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re York Potash : http://www.tunneltalk.com/York-Potash-Project-UK-11Feb2015-TBM-plan-of-a...

"Opting for a tunnel-based mineral transportation system (MTS) adds £150 million (15%) to initial construction costs, but offers the potential to double Phase I polyhalite extraction capacity from 6.5 million tonne/year to 13 million tonne/year, and reduces operating expenses by 25%. Critically, opting for an underground transportation solution offers significant environmental benefits to a project that is, in part, situated within the boundaries of the York Moors National Park.

Crimea a river - nah, keeping it Strait :-)

"Déjà vu! Almost immediately after President Vladimir Putin of Russia remarked on the necessity to build a transport crossing of the Kerch Strait to the Crimea Peninsula, the classic ‘lyrical poets against physicists’ dilemma re-emerged. What is the real need of Crimea? Is it a bridge or a tunnel? And here again the proverb ‘every bird likes its own nest’ comes to mind. While bridge engineers are defending a bridge strait crossing as a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, effective, picturesque and inexpensive solution (from their viewpoint), the tunnel engineers argue in the opposite direction, promoting the tunnel option as the safest, most reliable and the most durable of engineering structures.

The bridge option, undoubtedly, has a lot of advantages, while at the same time being the most vulnerable of structures to both natural hazards, such as thunderstorms, typhoons, earthquakes, and ice drifts, and to terrorist attacks or local military conflicts. The above factors encourage further comparison between bridge and tunnel solutions proposed for the Kerch Strait crossing."


Anyhow this has gotta be the dogs:  though not spotted yet on Tunnel Talk :-)  ...

One to watch - erm before the Nepal earthquake, sadly : http://rt.com/news/248333-china-nepal-everest-railway/

The Chinese are reportedly considering building a railway between China and Nepal that could involve building a tunnel under Mount Everest. The plan has set alarm bells ringing in Delhi.

The proposed 540-kilometer high-speed rail link is expected to be completed by 2020 and would be an extension of a railway that already links China with Lhasa, the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region, according to Chinese state media.

“A proposed extension of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway to the China-Nepal border through Tibet would boost bilateral trade and tourism as there is currently no rail line linking the two countries,” the state-run China Daily reported.

Anoraks at the ready :- )


OK. four - for Flooding at Thun   :   http://www.vsl-ip.com/index.php?cID=241  - a glacial retreat ... & here: VSL_Switzerland_Flood protection tunnel_(2725).pdf



Any doubts about the construction - ask the elusive (do-able) Alan Gamble :- ) page 5:  http://www.siriusminerals.com/site/assets/files/2077/150519_-_sxx_invest...

Mind you he's probably, erm pre-occupied  ....




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Tunnel Talk on TBM's


Interesting? Exciting stuff :-)))

"Given the long drive lengths I'd expect new machines - but there is a market for buyback which will obviously reduce the contractor's bid price. Herrenknecht is NOT a hard rock TBM specialist, that mantle falls to Robbins of the USA. However, a European machine supplier would make sense from a service, transportation and maintenance point of view; which probably means Herrenknecht or NFM Technologies of France (the only other European supplier - though owned by the Chinese)...refurbished/rebuilt machines are an option but tbh, for the amount saved I think new machines offer better value...a worker at Crossrail told me that TBM market leader Herrenknecht (of Germany, the supplier of all 8 machines for Crossrail) offer very generous buyback terms to their clients (contractors), make guarantees about production rates (I.e. how quickly they complete the job) and as a result they "over-engineer" their machines to make sure they come back in tip top condition and on schedule... "

Hmmm ... yep indeed, why leave them in the 'ground' ... oddly enuff there are two hangers about to be built that could be the start of something fantastic ... (or not)  best not mention Magna ... oops ...



I would drive them there mesen ... alas.

lol -   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pf4aSxDvlPw



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Shaken ... not stirred

Ooooh err, (IGAS LSE 23/07/15 @ 12.36 

"So, here is a license, and we give you even environmental permits and the like, and them the local council says; you can not use the roads, and the rig is an intrusion to the landscape...

The government can expect huge damage claims from license holders if this circus continues. It is highly unacceptable the way companies like Cuadrilla are bashed by a small majority of protestors (ie. anarchists of the occupy movement that have stirred up local housewives and some other uneducated people), that apparently have taken charge of what should be rational planning process."

Oh.   True Love ;-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTDaET-JweU

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NP: Wombles



Not just for 'billionaires' much more recently a  terrace revealed its 'underground' accommodation which was quite breathtaking ... 

Importantly you currently don't need planning for building under your house ...

They've been building under barns in the pyrenees for quite some time ... 

Anyhoos of interest: