Flagpole for the Futurist?

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Wots 'appening at the 'Futurist'?   Nobody seems to know.... not for lack of trying. Negotiations are still ongoing with Flamingoland, behind closed doors. 

Was this built back when the Futurists fate was first feted?


Hmmm ... was that a hint?


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Is it a bar, is it for birds, is it a free strip joint, a new lighthouse, the new Harbour Board's GCHQ,  a devolutionary Mayor's parrot perch?


Hmmm, back in Brighty,  "Marks Barfield would put in £6m, the local enterprise partnership (LEP) would put in £4m, but now the shortfall was £36m instead of £15m. Again, Brighton council agreed to meet the cost, again controversially. Those who had angrily opposed the first lot of borrowing were now apoplectic." Eh? a lightening conductor

A familiar ? Nope tis definitely a giant flagpole. But where's the flag? Doh .... tis a stake ... tis a pick ..  a torch, a beacon or a stick, tis a ... erm erm a flood defence measuring system !!!

Erm, just a quick 'nostalgic' momo :-) bits of the previous form - does it tick?

A ‘landmark Pebble’ building with a magical cave-themed indoor environment

• A glass-fronted building with water cascading down the front

• A ‘high octane, adrenaline fuelled’ roller coaster

• A 55 metre ‘iconic’ lighthouse structure and Space Shot Tower which propels guests 55 metres into the sky

• A walk through aviary

• A new town square for Scarborough (on the site of King Street Car Park)

• An elevated dining venue giving diners views of the North Sea

• An undercover botanical garden (on a parcel of land within St Nicholas Gardens)

• 10,500 sq ft of potential residential, office or hotel space

“The Bidder has confirmed that no cinema offer would be located within the development.”

Wot no underwater cinema ... ?  Anyone seen a windturbine ...

Oh. "Brighton i360 unanimously was granted planning permission on 16 September 2016 by Brighton & Hove City Council to remove a wind turbine at the top of the tower from its design, after engineers raised concerns that the turbine might cause the tower to move in high winds.

The decision was welcomed by John Roberts, the i360’s chief engineer, who explained: “In the very early designs of the tower, we had proposed including a wind turbine at the top, however detailed studies by our damping specialist showed that the wind turbine (with a mounting on the roof of the tower) would have stopped the tower damping system from working properly and the turbine itself would have been susceptible to damage.

“An important aspect of the tower design has been to ensure that it can withstand very high winds in the worst possible storms. To deal with these conditions there are damping systems mounted internally within the tower and the exterior of the tower is clad with perforated aluminium cladding, which disrupts the flow of the wind.

“The wind turbine was expected to generate around 20% of the energy for the vertical cable car’s ascent, but by capturing energy on the vertical cable car descent, we will recover approximately 50% of the energy for the ascent, so we will be saving more energy than originally envisaged.”

Oh. Wots a Max Irvine damper then?  http://www.brightoni360.co.uk/latest-news/blog/delivering-dampers/

"What is a damper?

A damper is a device used to offset any vibration of the tower caused by the wind – in particular the movements caused by vortex shedding.

What is vortex shedding?

Our tower is very tall and because of its circular nature, when the wind hits it, it is forced to flow around the structure. This creates a series of vortices – mini whirlwinds – that detach periodically from the tower on alternate sides. This phenomenon is called “vortex shedding”. If the frequency of vortex shedding matches the resonant natural frequency of the i360, the tower can start to vibrate"

Oh.  Erm ... moving swiftly on, erm to the canning ... "The forged flange is only approximately the correct size at the first stage in the manufacturing process, and has to be machined to the exact size required.  Now the flanges have arrived in Holland, we join them to the cans and then machine them in another large lathe. This gives them an extremely flat surface that is at exactly 90 degrees to the can. If we did not do this, the i360 could become the Leaning Tower of Brighton! We then measure the cans with a laser to make sure they are exactly the right size."    Tis a fact tis a fact https://brightoni360.wordpress.com/2014/12/09/a-focus-on-flanges/

"once the salt gets in to your metalwork, it doesn’t come out easily. The only way to build the i360 safely would be to do it indoors, which is why we are welding our flanges in a factory. .... "

Says the designer "It will be on every Brighton postcard that people send for the next 100 years.”

Yep. Erm, Any postcard shops left in Brighton?

Hmmmm ... Merlin. http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/aug/28/its-a-bonkers-outsized-fl...





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Pink & Potassium Pemanganate


"A Canadian town has apologised after a water treatment plan turned the water supply pink.

Residents of Onoway, Alberta, complained to the town office when taps began running pink water on Monday.

In a statement, Mayor Dale Krasnow said there was no public health risk but the town "could have done a better job communicating what was going on".

The mayor said it was the unfortunate side-effect of a common water-treatment chemical, potassium permanganate.

The chemical is commonly used to remove iron and hydrogen sulphide from water, and the town office said it got into the reservoir when a valve malfunctioned during "normal line flushing and filter backwashing".

"The reservoir was drained, however some of the chemical still made it into the distribution system.

"While it is alarming to see pink water coming from your taps, potassium permanganate is used in normal treatment processes to help remove iron and manganese and residents were never at risk."

The chemical can cause skin irritation, according to the World Health Organization, but there were no reports of any adverse effects.

Complaints were more about being kept in the dark - residents said they were annoyed they were not told why the water was florescent pink until Tuesday morning.

"This is a situation we can certainly learn from and develop a strategy for better response and communication should we ever face the same or similar situation in the future," the mayor said."

Ooh I dunno ... I can see a market for that.

Gertya potassium permanganate 'ere.

Rose tinted ...



Wot nots