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The Bottom Line ... sticking to the cold and calculating :-)

Articulation.   Devolution to Bede.  Bullet Points :-

-The York Potash Project strands  two Borough's including Scarborough.

-The Borough of Scarborough includes Whitby 

-The NDR is set by the Valuation Office in York.

-SBC is presently calculating its share of  the 'pie', the NDR of the York Potash Project 

-Devolution - Redcar is in with The North. 

-The Borough of Scarborough remains undecided.

-Free Whitby? Do they want to go North with Redcar?

-The North Ridings included Redcar within "North Yorkshire"

-Territorial - IF lines are drawn on historic boundaries (Bede) then Whitby should indeed go North.

-Where does that leave Scarborough?

-Hull don't want us nor the East Riding.

What did Bastiman say in answer to Siddons on the LEP's at the last full Council meeting?  'we can stand on our own' 

At what point is the NDR or 'Financial Benefit to the Borough' element of the 'business'  calculated?

A:   At the point of export (weight & value)  ie Redcar 

B:   At the point of Handling  ie Redcar

C:   At the point of extraction

Answers on a postcard please.


Devolution Matters?

- Boundary changes

- Democracy

Would Bastiman et al sacrifice the financial benefits of the whole Borough in the 'Devolution' bid to secure a Tory Stronghold  (as suggested by NYCC & Carl Les) by not including Redcar...

Redcar, who have been 'reluctantly' nobbled now anyway.

I feel a referendum coming on ... In or Out

A combined referendum on 'devolution'  alongside the EU-  In or Out as promised by 2017?

Dried ink  .... set in stone. 






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Luddites Zipped

Who? Ah, so.

The 'postcard' has been zipped.

"they are forecasting that a tighter jobs market will push the growth of real wages above the growth of productivity which in turn will generate domestic cost pressures and help push inflation upwards"

Nope don't understand that.

"It is certainly possible that shifting demographics could put upwards pressure on the labour share (if there are comparatively fewer workers they can charge more for their services) just as it is possible that labour-saving technology could put downward pressure on the share."

Nor that.

"Policymakers, both in central banks and in governments across the West, could be facing a headwind and tailwind as they try to navigate a future path on wages and inflation and sailing in those conditions will be very tricky."