask you to respond to the following questions:

1.       Can you elaborate on what exactly constitutes ‘best practice for unconventional hydrocarbon exploration in Europe’?  An important clarification that needs to be made here is whether ‘best practice’ is measured against a relative baseline or an absolute one that is grounded in empirical scientific evidence.  Given that Cuadrilla Resources was censured by the Advertising Standards Authority in 2013 for misleading claims around the safety of its practices this is a question I feel obliged to ask.

2.       Are you satisfied that existing cost-benefit analyses capture and value in full the external costs and benefits of shale gas extraction in a given location?  For instance, is Cuadrilla Resources prepared to commission an independent assessment and valuation of the disruption to ecosystem services at extraction sites and the associated cost to society?

3.       In the event of granting of permission to exploit a shale gas well Cuadrilla Resources has agreed to a payment of £100,000 to the local community.  Could you explain and justify the process by which this figure has been reached?  Is this sum intended to fully compensate stakeholders who may be negatively affected by hydraulic fracturing?  Greater transparency is required here.

4.       Could you explain what, if any, actions Cuadrilla Resources will take to ensure equitable and sustainable allocation of any economic benefits arising from extraction of shale gas in the area?  The environmental costs of fracking will be paid for by local communities and the Government's generous tax breaks by UK taxpayers. Yet Cuadrilla, which stands to profit from shale gas, is majority owned by an entity (Riverstone Holdings*) based in offshore tax havens.  If shale gas truly is to become a ‘bridge fuel’ to renewables should the government not be taking steps to ensure avoided taxes are captured and invested in sustainable renewable energy infrastructure for the benefit of future generations?  

5.       At the recent COP 21 event in Paris the UK joined a global commitment to keep to limit global average temperature increases to below 2 degrees Celsius compared to the pre-industrial period by 2100.  Within this context could you respond to the following statements:

o   That fracking cannot and should not replace coal power generation in the UK, Europe or globally and therefore cannot support the critically important shift away from coal.

o   That fracking will undermine UK climate leadership such that it would be impossible to ask other countries to leave conventional reserves in the ground while aggressively driving greater and greater extraction of unconventional gas and oil from under our own feet.

o   That fracking could detract from investment in renewables by locking the UK into a dependency on gas and becoming a substitute for renewables.

*At which Lord Browne, Chairman of Cuadrilla Resources, is a Partner.  Lord Browne was also the government’s Lead Non-Executive Director and Lead Non-Executive Director for the Cabinet Office until 31st January 2015.

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Cllr Rob Barnett


Uber - Knights of the Tables .... cascading :-)) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUH-xk2MxAE&list=RDqUH-xk2MxAE#t=72

Fast journey home, Rob x


Dear Cllr Barnett,


New Onshore Oil & Gas Exploration Licence

I am writing to you concerning the Government’s announcement today about the UK 14th Round for onshore oil and gas exploration licences. As you may be aware my company, Cuadrilla Resources, has been offered a number of licences to explore for shale gas in the area of North Yorkshire and East Riding outlined in these maps, part of which is covered by your local authority. 


Cuadrilla Resources is a British company which aims to lead best practice for unconventional hydrocarbon exploration in Europe.  We take our responsibilities with regards to safety, environmental protection and working with local communities very seriously

We are pleased to be offered these new exploration licences which are in addition to the licence areas that were announced in August 2015. The blocks we have been offered today have been subject to assessment under the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010 in preparation for today’s announcement by the Government.

We welcome the potential for exploration in North Yorkshire and East Riding and the associated benefits of new jobs and economic growth we believe it will bring.  For the next year activity in this new licence area will largely centre on desktop studies and potentially acquiring some seismic data.  This will provide us with a detailed insight into the geology deep underneath the licence area and help in the assessment of locations for potential future exploration sites. 

Any future proposed exploration sites would be the subject of planning applications to the local authority, applications to the Environment Agency and HSE for regulatory approvals, an Environmental Impact Assessment where potential fracking is involved along with extensive public consultation and other community engagement.

On the matter of community benefit, the shale gas industry, through its representative body UK Onshore Oil & Gas (UKOOG) has agreed with Government to pay £100,000 to the community local to each exploration site where it has been granted full planning and regulatory permissions to hydraulically fracture an exploration well.

Our first priority will be to talk with the local communities and their elected representatives.  We would therefore welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss our plans in more detail.

We recognise that some members of the public will have concerns and we have a responsibility to communicate with the local community regularly and transparently about any proposed work and future operations and to reassure them that onshore exploration and fracking can and will be done safely, securely and in an environmentally responsible way.  A community helpline is already set up for people in Yorkshire who may have early questions about onshore oil and gas exploration.  The number is:  0800 1303 884.

 Yours sincerely

 Francis Egan


Cuadrilla Resources




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Anti-Fracking gets Gruff

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Coal in a Can

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Energy Debate


"FORMER Secretary of State for Business, Lord Hutton of Furness, will lead a debate on the future of the energy sector in the North-East in February...

"will discuss the outlook for the oil and gas market and the opportunities for the regional supply chain, which also include areas such as offshore renewables, North Sea decommissioning, nuclear and shale gas."

"The North East has an exceptionally strong and diverse energy sector supply chain, which has to evolve to keep pace with the level of change required and we look forward to the contribution local companies will make during the debate.”

"The Energy Debate: ‘What Does the Future Hold?’ takes place on 11 February from 8am-10.30am in the Grand Marquee at Wynyard Hall.

Places are free, but limited, and can be booked by emailing claire.watson@squareonelaw.com"


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The Rake - Roked


Nicked: "Ryedale’s MP has resigned his position on a government committee after it was discovered it had received funding from fracking companies.

Kevin Hollinrake says he stood down as vice-chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Committee (APPG) on Unconventional Oil and Gas on Thursday, following pressure from his constituents.

It was found the committee was funded by a number of prominent fracking companies

He said: ““A number of constituents have contacted me to express concerns that my involvement with the above is inappropriate, due to the amount of sponsorship it receives from the oil and gas industry.

“Clearly, this would never influence any of us to take a particular view, but nevertheless, I think I should resign as an officer to make sure that my impartiality is not called into question.”

However, opponents of the plans to allow fracking at well in Kirby Misperton that it has raised further concerns about Mr Hollinrake’s plans to set up an independent All Party Parliamentary Group (AAPG).

The new MP is also setting up a meeting at Westminster with some of the shale gas companies but the meeting will not be open to the public.

Chris Redston, of Frack Free Ryedale, said: “He is clearly the last person to set up a new APPG to investigate the regulatory system for fracking, particularly given that he has shown many times in recent weeks that he is strongly in favour of shale gas by chairing Third Energy PR meetings, voting to allow fracking under National Parks and arranging closed Westminster meetings with fracking companies.”

Russell Scott, of Frack Free North Yorkshire, adedd: “This secret meeting... is seen as the first stage in planning a PR offensive designed to foist fracking on an increasingly unwilling local population.”

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Very civilised .... Cllr Backhouse in the hot seat, Chair.   frack on n frack off in attendence, Allanson, Jo White, .... Is it true ? eConomic benefits ... Foreign companies, who wil be left to clean up,  is it true regulation is robust?  Is it kind to have our countryside industrialised, is it necessary....

tis gonna be a long day 


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M&WJP - Fracking Public Meeting

Wot a great day ... Scarboro very well presented with Cllr Backhouse (Chair) requesting respect for all opinions, allowing public to read statements, ask questions... a peoples person? With Boro Cllr's David Jeffles, Jane Mortimor & David Billing awl behaving ...  Drill or Drop, FORGE, FOE, UKOG  ...  it was a public meeting  open to all ... more details tomoz but in short ... people actually talking and listening, about 'fracking'. 

Good O. Cracking. 




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QoNZowQXvk ;-)

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Oil in Transit inertiarational ..


"If you’re in the oil business, you might think your best days are in the rear-view mirror. Oil is selling for rock-bottom prices. Your product is blamed for destroying the planet. And here’s what the leader of the free world thinks of oil.  

