'Cock O' the North'

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Thousands of motorcyclists have travelled to Scarborough this week-end to attend the Annual 'Cock of the North' Race Meeting at Olivers Mount.


The racing was cancelled today because the Council have refused to close the public road up at the Mount.

Racing & motorcycling fans are extremely disappointed. This little beaten 'track' (during the peak tourism season) , though world renowned for its hairpin bends on the motorcyclist racing circuit, a fave of MCN (thats Motorcycle News) is on a par to the Isle of Man TT Racing circuit, sits majestically atop the proposed Scarborough Sports Village .... (see where I'm coming from .....  Scarboroughs motto Work, Rest & Play !!!)  

It is hoped that the Racing event will be staged tomorrow, Sunday, though allegedly (as our racing correspondent 'Mark from Lancashire' has reported that "a prominent solicitor from up 'Deepdale' reminded SBC of their legal position regarding the annual number of road closures. This 'racing' event has always been held on the same two days every year, I have visited here for this Cock O the North & Gold Cup event for years on years,  if they think I am gonna pay £10 for a non event they can go ...  " Will the Councils decision to cancel todays racing leave the organisers of this event out of pocket?  

Many bikers have travelled for the day from Glasgow, Lancashire and all over the country to attend this annual event and are extremely disappointed........ unaware that todays racing had been cancelled. (furious actually - putting it politely) ..... the disappointment factor was 'kicking off' throughout the town with 'intense activities' (lets all go to the pub instead)  with punch ups expected throughout the town,as already  witnessed by yours truly. (expect the A& E to be busy tonite! - wots left of it!) Cost.  

Auto 66' website has been updated today: http://www.auto66.com/news-events.htm

More to follow ... some more positive spin from the SN: http://www.thescarboroughnews.co.uk/sport/stars-back-at-mount-for-cock-o... - though bikers who have travelled far and wide to attend todays racing state they were unaware of the 'cancellation' until arrival at the paddock and have had a wasted journey .... needless to say questions need to be asked of the towns Tourism Tsars, oh and erm,  lets not forget 'Welcome to Yorkshire's' Gary Verity....  :- ))) ... leather not lycra?    

Like a dog with a bone .... nom nom nom

Oh ...  http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2638419

Ooops ;-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uwjmRorkGg



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England's Only Road Racing Circuit ...


"Scarborough's Oliver's Mount is celebrating its 70th anniversary year of hosting motorsport events.

This year, there are four two-day events at the circuit - which means the Cock O' the North event in June will run over the whole weekend.

Organisers say this will bring more racers and visitors to Scarborough.

At a conference, they've also revealed all four main events will get full coverage on Eurosport."

Bit more : http://www.thescarboroughnews.co.uk/news/local/oliver-s-mount-circuit-on...


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Local Spinning ...


"Revs are up this weekend for the 70th year running at England’s only real road racing circuit. And it is right here on our doorstep.

While crowds flock excitedly as usual to Scarborough’s Oliver’s Mount for the thrills – and even the spills – of the new season, kicking off this weekend with the Spring Cup, there is much more being celebrated behind the scenes ..."


"... many types of ‘Goth’ have emerged, from punks, steampunk, emos, to bikers, metallers and those who enjoy an alternative lifestyle. And Whitby is ready to welcome them all with many visitors enjoying the laid-back, non-judgemental atmosphere and approach that the town has to offer."