The Calais Crisis

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Tis the Scarborough Jazz Festival weekend here is sunny Scarbados, but behind the Jazz are some incredible stories. 

Ian Shaw has recently been on the front line at the Calais Crisis volunteering to provide food and shelter, along with many others from the UK.   These camps were bulldozed last week without notice  with the Syrians and Somalians losing all their sparse posessions including papers, passports, phones etc.  

Anyhow here is his website  for anyone wishing to help the Calais crisis. :

Oh he didnt say he was a singer or in a band or anything ... we was just discussing the lifeboat house.  Ooops.  Vikings.

So, less than 27 miles away ... (from Ian's house)

"French police have used tear gas, violence and a 10-tonne Volvo bulldozer to evict migrants and destroy shelters created by 350 mostly Syrian refugees in four separate camps across Calais.

In morning raids, riot police forcibly evicted the predominantly Syrian, but also Eritrean and Sudanese, refugees from a warehouse in an industrial estate in Calais at the Paul-Devot hangar and an adjoining garden, where they had set up camps.""

Police in Calais have broken up a number of illegal camps, firing tear gas into the crowds. French authorities are unwilling to allow any illicit camps other than the ‘New Jungle’, which is currently home to around 3,000, but many migrants are unwilling to stay there fearing violence.

Around 400 people were moved on from makeshift encampments on Monday night as police broke up the dwellings using bulldozers. With nowhere to go, approximately 50 of those staged a sit-in at the port of Calais, accompanied by the ‘No Borders’ movement.

A local government source has told AFP that “any illegal settlement cannot remain and will result in evacuation,” but a spokeman for Medicins du Monde (Doctors of the World), “The Syrians refuse to go there because of the insecurity there.”

The original Jungle was set up following the closure of a Red Cross Reception Centre named Sangatte, which had been in operation between 1999 and 2002. The centre had quickly become overcrowded with migrants and prone to violent riots."

Don't ignore the Background?

Of course if you happen to be a VW owner then the media world is with you ... as shameful then as now ... if only everything in life was as reliable as a VW

Oops: &

Meanwhile, as the EU humanitarian crisis is disintegrating into chaos,  the United Nations is set to resolve for peace in Syria.

"France's foreign minister, meanwhile, told the General Assembly that President Assad should not play a role in Syria's future.

Laurent Fabius said Western countries would be exposing themselves to failure if they told Syrians their future lay with Mr Assad.

On Thursday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Mr Assad should be involved in peace talks, but Mr Fabius urged a united European strategy against such involvement."

Cameron "Our view is very clear, Isil (Islamic State) and Mr Assad are both the enemies of the Syrian people," one senior British official told the Press Association. "The prime minister's view is still very clearly that in the endgame you need a different leader to build a peaceful and inclusive Syria."

"We screwed up" is that some form of futuristic plan...  of the United Nations?

Twist or Stick ...  :









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Calais - Terrorism in the Jungle

Police use Anti-terrorist laws to detain UK volunteers at Calais Crisis :

Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000 allows police, customs and immigration officials to detain a person in ports or border areas in order to ascertain whether they are involved in terrorism offences.... an Examining Officer may exercise his power under paragraph 2 or 3 of that Schedule for the purpose either of determining whether you appear to be a person who is or has been concerned in the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism …”.

“You are not under criminal investigation and are not under arrest on suspicion of having committed an offence. For this reason you are not being issued with a caution and you do not have the right to remain silent. Should the circumstances change during the course of the examination you will be notified.”


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Ignored ...

Ah, so ...  distinguish between migrants & assylum seekers ...

"At least 42 migrants have drowned overnight in two separate shipwrecks in the Aegean Sea, officials say.

The first boat struck rocks near the Greek island of Farmakonisi, while the second overturned near Kalolimnos. Many of those killed were children.

Meanwhile German Chancellor Angela Merkel said human traffickers must not be allowed to profit from exploiting people desperate to reach Europe.

More than a million migrants arrived in Europe illegally last year."

Non the wiser... Lobster Red.