“We’ve got to accelerate the transition away from old, dirtier energy sources. Rather than subsidize the past, we should invest in the future,” said President Obama during his recent State of the Union address. ..."

“The energy transition will take a long period of time” says Sverdrup. “We need to change the infrastructure of societies. Only last year we sold 70 million vehicles.”

Hmmm...  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0ycsDdlwzo


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Stark Choice

Should the Energy Crisis be believed is there a stark choice?


"The UK is heading towards a 40 to 55 per cent energy supply gap by 2025 due to closures of coal and nuclear power plants, without any facilities in construction to replace them.

A report from The Institution of Mechanical Engineers claims that plans to plug the gap by building Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) plants were unrealistic as 30 would need to be constructed in the next 10 years.

In the previous decade, the UK has built just four CCGTs, which has been offset by the closure of one CCGT and eight power stations that use other fuels.

The report argues that the country has neither the resources nor enough people with the right skills to build this many power stations in time.

It is already too late for any other nuclear reactors to be planned and built by the coal shut-off target of 2025, other than Hinkley Point C which is already under construction and due for completion in 2023.

The energy gap will likely be filled with a greater reliance on interconnectors to import electricity from Europe and Scandinavia, although the report suggest this could weaken the UK’s energy security and is likely to lead to higher electricity costs...


"A Department of Energy and Climate Change spokesman said: "We are the first country to propose an end date to using unabated coal and we will do so in a way that maintains energy security, which comes first.

"New gas power stations are being built and we are investing in cleaner energy, such as nuclear and shale gas, to ensure hardworking families and businesses have secure, affordable energy supplies they can rely on now and in the future."


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Un-stabled - Energy Policy - NE


"'STOP relying on coal imports and back UK suppliers and jobs', urged a North-East coal and wind farm developer, as an alarming new report attacked Government energy policy.

The UK faces an electricity supply gap of up to 55 per cent by 2025 because of the closure of coal and nuclear plants, the government is being warned.

Plans to plug the gap by building combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) plants are "unrealistic", according to the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

The institution said the UK does not have the resources or the skilled workers to build the number of power stations needed.

Mark Dowdall at The Banks Group, based at Meadowfield, near Durham City, agrees. "Much of Britain’s energy generating infrastructure is ageing and outdated, and significant new investment is clearly required to provide the long-term secure, sustainable and cost effective energy that the country requires," he said, adding: "To ensure a stable energy market, generators need to be able to invest for the long term, but wholesale power prices today do not support investment at scale in any kind of new generation, and from gas to nuclear to clean coal and renewables, all new generation requires support to be built.


"We believe the government needs to urgently reconsider its policies on coal and CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage), onshore wind and solar PV generation, all of which should have considerable roles to play in generating more of the energy that we all use, especially with technological advances making them ever more competitive.

"What is needed now is a carefully-designed diversified energy mix which makes best use of the indigenous sources of energy available to us, which makes the unnecessary and arbitrary limits placed by the UK Government on the use of coal and the deployment of onshore wind and solar PV, which are proven, flexible and cost-effective means of energy generation, ever more mystifying."



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UK Energy A Yoke - Hinkley 'delayed'


"Decision on new nuclear power plant 'delayed'

"Britain's first new nuclear power plant in decades could be delayed amid reports an EDF board meeting to decide whether to invest in Hinkley Point Power Station has been postponed.

The French energy firm's board was expected to meet on Wednesday to finalise the decision.

But French paper Les Echos and environmental group Greenpeace said the decision had now been delayed reportedly due to funding difficulties.

EDF declined to comment on the reports."

In case of Zombie Apocalypse

Rules 3, 21 & 23 ... ??? 


Ah, so ... 22 ;-)


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Wales Energy Mix

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THe Gruff meets The Pied Pipers


"Egan hopes Cuadrilla could have a positive decision by the summer – enabling it to start drilling by the end of this year... Egan hopes Cuadrilla could have a positive decision by the summer – enabling it to start drilling by the end of this year."


