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Fylde &  Frack Off - 'Extreme Energy Action Group' latest  : -

Little Plumpton & people & politicals :-


Is the EU facing an Energy Crisis? Not according to some at the 'local' Sustainability Working Group - to be explored. 

A Mini- Ice Age cometh ? -

The Ukraine & Greece - build a by pass :  -


Third Energy : 'feeling confident' : -  v Frack Free Ryedale :-

Igas & Ineos : winners & losers ;- )

Though questions remain, ifs butts and mebbes,  should the UK source its own energy or import energy?

Ineos : "The hunt for a Scottish source of shale gas

Meanwhile, INEOS is continuing its efforts to create a more local source of shale gas in Scotland.

In 2014, it announced plans to invest £640m in UK shale gas exploration and, in March this year, it teamed-up with shale gas explorer IGas Energy, in a deal that gives it access to around a quarter-of-a-million acres of potential shale gas reserves.

Speaking at the time, Gary Haywood, the chief executive of INEOS Upstream, said: “This is a further significant step for INOES in its plan to become the biggest player in the UK shale gas industry.

“We believe shale gas could revolutionise UK manufacturing and INEOS has the resources to make it happen, the skills to extract the gas safely, and the vision to realise that everyone must share in the rewards for UK shale gas to be successfully developed.”

A domestic source of shale gas would give INEOS a strategic advantage over its European competitors and enable it to better compete with rivals in the US and the Middle East.

But it would also secure existing jobs whilst creating many others, and enable it to obtain more of the feedstock it needs without the attendant climate emissions associated with shipping shale gas ethane from overseas in liquefied form."


"INEOS says that long-term contracts (15 years) have been agreed with suppliers to pipe ethane from US shale fields to purpose-built export facilities on the East and Gulf coasts of America.  From here the gas will be shipped across the Atlantic in a fleet of eight specially designed Dragon-class ships commissioned by INEOS, which will deliver ethane to both Rafnes and Grangemouth."

Oooh 'Dragon Class ships'  ... sounds exciting ! (Madges first UK No1 if I am not mistaken ... )

And the first to 'frack', since the ban in 2011 ... Ooops, - hydraulically stimulate - Eh?   Dragon Class !!




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Third's Echo

not enuff hrs in a day :-)

a nice piece from Hugill hit the Echo:

"A Third Energy spokesman said it welcomed the publication of the letter as it was committed to full transparency.

He said: "The planning application together with the environmental statement and appendices ran to seven thick volumes of documentation and a small number of minor errors were found, and additional information required in several places.

"To deal with any issues and provide further information, Third Energy decided the simplest and cleanest way forward was to withdraw this application and submit a new application.

"We are confident all the information in our application, as well as all the assessments for the accompanying Environmental Statement, are robust, comprehensive and accurate."

Yep, until they test how are they supposed to know the rate of flow and if it is viable ... and 'nowt' much will change ... the water is on tap, they have their own generating station, their is no conflict with the NYMNPA, jobs are not to be scoffed at, add in a little 'robust' ... erm wots the problem?  Give or take  a few giraffes.  Flamingo Land aint boverred ...  am I missing somein?



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Third's OD gets Stuck In

"Third Energy has been drilling for and producing gas, and generating electricity in North Yorkshire, safely and with a low environmental impact, for more than two decades and continues to do so. Plans to expand our operations at Ebberston Moor, Pickering, Kirby Misperton and at our other sites are all moving ahead. Future applications will follow the same high standards and regulatory rigour applied to all our existing and past operations.

While our application for operations at the existing KM8 well at Kirby Misperton will receive more scrutiny because of the high public interest, operations will be for a shorter duration and involve less noise and less traffic than many of the wells we have drilled and completed safely in the area."




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The Anti-Frackers 'Tool-Kit'

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Shaken ... not stirred

Ooooh err, (IGAS LSE 23/07/15 @ 12.36 

"So, here is a license, and we give you even environmental permits and the like, and them the local council says; you can not use the roads, and the rig is an intrusion to the landscape...

The government can expect huge damage claims from license holders if this circus continues. It is highly unacceptable the way companies like Cuadrilla are bashed by a small majority of protestors (ie. anarchists of the occupy movement that have stirred up local housewives and some other uneducated people), that apparently have taken charge of what should be rational planning process."

Oh.   True Love ;-)

OK ok, blonde moments :-)

buckets .... fingers ... throat. Mioooow


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Stirred for Third 'FORGE'

Third Energy is gaining some media support from local residents.

