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Now don't all rush at once:-)

"Fossil fans are gearing up for the fantastic second annual Yorkshire Fossil Festival in Scarborough later this month.

Scarborough Museums Trust, in partnership with The Palaeontological Association, is hosting the festival in and around the town’s Rotunda Museum from Friday 18 to Sunday 20 September, with events ranging from public talks from leading scientists to fun for young children."

Hmmm Fossils ... don't ya just lurrve em. Always.

Hmmm ... Dragons Den ... ;-)

Anyhoos a snippet or wee step back in time

"Potash Minerals Join Museum - York Potash has donated two minerals form test bore holes to the National History Museum in London .   One of the minerals, polyhalite, is a form of potash, while the second sample contains traces of several unusual minerals, including the first recroded UK occurrance of the rare mineral Kalistrontite"

Hmmm ... greek marbles 'googles'

Yorkshire Geological Society ....

Earth & Etchings ;-0







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