"Cuadrilla’s applications have taken so long that its efforts to frack could be overtaken by Third Energy, the Barclays-backed explorer that is seeking permission to frack its existing well at Kirby Misperton in North Yorkshire.

Third Energy has the only UK site where it is thought fracking might actually be able take place this year"

"The Government has said it is going to intervene in the planning regime, because it sees that’s been holding things up – so we are going to have some real-life testing of that over the next few months," says Tom Crotty, director at Jim Ratcliffe's petrochemicals giant Ineos, which bought into the UK shale industry in 2014."

Rats.  "Ineos, by far the biggest winner of new licences, is already beginning to tour school and village halls to meet communities in the areas where it hopes to explore." ?




"Chancellor George Osborne said: “Improving the North would only have made it slightly less shit, but if we spend the money on London it will become even more amazing with moving pavements and a Jamie Oliver restaurant on every corner.

“We won’t need all those new rail links now because Northerners just need a tram to go to the bingo.

He added: “The Northern Powerhouse would have been wasted on Northerners.”

Ah, so ... bags ... pipes ... Inneos. Purely plastic?

Drains.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bU_cs25Ffg8


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Gulf Times


"a lot of things coming to a head"

A rather interesting web site that blocks and disables .... Hmmm  aww schucks 'Sheik the Musical'. Fakes.

Mumbai. Bollywood. Incredible.


Drops into the Eaves:


Ah, so ... the morning after look ;-)



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Cheap Tricks?


"Cheshire police and crime commissioner John Dwyer is ‘outraged’ an energy company is not pursuing a test drill site just three weeks after a huge operation to clear protesters from the land which cost the constabulary £200,000.

A furious Mr Dwyer will be writing to IGas seeking to recoup policing costs associated with supporting High Court officials in their eviction of campaigners from the field off Duttons Lane in Upton.

He also points out the eviction operation was not without risk of serious injury given the state of the site.

IGas has not so far responded but is expected to issue a statement shortly."

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SN: FOE Explains ....


"I’d like to re-assure your readers that Friends of the Earth is focused on fighting fracking because of its environmental risks.

It would be perfectly legitimate for Friends of the Earth Trust, the charitable part of Friends of the Earth, to campaign on fracking because of the harm it would do to the environment, and we exist to protect the environment. However, right now, the Trust is focused on other environmental threats, for example, protecting bees from pesticides.

Friends of the Earth Limited is a much smaller company working with local communities to clearly communicate the risks of fracking to people’s health, the local environment, the North Yorkshire economy and the global climate.

We are openly and transparently challenging the fracking industry and the politicians planning to unleash thousands of fracking wells in North Yorkshire.

While our opponents may try to silence us we will continue to talk about the risks of fracking, and the Government’s disregard for what the public want; and they don’t want fracking in Yorkshire – or anywhere else.

Mike Childs, Head of Science, Policy and Research, Friends of the Earth"

Obviously got a bee in his bonnet... or pants on fire.


Sleeping Dogs.


Oh, perhaps that was a tad harsh, please explain the risks to the global climate; economic, social and environmental.   Ta. (in your own time)

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Cuadrilla's Inquiry - No Oscars

Meanwhile some ongoing coverage on Cuadrilla can  be found at Drill or Drop:


Quite unbearable & audibly 'barkingly' challenging : http://www.cuadrillaplanninginquiry.co.uk/

The pacing is abhorrent and the lemmins are following it !!!


detawoels - details

pwase - please

give (pause) why swigns - give way signs 

powtentsharl - potential  ...

ussuage - usage

obviously on an hourly rate ... cripes how long is a piece of string  ...


ffs, it makes the YP/PA app seem like an Quentin Tarantino production  ...

White Rose 1

Red Rose 0



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UK to Stake Out Oil & Gas?


"...Labour's Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Seema Malhotra, said: "At tough times such as these, the UK government should step in to support our oil and gas industry as an essential part of the UK and Scottish economy.

"We need to do all we can to protect jobs and to make sure that important assets in the North Sea are protected for the future and not decommissioned early.

"Labour would support investment in the industry to make sure that there is a bright future for the North Sea when oil prices begin to recover."