"When the local gas exploration company Third Energy decided they would like to hydraulically fracture an existing well the anti fracking movement descended on the area. With much scaremongering they managed to create fear amongst the local residents. Lorraine realised that what they were saying did not apply to the UK industry. The language used was designed to add drama to their cause with words such as toxic, radioactive, pollution, disease, poison and even death being some of their favourites.
Convinced that the truth should be available for locals to understand Lorraine has so far funded FORGE herself. She believes that Ryedale should have the chance to utilise the gas if it is extractable. This would help contribute to our Nations energy security and importantly support the local economy."

Yep, they have been extracting gas for over twenty years ... nowt much will change. Given some of the hostile tactics employed by the anti-frackers this gal has some ghaul, guts (insert your own) 

Meanwhile a demo outside Barclays is scheduled for Wednesday. Why? Becos Third sponsor Scarborough Athletic, and Third bank with Barclays.  Come to think of it ... a lot do. Shame their staff have been replaced by robots ... Anyhose pressure is on the local Footie Club to change sponsors .... whatever next?  Easy targets ....

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Shale Gas Mine

says Vague Vogue


"Ministers are worried efforts to start a shale gas mining industry in the UK are being undermined by councils’ delaying decisions but critics claim the Government is trying to bypass legitimate local opposition.

“This fast-tracking fracking announcement has put Councils in an invidious position, and is likely to lead to hurried decisions that ignore local opposition, for fear of being labelled an ‘underperforming council’,” said Frack Free Ryedale’s Chris Redston.

“This announcement shows great disrespect to the people within council planning departments, who work hard to ensure that all voices are heard and correct decisions are made.

“Rushing these applications through against massive public opposition is only going to cause further problems down the line - something that we can ill afford to do when our water, air and public health is at risk.”

Third Energy want to carry out test-fracking in Ryedale, which is considered a prime site to mine.

Prime Minister David Cameron has previously declared the Government is going “all out” for shale gas mining, but plans to kick start the industry have repeatedly come up against tough opposition from campaigners who claim it poses serious environmental risks."

Smile. Teeth. Extraction. Its about a two foot hole btw :-))

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DECC - Shale Gas for Sale

Plenty of offshore licences up for grabs:

Won't those windturbines get in the way ... or will they be powering the exploration ... someone said that ...

... 45% of turbine energy direct to Europe ... and the other goes where?

A lot of Q's need to be asked in my humbly bumbly  before onshore windturbines are dismissed. 

Anyhoos who gives a hoot... theres been no fish int sea for the last week and the sand's heading south.

Erm Page 4 ... is that Hayburn Wyke?

Good -O they are on the case :

spose that Potash Mine thingy will see em off ;-)

Hi Ho.

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The Dark Side of Kirby Misperton

' cos clearly this is total nonsense ... has he been smoking weed?

Oh where to begin ... "one of those all too rare, sun-blushed summer days when you can see why people up sticks and move to the countryside" Do they? Must be lots of afforable rural homes nearby.

"It’s early afternoon in Kirby Misperton and the bright montbretias and fuchsias in the neatly tended gardens on Main Street are swaying gently in the breeze." Must have had a liquid lunch.

Only if you're sat on a cloud in cuckoo land ...  "you can, from certain vantage points, see the thick purple carpet of heather now in full bloom on top of the North York Moors in the distance"

"Like any quintessential English village Kirby Misperton has a church, a post office and a pub. There’s a notice board halfway down the street keeping you up to date with what’s happening - everything from Tai Chi classes for beginners, to a forthcoming organ recital in nearby Lastingham."

The only interesting thing about Lastingham is it's crypt ;-) and is about 10 miles away. See here: Aww shucks we missed Captain Noah and his floating zoo ...

"It is a tranquil place and apart from the bevy of starlings and finches noisily raiding the numerous garden bird feeders, the only sound wafting through the trees comes from nearby Flamingo Land."   Erm, it is a noisy funfair with its Monster rides visible from miles around and sometimes the lions roar a lot.  It has little to do with Flamingos. They are pink btw, best not mention the traffic.  'fracking' would be less disruption than Flamingoland. (Though the Zoo is quite nice ... 'til they escape)

Chicken & Eggs? "Raymond French, a retired senior local government officer, only moved to the village earlier this year, by which time the anti-fracking campaign was well under way."

"She is concerned about a number of issues, including bore holes on her land becoming contaminated and whether they will be able to get insurance if their land became polluted in the future."

