IDS - In Bed with the Landlords

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When will a claimant get their first Universal Credit payment?

"Universal Credit is assessed monthly and paid monthly in arrears. The first payment will usually be received 1 month and 14 days after they submit their claim." Tis like Turkeys voting for ...

How would a Landlord know if a tenant was claiming benefits?

"DWP will send a letter to social landlords in all Universal Credit live areas identifying whether the tenant is a Universal Credit claimant.The letter will be sent out when the tenant makes a Universal Credit claim. This information will help landlords inassessing which Universal Credit claimants may need advice, support and assistance in relation to managing their financial affairs."

What protections are in place for Landlords?

"Alternative Payment Arrangements: The move to a single monthly household payment will be a significant change to the way most benefits are currently paid. The following Alternative Payment Arrangements will be available to help claimants who are identified as needing additional support:

Paying the housing element of Universal Credit as a Managed Payment direct to the landlord"

What about the claimants?

"claimants needing money advice to help them manage their money will be referred to their local authority; who will determine the claimant’s needs. This may involve referrals to third party organisations working alongside the local authority.  for example Citizens Advice"

Oh, but aren't they a charity supported by volunteers? (unpaid workers)

Will they be asked to condemn their own?

Social Landlords in bed with the DWP?

Charities in League with Welfare to Work?

"The placements were finally launched in 2014 and require unemployed people to carry out six month’s unpaid work under the threat of brutal benefit sanctions – benefit sanction that are known to kill.  This work must be with a charity or a company which offers a ‘community benefit’.  In reality this has meant many people working unpaid for private, profit making companies who can claim to be a bit green or environmentally friendly, such as recycling businesses.  Many others have been sent to work in charity shops."

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