"Ultimately, she’s worried about the long term legacy if fracking in Kirby Misperton gets the go-ahead. “I’ve got two young children and one of my biggest worries is what they will inherit from all this?”   Ah yes house prices ...

"If the well in Kirby Misperton gets the go-ahead it will open the floodgates for the industrialisation of the Ryedale countryside, an area that relies on farming and tourism as its main revenue,” Erm, they are both industries and do you even know the price of Sheep?

Now't will change, Crawls back into crypt ... Zzzz


Yawns again:



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The Gruff, Gas & Oil

Written Offs:

Are they going to 'frack' offshore or not & where?

Gardline are in talks with SBC ....


"The unmapped potential is over twice the UK land mass

A great deal of what lies beneath the surface of ours seas remains a mystery. Only about 30% of the UK seabed has been surveyed and mapped in detail. The area is vast and holds unknown potential – environmentally, socially and economically. The UK marine area covers over 330,000 square miles, roughly 3.5 times the UK land mass."

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Q's not asked - awol:  Good to see Inward Investment ... you mention Guarline?  Crew services for transfer vessels - any other companies coming forward...where would they operate from ...  what about Dalby Offshore & Endeavour Wharf?
Perhaps you meant Gardline ?
'Someone' said they were already fracking in the South North Sea and with new developments they were going to frack off the Central North Sea ... thats off our coast, our North Sea.   Could just be a rumour ... or mebbe I misheard ... but the 'benefitz' of the Dogger Bank have yet to be spelled out, who what & where ... one things for sure, in my humbly bumbly,  this offshore wind isn't for the 'dwarfs' ...
Grrrrreek!  Back to it ... Zzzzz
Erm, Ya ok, borderline. Time out.... somewhere the sun don't shine :-?
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Earthquakes caused by People

jumping up and down .... about fracking.


"Prof Davies, of Newcastle University, said: “Earthquakes triggered or induced by humans are not a new concept for us here in the UK, but earthquakes related to fracking are. Understanding what the current situation is and setting a national baseline is imperative, otherwise how can we say what the impact of fracking has been nationwide?”

He said the national baseline, along with seismic monitoring at fracking sites, could show the impact of shale gas exploration on numbers of earthquakes.

He added: “Historically, fracking-related earthquakes have been small, but the UK is criss-crossed with faults – some of which may be critically stressed – and if triggered these could result in earthquakes that people can feel.”

Wake up Maggie ! I think I got somethng to say to youwho hoo ...

ONE earthquake in five in Britain in the last 40 years was
 caused by human activity – mainly coal mining – according to a study which could now be used to assess the future impact of fracking.

The findings come from an analysis of 1,769 seismic events between 1970 and 2012 of 1.5 magnitude and above, the minimum detectable threshold. 


It reveals there has been a sharp drop in the number of earthquakes since the 1980s, when the coal industry declined."


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Offshore Shale Is Out There

"Reserves of UK offshore shale gas may eventually exceed 1,000 trillion cubic feet, which compares to the current gas consumption in the UK of 3.5 tcf each year. Even reserves near 200 tcf will put Britain among the top tier of countries with the most reserves. 1,000 tcf would lead Britain into the same grouping as Argentina, the United States and China, which are the current top dogs in shale gas potential."

13 September: New moon

The moon will be located on the same side of the Earth as the Sun, so it will not be visible in the night sky. This is a good time for sky-watchers to observe celestial objects normally obscured from view by the moonlight.

13 September: Partial solar eclipse

A partial solar eclipse will be visible in Southern Africa – within Zambia, Botswana, South Africa, Mozambique and Swaziland – as well as Antarctica and Madagascar. As seen from Earth, a solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes in front of the sun. Whether the eclipse is partial or total depends on the distance of the moon from our planet during the event.

A 'supermoon' appears bigger and brighter than normal

A total eclipse occurs when the Earth intersects the umbra portion of the Moon's shadow, whereas when the umbra does not reach the surface of the Earth, the sun is only partially hidden – which results in an annular solar eclipse. Partial solar eclipses take place when the viewer is inside the penumbra.

23 September: Equinox

Two equinoxes take place every year when the sun shines directly on the equator, and the length of day and night is nearly equal – they usually occur in the third week of March and September. The word "equinox" is derived from Latin, and means "equal night" – however, equinoxes do not have exactly 12 hours of daylight. The September equinox marks the first day of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and the first day of spring in the Southern Hemisphere.

28 September: Supermoon lunar eclipse

A rare cosmic event will take place at the end of the month, when two events – a supermoon and a lunar eclipse – occur at the same time. According to Earthsky, the event will be visible in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Western Asia and the Eastern Pacific Ocean region. It is the first event of its kind since 1982, and Nasa officials have said it will be the last until 2033.

A supermoon takes place when a full moon happens at the closest point in its elliptical orbit around Earth, which makes the full moon appear brighter and larger. A lunar eclipse when the moon passes into the Earth's shadow.

Source:  Nicked! Pirates.


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Show Offs & Ineos

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Flags & Who Owns Outer Space?

"When space crops up in conversation, ownership does not immediately spring to mind. But as the human race continues to advance in this field, and with commercial space enterprises just around the corner, questions about power politics and their interaction with space exploration must be asked and answered.

Neil Armstrong famously planted a US flag on the Moon in 1969. This gesture may have implied territorial ownership, but was purely symbolic because of the 1967 Outer Space Treaty.

129 countries, including China, Russia, the UK and the US, have committed to this treaty, which is overseen by the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs."

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Inner Space - Fracking Shrinks

Ryedale MP gets a Raking from a Second Delegated Legislation Committee ...

"Campaigners say the new regulations are a U-turn on a coalition decision to accept Labour moves to tighten fracking regulations, and will allow drilling under national parks, while other important areas have no protections against exploration for shale gas.

Greenpeace accused the Government of playing “fast and loose with democracy” as the rules are being debated by a cross-party committee of just 18 MPs, and will be put to a vote in the Commons without a debate."

Moving the goal posts :

"Mr Hollinrake, said: “I’ve put on record my concerns around AONB, national parks, and sites of special scientific interest, and I’ve had reassurances back from Government although there are some things not covered in the legislation, those protections will be brought forward so people’s concerns about seeing drilling going on and fracking going on in national parks and AONB, will not be realised.”

some scarey Bedtime reading for Polar Bears:
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Frakking Hackers

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Fracking & CCS

Yawn ...

"Lord Smith criticised the government's recent decision to axe funding for carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology because it was crucial to creating a shale gas industry."

"One of the things that we highlight in this report is our disappointment that the government's decision to abandon the Carbon Capture and Storage fund," he said.

The report is the fourth and final document from the Shale Gas Task Force.

The body, which is funded by the fracking industry, was set up "to provide an impartial, transparent and evidence-based assessment of the potential benefits and risks of shale gas extraction to the UK".

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Offshore Fracking

Ah, So ... Off Shore Fracking ...

“Every offshore frack puts coastal communities and marine wildlife at risk from dangerous chemicals or another devastating oil spill,” Kristen Monsell, an attorney with the group, said in a statement. “Once federal officials take a hard look at the dangers, they’ll have to conclude that offshore fracking is far too big of a gamble with our oceans’ life-support systems.”

Erm, so offshore fracking in the UK; other than those wind farms getting in the way will there be any erm, how can I put this 'delicately', say 'tidal surges'? 

AKA;  Does anyone have any data on offshore fracking around the UK?

Ah, So ... "Acoustic Energy of Windfarms"


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Gazprom - In the Pipeline

No bank holiday at RT:

"According to the report, the US regards Nord Stream-2 as a Russian political tool designed to drive a wedge between European countries with different Russian gas supply needs. In addition, it is seen by Washington as a way to cut off Ukraine from transit revenue for Russian gas. Hunter Biden, the son of the US Vice President, is on the board of the Ukrainian private oil and gas company Burisma.

In May, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov accused the US of trying to thwart the gas pipeline. He called America’s attempts to block the project entirely political. Lavrov said Nord Stream-2 will increase Europe's energy supplies and improve the continent's energy security.

The pipeline aims to provide an additional direct route for Russian gas to Germany via the Baltic Sea bypassing Ukraine, and be able to deliver up to 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year.

Moscow is seeking alternative ways of pumping gas to Europe as it considers Kiev to be an unreliable partner. The gas transit agreement between Russia and Ukraine expires in 2019 and there’s a possibility it will not be prolonged.

The project will follow the route of the existing Nord Stream, which opened twin pipelines through the Baltic Sea in 2011 and 2012."

"Initially, Gazprom intended to hold a 50 percent stake in the project with the other shares divided equally between Royal Dutch Shell, Germany’s E.ON and BASF, Austria’s OMV and France’s Engie. On August 12 the companies left the joint venture under pressure from the Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. A statement on the Nord Stream-2 website said all the participants will “individually contemplate alternative ways to contribute.”